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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mistrial Motion Denied in Jodi Arias Trial: Female Juror #5 Kicked Off Jury For Misconduct

BOMBSHELL NEWS!! (Sorry Nancy Grace - I stole your line!) Judge Stephens denied the defense's mistrial motion (third's time a charm!) due to a juror's misconduct and released juror #5 this afternoon. Martinez, the defense team (aka Dumb and Dumber), Arias and Travis Alexander's sisters were behind closed doors in the judge's chambers to determine the fate of juror #5. I breathed a sign of relief but I had a feeling that Judge Stephens would deny the mistrial motion. Arizona has already spent $1.4 million on the defense so people would have been up in arms if the motion had been granted.

Juror #5 Cries After Leaving Court House
The word on the street is that female juror #5 was escorted out of the court house crying and distraught this afternoon. There was talk that this juror showed favoritism towards the prosecution and why the defense wanted her kicked off the jury. I don't know if that's true or not but I'm just glad the mistrial motion was denied and court resumed today. I felt bad when I saw Travis' sisters crying after they returned to the court room. I would cry too if I had to be in the same room as that evil monstress! My heart continues to break for his family.

LaViolette Makes a Mockery Out of Domestic Violence Victims
I take back what I said about LaViolette! Her testimony continued today and Wilmott questioned her more about Arias' and Travis' relationship. It was disgusting as she made out Travis to be a horrible abusive boyfriend. Emails were brought up (which I think were fake emails that Arias concocted) and her crappy "fake" journal. I still think she created these fake journals as a way to blackmail Travis down the road.

It just disgusted me that LaViolette, who is domestic violence expert, continues to abuse the real victim, Travis. LaViolette already knows she lied to Dick Samuels and has a history of being a pathological liar - enough said!! How is this testimony even relevant or even admissible? People were up in arms in my
Facebook groups today and many turned off the trial out of sheer frustration. I don't blame them. Enough is ENOUGH - can't wait for Juan Martinez to tear into her this week. Martinez has something brewing and it's gonna be GOOD!

Travis' Ex-Girlfriend Lisa Andrews Was NOT Abused!
The thing that really pissed me off is when LaViolette twisted testimony by Lisa Andrews. LaViolette NEVER interviewed Andrews and we already heard Andrews' testimony on the stand. She already testified that Travis NEVER  physically abused her and he was never violent towards her. I'm SO tired of these lame "defense expert" witnesses who continue to slander Travis' good name over and over again. How many more times do we have to hear this bogus testimony that Travis was an abusive monster??!! She continued to smear him over and over again bringing up his ex-girlfriends including the woman he was with for six years, Deanna Reid.

My take on today's testimony by LaViolette: crap testimony based on Arias' pathological lies. Crap piled upon more crap! At least, Martinez was objecting right and left. I cannot wait for Juan Martinez's cross-exam!

LaViolette is beyond prejudicial and biased. ALL BASED ON LIES!!!

Unedited Interrogation Videos That the Jurors Need to Watch! 
I've watched hours and hours of the interrogation videos but the most telling video was the clip that Dr. Drew showed tonight - when Arias' parents talk to Detective Flores. My personal feeling is that I don't think Arias cares about her family - even though she boo-hoos in the interrogation videos about her siblings and parents and grandparents. The most interesting part is that her parents dime her out - from the very beginning.

Crybaby's Mom Confesses That Arias Has Mental Problems
But even more telling was her own mother who sat there crying and told Detective Flores that she wanted to PUKE when she found that Crybaby was arrested for murder! The mom said she couldn't believe she returned from Utah and acted so "normal" like nothing had happened.

Her mother mentioned they didn't have a close relationship and that Arias had "mental" problems and her friends would call her in the middle of the night because Arias was freaking out! She mentions that she thought Crybaby was bipolar and was always talking about suicide -one minute she was happy, the next she was crying and was always up and down. Straight from Mama Scarias' mouth! Even her mom thinks she is mentally unstable. Please note: I know people who have been diagnosed as bipolar and they do not harm or kill people. Even Arias' dad even said that she screamed and yelled at her mom all the time when she was younger...oh yeah and he mentions the gun stolen from his in-laws' house!! HMMMM!!!

 Mama and Papa Scarias confirm my hunch: she had a very estranged relationship with her family. Arias said it herself in the interrogation tapes- her family refused to visit her when she was living with her ex-boyfriend Darryl in Arizona. I think that says it all - her family didn't visit her for 10 years - why would they want to be around her craziness?! My conclusion: they don't care about Arias and are solely there in court to grab the spotlight...oh yeah, her family is also making money off the trial and collecting the money from Arias' ugly artwork (which is now being privately sold by the family -at least, eBay does NOT have any active listings of her crappy doodles).

Other Moments You Don't Want to Miss...Wahhhh I Want My Camera & My Money! Wahhh!
While I think Detective Flores did an awesome job with his interrogation, I think the female detective planted the ninja intruders seed in her brain and the wheels started spinning...and she was way too lenient on her. Even with a female detective, Arias didn't crack...oh what a shocker!

My observations from the tapes that reinforce her lunacy: 

Detective Flores repeatedly asks her - practically begs her -  to please give closure to the Alexander family by telling him what happened. To come clean to herself and God. Even in the name of the LDS Church, she wasn't about to repent the most grievous of all sins - MURDER!! He gave her every opportunity to tell him the details of June 4, 2008. Does she cry? Yes, but they are tears for herself NOT for Travis or his family. Does she beg for forgiveness? NO! Does she say she's sorry? NO! 

Imagine this scenario: image a  person who was fighting for their life and killed another person out of self-defense. Then let's say that person is arrested for murder and they were in a room being interrogated by a police officer. Even if you killed out of self-defense, wouldn't you beg for forgiveness from the family? Wouldn't you say...I don't know...I AM SORRY! Any human being with a SOUL would be remorseful and would feel guilty AND apologize--even IF they killed out of self-defense.Obviously, self-defense doesn't apply to Arias...more proof that she is kerazyyyy!

NOT Arias!!! She babbles constantly about random details that only make her sound MORE bizarre!

She asks Detective Flores about her confiscated camera because she had photos from a wedding and photos of she and her sister on there. AND she was also concerned about her $240 and asks Detective Flores if the money would be put towards her "commissary" account in jail.

Yeah, that would be the FIRST thing I would think about. A SANE person would be a broken down wreck begging and pleading for mercy!! Nope, she was too concerned about her personal possessions, and her hair and make-up for her cheesy-grin mug shot. Both Detective Flores and the other female detective basically tell her that her evasive answers (and half the time she just stares into space and doesn't answer) point to GUILTY (although, they had all the evidence they needed!) and they found it odd that she was more concerned about irrelevant crap!

Narcissistic much?!! I'm still in the midst of watching the videos but I continue to shake my head over and over. She lied for TWO YEARS!! First, she wasn't there...then the ninja intruders did it and then voila, it was self-defense because she was allegedly abused. I found it ironic that in the videos Detective Flores mentions that Juan Martinez is the #1 prosecutor in Arizona - Crybaby should have heeded his warning!!!

Arias Suffers from Anti-Social Personality Disorder AKA She's All Kinds of Crazy!

If you want to read an awesome spot-on psychological analysis by a REAL professional clinician (not these joke witnesses who are on Team Jodi! ugh!), check out Dr. Randle's excellent three-part series on her blog. I tweeted back and forth with Dr. Randle and thanked her for her professional analysis - she needs to be on the stand giving a REAL diagnosis! This is VERY telling. I encourage everyone to read it - very enlightening.

Mental Health & Criminal Justice Blog by Dr. Kristina Randle
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  1. Well done analysis, spot on summation, great understanding. I wish you were one of the Jurors.

  2. Thanks so much! I wish I was on the jury as well!