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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Juan Martinez Fires Up With Star Expert Witness Dr. Janeen DeMarte: Buh-bye LaViolette & Samuels

So the defense rests and we finally got to listen to an actual credible "expert" psychologist today with actual knowledge about PTSD and has worked with domestic abuse victims. Would we expect anything less of Juan Martinez? The prosecution rocked it by bringing expert witness, Dr. Janeen DeMarte, to the stand on behalf of the State. Can you say KA-BOOM!??? In a mere two hours, Martinez basically blew LaViolette's and Samuels' bogus (and biased) testimony out of the water.

Here's a quick break down of how Dr. DeMarte shot down LaViolette and Samuels:

 Bogus PTSD Diagnosis Blown Out of the Water: Arias Suffers from BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)

1. Samuels did not follow professional protocol when he administered Arias' biased PSD test. It was a no-brainer and Samuels did not follow the test protocol: you give the patient the test and allow the patient (NOT Samuels) to fill in the bubbles. Hmm, yeah, Dr. DeMarte pretty much schooled Samuels, and in so many words (in a very professional way), she called Samuels an incompetent psychologist who skewed the test based on Arias' lies. Not a big shocker there. She went through the criteria step-by-step to show that Arias doesn't have PTSD based on the scoring - there goes that 69 score that doesn't even fall within the range of PTSD.

2. Newsflash: According to Dr. DeMarte (are you listening, Samuels and LaViolette?), you can't be diagnosed with PTSD based on a "made up event." For example, Martinez asked Dr. DeMarte if Arias could suffer from PTSD based on the ninja intruder story. Uhmmm no, it has to be a "real" event not based on a lie. Wow, talk about a logical answer - way to go, Dr. DeMarte! You win major bonus points for being intelligent and credible, and actually understanding how a PSD test is actually scored. Oh, damn, there goes the Pretend Traumatic Disorder Syndrome that Dr. Doofus diagnosed her with.

3. Dr. DeMarte diagnoses Arias with borderline personality disorder and talks about her "blunted affect" and how she doesn't show feelings of love. Oh wait, she did LOVE Travis but only after she killed him. DeMarte makes this very excellent point - that she only wrote about her love for Travis in her journal after the fact. Oh another big shocker! Arias is ONE big blunted affect. You only have to look at her on the stand.

4. Another reason she didn't have PTSD is that people who are clinically diagnosed have a "foreshortened sense of future" - basically, that means that PTSD patients don't drive to another state and sex it up with a different man the day after they kill their former boyfriend. DeMarte refers to Arias' journals and how she talks about all the men she courts. Courts? That's a very nice way of putting it (but then again, DeMarte has class unlike the other two joker defense witnesses). According to DeMarte, PTSD patients can barely function on a daily basis and Arias had no  problem holding down a job or fooling around with men after Travis was killed. Buh-bye bogus PTSD diagnosis by Samuels.

5. Not to mention, a person suffering from PTSD wouldn't put themselves in a  position to "relive" the traumatic event again. It's called avoidance which wasn't happening with Arias. She didn't avoid driving by his house or attending his memorial service. Uhm, nope, not PTSD and NOT Battered Woman Syndrome either. She blew that one out of the water as well - nope, Arias was not a battered woman.

Wilmott started her cross-exam and all I heard was blah blah are young and don't know what you are talking about. She made a condescending remark about Dr. DeMarte's age and noted that she wasn't probably born when LaViolette got her Masters degree. Lame. Wilmott is out of her league with this witness. She is doing her best to nit-pick her credentials and her youth/experience. Whatever, Wilmott. Good luck with that.

DeMarte Shines Through On Stand With Credible Testimony - Woot Woot!

DeMarte shot down the defense's experts' credibility in one fell swoop. Martinez knew exactly what he was doing when he put Dr. DeMarte on the stand. She was poised, professional, calm, cool and collected (even when annoying Wilmott cross-examined her). I'm sure Arias was NOT liking DeMarte as she furiously scribbled notes at the table (probably composing hate tweets to DeMarte - you're next, lady, I'm gonna flip you the bird in court muahhhh!)

The defense is definitely out of their league and it showed today with Juan Martinez's star expert witness. Thumbs up!


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