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Monday, April 29, 2013

In Memory of Travis Alexander: Just a Simple Man with a Kind Heart

As we get closer to wrapping up the trial this week (hopefully!), let's not forget about the victim, Travis Alexander.

I dedicate today's blog to Travis - here's a list of memorial videos that are loving tributes to the "simple man" with a kind heart. 

JUSTICE FOR T-DOGG! :) Keep your tissues handy because these videos make me cry every time I watch them. 

1. Official Memorial Video by Chris Hughes

2. Travis Alexander Tribute 

3. Juan Martinez & Travis Alexander Tribute 

4. Travis Alexander Tribute - Rest in Peace 

5. Travis Alexander (Amazing Grace) 

6. I Hope You Fly - For the Alexanders (AngelaAnne)

These are my personal contributions - songs that have deep personal meaning to me and I dedicate these songs in memory of Travis: 

Mercy Me - I Can Only Imagine 

I'm a huge Sting fan and love this song - a reminder that life is precious and fragile:

Fragile (Live - Sting in concert) 

"To clinch a lifetime's argument
That nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could
For all those born beneath an angry star
Lest we forget how fragile we are

On and on the rain will fall
Like tears from a star like tears from a star
On and on the rain will say
How fragile we are how fragile we are..."

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