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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jury Doesn't Buy Defense Circus Act: Alyce in La-La Land Gets Schooled by Jurors' Questions

THANK YOU jurors for asking such detailed questions to LaViolette today. You could just hear their skepticism in the questions, and they aren't buying any of her crap. Despite the late start time and an extra long lunch recess, we finally got to the juror questions this afternoon. While I still wanted to puke every time LaViolette opened her mouth, there were some doozies that the jurors asked. These jurors aren't stupid and they paid close attention to EVERY minute detail of LaViolette's testimony.

And Here Comes the Lying Questions...

The jury asked questions ranging from "did Jodi lie to protect her case?" to "is it possible that Jodi could have exaggerated her story of abuse?" Yes and YES!

  •  How confident are you that Jodi didn't lie to you? 
  • How were able to know that everything she told you was true if she lied in the past?
  • LaViolette: "I don't know if everything she told me was true."


All BS answers as LaViolette  swore up and down that Arias didn't lie to her about "significant" things. Oh, you  mean, like lying about the ninja intruders and how she changed her story about KILLING Travis Alexander? You  mean THOSE kinds of significant LIES!

NO & NO To The Abuse Questions!
Alyce in La-La Land was drilled about Travis ex-girlfriends:

Did any of them EVER report physical, emotional or verbal abuse?

That would be a BIG NO!!! Not one of his ex-girlfriends ever said that Travis abused them. Another good one: "Is there ANY evidence that she was physically abused other than her finger?" Uhmmm NO!

Was Jodi The Abuser? Uhmmm YES!
These jurors are asking the SAME exact questions I would ask. They dialed into Arias as the abuser and asked if possibly she could be the abuser and NOT Travis? Ding ding! But of course, LaViolette used her crappy biased excuse to say that she had plenty of "written" corroborative information to make a fair and accurate assessment.

Let's look at the evidence LaViolette DID NOT collect in  her assessment:
1. No interviews with the victim, Travis Alexander
2. No interviews with Travis' family, friends, colleagues, ex-girlfriends, etc.
3. NO verbal or written confirmation (besides Arias) from anyone that Travis EVER abused Arias - Travis never once badmouthed women or said mean things about ex-girlfriends in his own journal.
4. No interviews with Arias' family - the family that told Detective Flores that she is mentally unstable and freaked out on a regular basis!
5. NO interviews with Arias' ex-boyfriends. My guess is Arias blackmailed ex-boyfriend, Darryl Brewer, and told him he better say nice things about her or else! And I won't even go there with that bozo Matt McCartney. He's already lied so forget him as credible or trustworthy.

LaViolette's Credibility Goes Bye-Bye After Jury's Questions Today

LaViolette's credibility was shot out the window this afternoon. She still couldn't give a YES or NO answer which drove me nuts. But it was well worth the wait - the questions that shocked LaViolette were the piece de resistance of the entire day:

"Why did you look over at Jodi and smile at her?" 

"When asked about the Purple Plum, why did you look over and smile and shrug your shoulders at Jodi?"

Ohhh SNAP!! Goooooo Jury!

Not only were these awesome questions, but they threw some of that snark back on La-La Land Lady. LaViolette was a bumbling fool as she tried to the answer the question -she even threw up her hands at one point and said, "I really don't know how to answer that question." She gave a faux-innocent answer and said she was smiling at her friends in the audience - yeahhhh right!

Other questions tackled LaViolette's clear bias in her testimony - did she have personal feelings for Jodi or feel sorry for her? She babbled in her usual grating, annoying fashion and said that she did like her but established clear boundaries. Boundaries? That's a complete joke. Can you say Kool-Aid drinker? 

The jurors are NOT suckers! I LOVE this jury - they aren't buying LaViolette's crap AT all!!

Sidebar at the defense table: Arias put on her pretend sad face and then her mad face. It reminded me of the mad-sad face game I play with my two year-old niece. Look I'm sad, look I'm mad - wahhhhh! Talk about a big faker...And I'm NOT talking about the phone sex tapes either!

Did Someone Say Man Hater?
The questions got more pointed and direct as Judge Stephens read them out loud. Another favorite question was when she was asked about her bias towards male abusers. She tried to weasel out of that one by talking about her male colleagues, her sons, blah blah blah. No, LaViolette, you are a MAN hater and biased against Travis. If the jury asked those questions, then they can clearly see how much she dislikes men (including Juan Martinez).

And the best question of the afternoon...

"Is it possible that Jodi manipulated you like she manipulated others?"

DUHHH...YES!!! Of course, LaViolette said she didn't think Arias manipulated her. Wow, just WOW!

Dumb & Dumber:  Donavan Tweets Nasties About Juan Martinez & Nancy Grace

I LOVE what Mark Eiglarsh said about Jodi Arias tonight on HLN: "She has the first amendment right to be an idiot." I absolutely agree. I don't agree that Twitter is allowing Arias to tweet nasties through her ex-felon friend, Donavan Bering, who is even a bigger idiot than Arias for being her little pawn in Arias' sick and twisted game!

This is another desperate ploy from nutjob Arias - she is losing control and is trying to gain the upper hand. But how stupid she can be? It makes me laugh. Although, she is REALLY stupid to slander Juan Martinez - the very man who could send her to her death. She also slandered HLN and tweeted that she flipped the bird in court (on purpose) to Nancy Grace. I would pay money to see Nancy Grace in the same room with Arias and see her rip her to shreds - one can only hope!

The Kool-Aid drinkers continue to feel sorry for her and tweet their support (another bunch of crazies). These are the same vicious trolls and hackers who are stealing people's identities off Facebook and Twitter, and create fake social media accounts (they have gone so far as to steal children's pictures with bullying, insulting comments attached to them). There is one pro-Arias site that is white screening and nabbing people's ISP information--nice people, huh? Steer clear of these batshit crazy psychos. Not to mention these sites are making money off the clicks/views - do NOT visit these sites if you want to maintain  your privacy and safety. 

Crappy Doodles Alert - Arias' Artwork Seller Revealed!
One of my fellow Facebook group members (way to go, Gabriela Molino!) played detective today and found out that the person who is selling Arias' artwork is...wait for it...Arias' buddy and Maricopa County felon/parolee Sherri Tanner. She is also the same "Sherri" who sold Arias' crappy doodles on eBay which they can't sell anymore - oh, too bad! PS - thanks to all my supporters who signed my blog to urge eBay to shut down her art listings.

All kinds of crazy drama today with the trial today. We can only hope that the juror questions will get even better! It breaks my heart to watch the Alexander family in court. Justice WILL be served!

TRIAL SCHEDULE UPDATE! Court will be held on Friday from 9:30 - noon MST.


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