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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial Creepin' to a Close: The Many Hair Colors & Personalities of Jodi Arias

Today was another late start and a short day but Judge Stephens actually announced that the trial may actually END before the end of year! It's a Festivus miracle!!! 

BUT before I get into my blog tonight , Nancy Grace announced a HUGE BOMBSHELL tonight on her show.

The drama keeps on rollin' along with batshit crazy lunatic, Jodi Arias. 


Arias is writing a tell-all book in jail. She is also blaming Travis' death on Alfred Hitchcock's movie, Psycho. OMG, seriously??!! Grasping at straws doesn't even begin to describe her lunacy! 
AND she CLAIMS she was pregnant with Travis' child but she miscarried. Ohhhh and his reaction was cold-hearted when she told him that she was pregnant. Of course, all BS LIES!! And it never appeared in her journals and she never told anyone. Sounds like her bogus self-defense/abuse LIE!! 
There goes that crazy Kool-Aid she's drinking!  She should stop writing the book because she won't be able to sell it or make money from it (or her fugly doodles) once she's convicted. Maybe I should send her information about the Son of Sam Law so she doesn't get her hopes up! That book is NEVER going to happen! 

Of course, this is ALL hearsay at this point - I don't have proof that she is writing a book BUT I have been saying it for weeks that Crybaby was writing her tell-all book in the court room. Bingo!! I just can't wait to see her face when they take it away from her and use it as evidence against her.

Sorry, Crazy Girl, you don't have rights in jail. Your lyin'-outta-your-piehole scribbles are the property of  the State of Arizona!!! 

Closing arguments are scheduled for next Thursday and Friday, May 2 and 3. That's if slow-as-molasses "uhmmmm uhmmm" Nurmi The Annoying doesn't hold up the schedule. I have already called it that Ms. Crybaby is going to pull another fake migraine excuse and shut down the court for a day. 

Blonde Hair Then Red Hair....and Voila, She's Magically A Brunette!! 

Robert Brown, a detective with computer forensics unit of City of Mesa, was called to the stand by Martinez this afternoon. He discussed the photos found on her heliophone. Another Einstein move on Crybaby's part. Yeah, I think her high IQ is BS because IF she actually had some smarts in her BIG head (only big thing going on up there is HER ego!) she would NOT have snapped those photos on her cell phone.

Hmmm, before June 3rd she was still a redhead. Flash to picture she took of herself on June 3rd: she is now a freshly-dyed brunette. Oh IMAGINE that! Why would she dye her hair on a road trip? Hmmmm. Maybe because she wanted to conceal her identity, perhaps? Nothing fishy about that - I always bring a bottle of Clairol with me (just in case I want to trick people and pretend I'm someone else) when I go on a long cross-country road trip. And this hair color didn't look washed out - it looked like a fresh dye job! 

Can you say....PRE-MEDITATION? 

Detective Flores Called Back to the Stand: The Gun That Never Was 

Detective Flores was called back to the stand by Martinez to discuss the closet shelving. He returned March 5th to measure and correct the corner shelving and photographed the closet. The top shelf, where Crybaby supposedly reached up and grabbed the gun (from the shelf to the ceiling) was 8 feet high (the shelving itself was 7 feet high), according to Flores. Hmm, I'm thinking she couldn't reach that top shelf even if she was on tip-toe (she's only about 5'6-5'7ish). Plus, she would have toppled the shelving! There is NO way that the shelves could hold her weight and the shelves would have been messed up and broken. They  aren't sturdy shelves and are held up by four LITTLE pins - uhmmm NO way! The shelf couldn't even take the weight of a hand, let alone a knee or leg. 

The faux gun was brought up again. Martinez asked Flores if he EVER found a holster, gun cleaning kit, gun case, spare bullets...basically, ANYTHING in Travis' house that would indicate he owned a gun. Flores answered a resounding NO to ALL the gun questions. 

The jury asked good questions about the closet and gun - yeah, they are NOT buying her crap gun story:

The jury wanted to know if anything in the closet was out of place or whether any of Alexander's roommates owned a gun. He said no to both questions.

Yup, bye-bye gun story! MORE LIES EXPOSED. 

Seriously Nurmi? More Questions About the Daft Punk Video? Read Flores' Lips: IT IS NOT PORN!! 

Nurmi droned on and on about the Daft Punk video - didn't we already cover this yesterday? Flores said there was no nudity in the videos and that one of the videos appeared to be a DJ playing music. Hmmm doesn't sound like porn to me!!

Hold onto your hats, kids, because the Crazy Train is ridin' strong and tick-tock...Crybaby Crazy Girl's time is runnin' out!!!

What say you, Jury Foreman?

DEATH PENALTY!! ...because the jury ain't stupid!! 

Justice for Travis!! 

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