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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dr. Geffner Takes Stand: Freebie Defense Expert Witness Spills Water & Burps on Stand...and Gives Worthless Testimony

The Three Ring Circus Defense does it again with their surrebuttal (more like butthead) witness, Dr. Geffner. Between his burping, water spillage, and his overall bumbling foolishness today on the stand, I thought I was watching a re-run of "Hee Haw." Add Dr. Geffner's pornstache (thanks Tammy for pointing that out - a very key element of his testimony!) - can you say one hot mess of a witness?! I knew this witness was going to be a train wreck...but oh me, oh my!!! 

I love how the defense pulled this guy out of their butts only a few weeks ago. Way to plan...and way to be completely desperate! The trial is actually still going on right now but if I wait to write my blog, it'll be midnight. I didn't think there could be a psychologist "expert" witness worse than Alyce in La-La Land, but oh yes, my fine blog readers and justice fighters...there is a witness worst than LaViolette! 

The Reasons Why Dr. Geffner Won't Save Crybaby's Ass 

1. Whiner asks irrelevant questions to test his no-brain knowledge. Ding lose, Dr. Geffner. No Jeopardy lighting round for you!  Let's just say I know more about the brain (and I'm not Miss Science) than this quackazoid. 

Big shocker! He is not even a medical doctor - sound familiar? Dr. Dick also tried to sound like Mr. Bad Ass when it came to his brain knowledge. Here we go again with the broken record lack of credentials: Geffner has a PhD, is NOT a trained medical doctor, AND is NOT a neurologist or neurosurgeon.

Okay, moving on...

2. Dr. Geffner NEVER interviewed Crybaby. He looked over her tests (aka shuffled papers and pretended to sound smart) and attempted to refute Dr. DeMarte's testimony -- I just heard "blah blah blah blah" after I found out he never interviewed Arias. Really? And WHY should we believe your testimony if you never spoke with Crazy Train Crybaby? 

3. According to the dirt Martinez dug up on Geffner, the judge threw out his testimony in a former court case because he "made it up" and wasn't found credible. Uhmmm okayyy, that works for me!! 

But here's the kicker: he's LaViolette's colleague and wait for it...HE TESTIFIED FOR FREE in this trial!! Either he felt sorry for LaViolette and Crybaby or the defense was beyond desperate or all of the above. 

Personally, I think they asked the Magic 8 for the worst possible, shadiest, incompetent, unethical, moronic "psychologists" they could find in the United States of America. Not to mention, they all want to obviously ruin their careers by selling out to this she-devil and her Dumb and Dumber Team. 

4. He knows jack crap about borderline personality disorder or the brain - read above about his lack of medical skills. He claimed she had anxiety and trauma (ohhh wah, another expert defense witness pandering to her poor Crybaby lies!) but didn't have a personality disorder. Not to mention, let's talk about the lame PDS test again - answers that were based on LIES!!!! 

Gotta love Juan Martinez: "Do you go to the Alyce LaViolette school of...?" Too bad Whiner Willmott objected. Fill in the blank...Mr. Martinez, do you mean the Alyce LaViolette School of Incompetency & Unethical BS where they "edify" ALL is that Jodi Arias (aka The Kool Aid Kids)? 

Oh snappp!!! So dummyhead Geffner..when does an exaggeration become a lie? Guess everyone can exaggerate as much as they want, according to Martinez...oh say, like Crybaby's test results that Geffner supposedly "analyzed"???!!! 

Beth Karas tweeted: "Geffner reviewed 4 psychological tests conducted on Arias and rescored 2 of them. He did not speak to Arias nor did he review the police reports but he did review DeMarte's report."

Notice he did NOT speak to Crybaby. Who cares about rescoring her tests when he NEVER talked to her? And why would you rescore a test that was based on ALL LIES!!???

5. This dude thinks he's a medical examiner and talks about the gunshot wounds like he is an ER doctor and sees them all the time. Uhmm  yeah, he has only testified in two cases that involved projectiles to the brain AND neither person was incapacitated nor did they lose consciousness. Sorry, Geffner, you lose (and Dr. Horn is way hotter than you and your pornstache). Uhmmm, he's not a medical doctor, is not a medical examiner and did not examine Travis' body or his brain. Yeah, smart move defense. Are you kidding me?  Dr. Geffner has lots of medical experience - how about all those autopsy examinations he's never conducted? Good call, Wilmott and Nurmi. 

Not to mention, Dr. Geffner spilled his WATER not once, but twice, on the stand and audibly burped while testifying (maybe he tied one on the night before???!!) 

Your Southern "sir and ma'am" manners and your pornstache ain't winnnin' you any jury fans, bucko!! 

Jurors Ask 21 Questions

The jurors paid attention and asked good questions this afternoon. I would have asked him this question: 

"Do you realize you are in a courtroom testifying in a murder trial and that the year is 2013? Also, why do you sport such an unfashionable pornstache at your age?" 

As usual, Martinez slams Geffner's lack of credibility (and is still slamming listening to the trial as I type). I think he and Dick Samuels both have the "oh let me review my notes because I can't remember anything!!" syndrome. Oh no, not the fog again!! 

I think this was the worst possible move for the defense and once again, more points for Juan Martinez. Geffner's testimony makes Dr. DeMarte look like the Einstein compared to the Defense Crazy Train. I don't see how they thought this was a smart move to put this bumbling fool on the stand. 

Sidebar: Nurmi and Crybaby need to wipe those disrespectful smirks off their faces. Tick, tock. The Crazy Train has left the building!!! Your hours are numbered, Jodi Arias, and this testimony has sunk you even deeper into the Rabbit Hole of Alyce in La-La Land and now Dr. Biggest-Joke-of-a-WitnessEver Geffner!

But then Juan saves the day and puts Dr. "Hotness" Horn back on the stand...woot woot...I'll fill you in tomorrow about his testimony. See, Dr. Geffner, that's what a REAL medical examiner looks like minus pornstache (although, I did like Dr. Horn's facial hair!) And he knows what's talking about because he's a real doctor!!! 

JUSTICE FOR TRAVIS!!! I feel so bad for his family - no family should have to go through this pain and horror. 

PS - A big shout out to my awesome blog supporters and friends  - you know who you are!! Thanks! 

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  1. Astounding....just anazing thing to watch!
    You couldn't make this stuff up!
    Defense case is like watching the three stooges!!!!!