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Monday, April 29, 2013

In Memory of Travis Alexander: Just a Simple Man with a Kind Heart

As we get closer to wrapping up the trial this week (hopefully!), let's not forget about the victim, Travis Alexander.

I dedicate today's blog to Travis - here's a list of memorial videos that are loving tributes to the "simple man" with a kind heart. 

JUSTICE FOR T-DOGG! :) Keep your tissues handy because these videos make me cry every time I watch them. 

1. Official Memorial Video by Chris Hughes

2. Travis Alexander Tribute 

3. Juan Martinez & Travis Alexander Tribute 

4. Travis Alexander Tribute - Rest in Peace 

5. Travis Alexander (Amazing Grace) 

6. I Hope You Fly - For the Alexanders (AngelaAnne)

These are my personal contributions - songs that have deep personal meaning to me and I dedicate these songs in memory of Travis: 

Mercy Me - I Can Only Imagine 

I'm a huge Sting fan and love this song - a reminder that life is precious and fragile:

Fragile (Live - Sting in concert) 

"To clinch a lifetime's argument
That nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could
For all those born beneath an angry star
Lest we forget how fragile we are

On and on the rain will fall
Like tears from a star like tears from a star
On and on the rain will say
How fragile we are how fragile we are..."

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dr. Horn Testifies Again That Travis Was NOT Shot First & Willmott Is Not a Weapons Expert

It was a short morning in court and Judge Stephens recessed the trial until next Wednesday. Before I dive into Dr. Kevin Horn's testimony  (wow, he's all kinds of hotness--but I digress),  I want to point out that Crybaby was putting on another display of fake boo-hoos (about as fake as her boobage!) for the court room today as crime photos of Travis' body were displayed. Then the melodramatic tears started to fall. YES, YOU did that, Crybaby, so why don't you look up???!!!

As Dr. Horn answered Juan Martinez's question about Travis's brain injuries - once again, we hear that NO, he could NOT have been shot first. He would have been incapacitated and wouldn't have been able to move or stand or reach out or walk the 18 feet down the hallway. No way, no how!

Let's Play a Fun Game - "What's Crybaby Thinking?" 

Here is the internal dialogue that was running through Crazy Train Crybaby's demonic brain this morning. Her fake tears were so RIDICULOUS - she was only crying for herself AGAIN...tick, tock, Crybaby, time is running out for you.

Pan in Crybaby wearing her puke-brown top (she and Jenny were matchy-match with their colors today - GAG).  Poor poor, Jodi Arias. She BOOOHHHOOs and covers her face with her greasy locks and flips her spidery bangs: 
Sniffle sniffle boo hoo. I should have never told the gun/closet story. Goshhhh, Jodi, you are so dumb! Why did you say you shot him FIRST?! I should have been in the FOG when I was stabbing him NOT after I shot him. Stupid stupid stupid! Hmm, maybe I can change my story (lie) again!
Oh I'm so sad!! Wahhhhh!! Dr. Horn is ruining my life. Nooo, you don't know what you're talking about. Boohoo (shoots evil glance at Dr. Horn behind her greasy mane). 
He doesn't know anything!! I'm the SMART one, not him. I could be a doctor. I could, yes I could! Sidebar: even though he's a trained medical doctor and has performed hundreds of autopsies. 
I shot him first. Stop poisoning the jury! I HATE YOU. I want to scribble your face and put horns around your head, DR HORN MUAHHHH!! 
Remember I had that fog and then I don't remember stabbing him and then I found myself in the desert with blood all over my hands...gasp, sniffle, sniffle..deep gulp of air...and then...and then...I got my case of Costco water from the trunk and washed off the blood from my hands. 
Stop talking, Dr. Horn. You are so mean to me. You are ruining my perfect story. No no noooooo!! 
Sniffle sniffle. Ohhh, I'm perking up now. Wahhh, sniffle, fake tear...Crybaby puts hands on her face. 
My Evil Twin Jenny on the Block is now saying that a 25 caliber gun wouldn't have enough velocity to injure Travis' brain. Oh that's good, Jenny, keep going with that story. Yeah, that's it, you tell him, Jenny. Take that, Dr. Horn!!  Even though Jenny doesn't know jack squat about anatomy and physiology, see Dr. Horn, she's SMARTER than YOU!! Yes, that's it, Travis could MOVE and run down the hall. He was able to get up, despite suffering a severe trauma to his brain thanks to the bullet I blasted through his skull, and sprint down the hall - even though medical science proves otherwise. Yeah, good one, Jenny, that's the ticket! 
Jodi daydreams about Whiner Willmott while she cries her fake tears and hides her face behind her hands. Pan in on Crybaby's evil, demonic grin...Poor scribbling today!  
I heart you, Jennny. You are my hero. I am gonna draw a picture of you this weekend and put pretty pink hearts all over your face, and I will even cover up your nasty bald spot in the picture. It's okay - even if you go bald, I will always love you and whisper sweet nothings into your ear. I don't care if you have an empty brain. I'm all the Einstein you need. I'll even leave my girlfriend for you! I promise to put you in my book and we can run away and have babies together...AND AND...
Okay now back to reality & the trial...
The jurors had only a few questions for Dr. Horn. Another sign that they don't believe the defense or Crybaby's shoddy closet/gun story aka LIE. Juan broke it down for us this morning - thanks to Dr. Horne's return to the stand: no way could Travis have been shot first. He had defense wounds on the back of his hands and thumbs which indicated that there was a struggle. A struggle means his physical body had to move - thus, he wasn't incapacitated and wasn't shot first.

Here are a few of the question asked by the jury - yeah, keep on boo-hoo'ing, Crazy Train Crybaby! 

Why do you believe Alexander was still alive when his throat was slit? 
Dr. Horn said he was still alive at that time, because of the amount of the blood that came out of his wound.

How many times have you seen injuries involving a .25 caliber gun? 
Horn said he has seen wounds from .25 caliber guns about 200 times.

Yes, A .25 Caliber Gun Can CAUSE Severe Brain Damage!

Whiner Willmott attempted to use her big brain to basically tell Dr. Horn that she knew more about medical science then he did (which obviously perturbed Dr. Handsome Horn). Also, the last time I checked a .25 caliber gun can still do a LOT of damage. 

Thanks to Tammy in my Facebook group for pointing out what happened during Reagan's assassination attempt:  a .25 caliber gun was used when Reagan's press secretary, Jim Brady, was shot by John Hinckley. Brady was seriously wounded and suffered severe brain trauma as a result of the shooting and is still in a wheelchair. Willmott tried to impress the jury with her weapons knowledge (NOT!!): according to Whiner, a .25 caliber gun would only cause very minimal brain damage - to the point, that Travis could get up and run away! Yeah, uhmmm, NO!!! So there goes that theory, Jenny!!

In Moment of Desperation, Defense Pulls Dr. Geffner Outta Their Butts

Dumb (Crazy Train Crybaby), Dumber (Jenny on the Block) & Dumbest (Bad Posture/Chair Sloucher Nurmi) better start counting down the minutes...because time is running out for their sorry, sad excuse of a defense. 

Here we go with  have another DUMB ASS psychologist, Dr. Robert Geffner! He will "attempt" (and I use that word loosely) to rebut Dr. DeMarte's testimony that Arias suffers from borderline personality disorder and that Crybaby was not a victim of domestic violence. This guy must not care if his career goes down the toilet. Bye-bye! He only has to look at Alyce in La-La-Land to see what happened to her career after her testimony. I wonder if she has left the country yet?!

Another desperate attempt to save the Crybaby. Yeah, I don't see his testimony working very well. 

Woot woot, the Crazy Train has left the Dummy Head Defense Station!!!!

Stay tuned, folks! We have another week left of this trial - can't wait to hear Juan Martinez's closing argument!

Also, Juror #8 (male) was released today - hmmm, wonder what he did?!!

Hey, Jodi Arias (Donavan, are you reading??!!)...mark MY words...karma is coming your way and it's not gonna be pretty!!

Court resumes next Wednesday!! JUSTICE FOR TRAVIS!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial Creepin' to a Close: The Many Hair Colors & Personalities of Jodi Arias

Today was another late start and a short day but Judge Stephens actually announced that the trial may actually END before the end of year! It's a Festivus miracle!!! 

BUT before I get into my blog tonight , Nancy Grace announced a HUGE BOMBSHELL tonight on her show.

The drama keeps on rollin' along with batshit crazy lunatic, Jodi Arias. 


Arias is writing a tell-all book in jail. She is also blaming Travis' death on Alfred Hitchcock's movie, Psycho. OMG, seriously??!! Grasping at straws doesn't even begin to describe her lunacy! 
AND she CLAIMS she was pregnant with Travis' child but she miscarried. Ohhhh and his reaction was cold-hearted when she told him that she was pregnant. Of course, all BS LIES!! And it never appeared in her journals and she never told anyone. Sounds like her bogus self-defense/abuse LIE!! 
There goes that crazy Kool-Aid she's drinking!  She should stop writing the book because she won't be able to sell it or make money from it (or her fugly doodles) once she's convicted. Maybe I should send her information about the Son of Sam Law so she doesn't get her hopes up! That book is NEVER going to happen! 

Of course, this is ALL hearsay at this point - I don't have proof that she is writing a book BUT I have been saying it for weeks that Crybaby was writing her tell-all book in the court room. Bingo!! I just can't wait to see her face when they take it away from her and use it as evidence against her.

Sorry, Crazy Girl, you don't have rights in jail. Your lyin'-outta-your-piehole scribbles are the property of  the State of Arizona!!! 

Closing arguments are scheduled for next Thursday and Friday, May 2 and 3. That's if slow-as-molasses "uhmmmm uhmmm" Nurmi The Annoying doesn't hold up the schedule. I have already called it that Ms. Crybaby is going to pull another fake migraine excuse and shut down the court for a day. 

Blonde Hair Then Red Hair....and Voila, She's Magically A Brunette!! 

Robert Brown, a detective with computer forensics unit of City of Mesa, was called to the stand by Martinez this afternoon. He discussed the photos found on her heliophone. Another Einstein move on Crybaby's part. Yeah, I think her high IQ is BS because IF she actually had some smarts in her BIG head (only big thing going on up there is HER ego!) she would NOT have snapped those photos on her cell phone.

Hmmm, before June 3rd she was still a redhead. Flash to picture she took of herself on June 3rd: she is now a freshly-dyed brunette. Oh IMAGINE that! Why would she dye her hair on a road trip? Hmmmm. Maybe because she wanted to conceal her identity, perhaps? Nothing fishy about that - I always bring a bottle of Clairol with me (just in case I want to trick people and pretend I'm someone else) when I go on a long cross-country road trip. And this hair color didn't look washed out - it looked like a fresh dye job! 

Can you say....PRE-MEDITATION? 

Detective Flores Called Back to the Stand: The Gun That Never Was 

Detective Flores was called back to the stand by Martinez to discuss the closet shelving. He returned March 5th to measure and correct the corner shelving and photographed the closet. The top shelf, where Crybaby supposedly reached up and grabbed the gun (from the shelf to the ceiling) was 8 feet high (the shelving itself was 7 feet high), according to Flores. Hmm, I'm thinking she couldn't reach that top shelf even if she was on tip-toe (she's only about 5'6-5'7ish). Plus, she would have toppled the shelving! There is NO way that the shelves could hold her weight and the shelves would have been messed up and broken. They  aren't sturdy shelves and are held up by four LITTLE pins - uhmmm NO way! The shelf couldn't even take the weight of a hand, let alone a knee or leg. 

The faux gun was brought up again. Martinez asked Flores if he EVER found a holster, gun cleaning kit, gun case, spare bullets...basically, ANYTHING in Travis' house that would indicate he owned a gun. Flores answered a resounding NO to ALL the gun questions. 

The jury asked good questions about the closet and gun - yeah, they are NOT buying her crap gun story:

The jury wanted to know if anything in the closet was out of place or whether any of Alexander's roommates owned a gun. He said no to both questions.

Yup, bye-bye gun story! MORE LIES EXPOSED. 

Seriously Nurmi? More Questions About the Daft Punk Video? Read Flores' Lips: IT IS NOT PORN!! 

Nurmi droned on and on about the Daft Punk video - didn't we already cover this yesterday? Flores said there was no nudity in the videos and that one of the videos appeared to be a DJ playing music. Hmmm doesn't sound like porn to me!!

Hold onto your hats, kids, because the Crazy Train is ridin' strong and tick-tock...Crybaby Crazy Girl's time is runnin' out!!!

What say you, Jury Foreman?

DEATH PENALTY!! ...because the jury ain't stupid!! 

Justice for Travis!! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Star Witness Power by Juan Martinez: Travis' Ex Deanna Reid's Said She Was NEVER Abused

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch the entire coverage of the trial today BUT I was able to catch key highlights that proved - AGAIN (can you say broken record???) that Arias has LIED AND LIED...over and over again.

Video Clip Played - Crybaby Boo-Hoos Fake Tears 

Before I dive into Deanna's testimony, I cannot believe Crybaby had the AUDACITY to shed tears when a video clip was played of she and Travis together. This was the PPL video when Arias was lying on Travis' lap acting  uninterested while Travis told his harrowing story about being held up at gun-point. Talk about crazy eyes and FAKE tears! Wow, just wow, this psychopath continues with her dramatic crying ruse. She makes me ILL.

Travis' Ex Deanna Reid Testifies That Travis NEVER Hurt or Hit Her

Talk about a heartbreaking scene: Travis' family was in obvious pain in court today and bawled their eyes out when Deanna talked about Travis' parents and his memories of them. Travis loved his father, despite his dad's drug problem.

So let's break it down in really simple terms...courtesy of DA MAN, Juan Martinez: 

  • Did Travis ever abuse or hurt or hit her? NO!!
  • Did he ever curse or scream at her? NO!!
Deanna Reid: "He never raised his voice to me."

Conclusion: Crybaby was NEVER abused!! Deanna is the second of Travis' ex-girlfriends to testify that NO, she wasn't abused - physically or emotionally - by Travis. 

Did Travis cry and get really upset when Deanna broke up with him? YES!! This shows his sensitivity and he empathized with Deanna and felt bad for dating her because she wanted to get married and he wasn't ready to get married. He did NOT try to control her or force Deanna to do anything she didn't want to do - he let her go and they broke up  - end of STORY. He didn't raise his voice or  hand at her. According to Deanna, he also never told her who she could be friends with and never forced her to wear "sexy outfits."

Deanna remained classy on the stand as she was asked very pointed and graphic questions by Nurmi (what is up with this douche and his obsession with sex details??? UGH!!) about their sexual relationship. Of course, Nurmi was trying to show that Deanna had a "different" relationship than Arias. Can you say grasping at straws???!!! 

Deanna admitted they were sexually active but had spoken to their bishops to confess that they had broken the laws of chastity. Not to mention, she told Nurmi - in no uncertain terms - that their sex life was their private business and that even Mormons are humans and make mistakes - no doubt! 

She spoke the truth about Travis' character (not to mention, she has Travis' dog, Napoleon--that says a lot about what a good person she is): 
"Reid said she did not continue to have sex with Alexander after they broke-up and he did not try to get her to have sex with him after the split.
"He was always a gentleman. He never pressured me," she said."  
Jodi Arias was NOT liking Deanna's testimony at all and Arias gave her the stink eye a few times.

Arias' Lies Come A-Tumblin' Down: Walmart & Tesoro Witnesses Take the Stand
Martinez brought witnesses from Walmart (their asset manager who deals with fraud/theft cases) and IT manager from the gas station chain, Tesoro. The Walmart witness verified that Crybaby lied: no, there was NO receipt proof in their records/system that Arias EVER returned the gas can to the Walmart in Salinas and there was NO refund ever issued. ANOTHER LIE OUTED!!!! 
The Tesoro gas receipts were brought up again by Martinez AND OH MYYYY, ANOTHER LIE. According to Young (the witness), Arias made three fuel transactions at Tesoro in Salt Lake City.
"Nurmi asked the witness if a cash purchase for fuel would have been logged with any identifying information. She said no." 

Latest Charge-o-the-Week: Manslaughter/Heat of Passion 

BOMBSHELL over the weekend: Arias and her defense begs Judge Stephens to replace Murder 1 with manslaughter/heat of passion. I highly doubt Judge Stephens will allow the charge but it's VERY obvious that Arias and the defense are really desperate now!! Yeah, the defense is a little TOO late to change Arias' sob story now - sorry, you can't change your LIES, Crybaby!
"Defense Attorney Kirk Nurmi filed a request on Sunday to add "Manslaughter by Sudden Quarrel" or "Heat of Passion" charges to the jury instructions."

What a day filled with Martinez's AWESOME witnesses (despite Nurmi's slow-talkin' nonsense!) It was a day that showed the jury - AGAIN - that Arias has repeatedly lied AND the defense knows they don't have a leg to stand on - thus, the defense is begging for manslaughter.
So which is it, Crybaby? Pick-your-own-murder scenario? 
1. Ninja intruders - whoops, that was a big FAT lie!
2. Self-defense/battered woman's syndrome - nope, whoops, our crappy witnesses screwed me and the jury doesn't believe that bogus crap.
3. Voluntary Manslaughter/Heat of Passion - ok, yeah, so now I have changed my story to I was a raging jealous psycho bitch and I lost my sh** and murdered Travis.  Yeah, that's my latest lie.
This is ridiculous and the judge should NOT allow this charge AT ALL. This is NOT manslaughter...NOT self-defense. She deserves the death penalty. She has lied and lied and all roads lead to pre-meditation. She knew exactly what she was doing when she went to Travis' house that night. 
Another Lie Exposed: Forensics Computer Expert Testifies That NO Porn or Child Porn Was Found
Michael Melendez testified that he did NOT FIND ANY porn of naked women/naked breasts OR any kind of child pornography whatsoever on Travis' hard drive files. Oh yeah and Nurmi tried to show that the funny YouTube video on his computer was considered pornographic. I watched the video and the women were CLOTHED and it was funny--two women dancing around with tin foil boxes on their head. 
It was not a porn plus DUHHH Nurmi, you can't post porn on YouTube - what an idiot!! 
Oh's 'dem 'death penalty' apples looking now, Jodi Arias?  We can only hope that the judge doesn't allow the manslaughter charge!!
Court resumes on Wednesday at 1:30 pm MST

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Move Along, Jenny on the Block: Jury Asks Expert Witness Dr. DeMarte ONLY 19 Questions

Willmott continued her annoying line of questioning this morning. She attempted to "intimidate" Dr. DeMarte (what a joke!) and tried to pull a Juan Martinez with her barrage of questions. She needs to go back to traffic court. The funniest thing is that she supposedly specializes in teaching other lawyers how to cross-examine witnesses. She is obviously a bad teacher because her whiny attempts to discredit DeMarte didn't work - yeah, okay, move along, Jenny on the (Chopping) Block.

Willmott's contribution to the defense is an absolute joke, and Nurmi just sat there like a bump on a log with his unprofessional slouchy posture...sorry to wake you from your nap, Nurmi! What a disrespectful slug! She is completely out of her league as she tried to mimic Juan Martinez's rapid-fire about a big fail. 

What did we learn from Willmott's sad charade today? 

DeMarte is a professional, credible, and knowledgeable psychologist AND knows how to properly administer psychological testing (unlike Alyce in La-La Land and Dr. Dick). Jenny could talk until she was blue in the face about TS1 vs. TS2 - who cares? DeMarte was able to logically and calmly answer Willmott's questions AND she wasn't rude or combative unlike Dumb and Dumber! Major points to Dr. DeMarte for being a mature, professional adult! Although, I know Dr. DeMarte was secretly thinking: suck it, Jenny! Your witnesses are dunces and I rule the school! 

Fun 'Psychological' Facts of Jodi Arias  by Dr. DeMarte...Courtesy of Juan Martinez

Hey Jenny on the Block, listen to the words comin' outta Dr. DeMarte's mouth: Jodi Arias does NOT HAVE PTSD. She has borderline personality disorder (BPD). According to DeMarte, here are the characteristics that identified Arias as BPD:

  • Quick-changing emotions - her emotions were up and down and ranged from happy to sad  in a short amount of time in her journal entries (and throw in her suicidal thoughts)...I love him, I hate him, I love him, I don't want to live, I hate him, I love him, I can't live without him, etc. 
  • Tendency to be dramatic - yeah like to the 1000th degree--wahh boohoo, I'm a crybaby, let me conjure up some fake tears...
  • Feelings of emptiness - DeMarte said Arias had feelings of emptiness inside her throughout her ENTIRE life (not just after she killed Travis)
  • Tendency to feel very angry and upset -- "inappropriate intense anger"--she had a lot of rage going the point of killing Travis and stabbing him 29 times! 
Hmmm, now let's look at her conversion to the Mormon faith (after only two months of meeting Travis). Dr. Demarte pointed this out which indicated "identity disturbance" - oh, look another symptom of borderline personality disorder. Imagine that!

Character assassination doesn't equal abuse: Travis called her names out of frustration and anger, and I tend to agree that there was  truth in his words - I concur that she is an evil devil. Dr. DeMarte talked about the heated conversation, between Alexander and Arias, was a result of the fact that she had crossed boundaries (like stalking and whatnot), and that's why his anger escalated throughout the conversation. That's not abuse - that's just getting pissed off someone who doesn't respect you and invades your personal space and privacy! I would be pissed too! To sum it up: Jodi Arias was NOT abused (how many more times can this be said?!!!) 

And Dr. Dick got his hand slapped again for his crappy testing protocol - according to DeMarte, he should NOT have filled out Arias' PDS answer sheet. Tsk tsk. 

Jurors Ask DeMarte ONLY 19 Questions - Translation: DeMarte is Actually a Credible Witness!

Here is a list of my favorite questions that were asked today by the jury:

Who is at risk for borderline personality disorder? 

  • Someone who was exposed to trauma and neglect in their life -  yes, Jodi Arias. Invalidation by parents and family members - yes, Jodi Arias

Do you think her "mark my words" statement and smiling during the interview means she has borderline personality disorder?

  • This is an example of her self-esteem and immaturity - this was an immature statement which is consistent with borderline personality disorder - yes, that would be Jodi Arias.
Here's a no-brainer:

If she would throw out a PDS test if the test taker lied and said a bear attacked them instead of a tiger a tiger really attacked them? 

  • Dr. DeMarte's answer: yes, she would throw out the results, because it was a different event. 
  • Tiger. Bear. Yeah, two different animals. You know... like this possible scenario:...a ninja intruder killed Travis (a lie) vs. Jodi killed Travis (the truth). 
The jurors also asked DeMarte about the camera: 

Do you think trying to delete photos and washing the camera was an attempt to destroy evidence?

  • DUHHH!!! YES!!! Of course, she was trying to destroy the evidence. Yeah, there goes the fog theory. Oh, darn that selective amnesia!
Other fun tidbits we learned today from Dr. DeMarte - add these to your notes, jurors:
  • Arias got the phone number of a dude she met on the airplane and called him RIGHT after she attended Travis' memorial service - oh yeah, she was really upset and sad about Travis!! 
  • She stole an engagement ring from Travis (that he bought for another woman).
Willmott continued to whine and attempt to discredit the validity of DeMarte tests (she got uppity with DeMarte at times, but DeMarte kept her cool!). Martinez asked more questions after the jury questions and he confirmed what we already know: DeMarte is a credible, valid psychologist who knows what she is talking about and Jenny on the Block is NOT Juan Martinez.

My observation of Jodi Arias throughout the day: she constantly looked pissed off as Dr. DeMarte talked. It was fun to watch. It is blatantly obvious that she does not like DeMarte...because she knows she is officially screwed now after this very compelling evidence that blew the lame defense witnesses' credibility outta the water. Oh yeah, and she doesn't like to hear a beautiful, composed, savvy, intelligent woman like Dr. DeMarte check off her laundry list of personality disorder symptoms. The steam was coming out of her ears and I just chuckled as the batshit crazy wheels kept turning inside her head! 

Please note: NOT all people who are diagnosed with personality disorders are violent criminals. Most people with borderline personality disorder are more of a danger to themselves, and are not a danger to society nor do they harm others. 

Court is recessed until next Tuesday!! Justice for Travis Alexander!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Does Willmott Really Call Dr. DeMarte the B Word? You Be the Judge!

I didn't catch this morning's testimony due to other real-life obligations. In true manipulative form, Arias faked one of her "migraines" this afternoon (why court was recessed early this afternoon). She was pretending to "look" sick and that puke-green shirt didn't help her sallow coloring either.

I think Arias just couldn't stand looking at DeMarte because she is prettier, smarter and more LOGICAL than Arias and her moronic defense team....and their lame witnesses. Not to mention, she is delaying the inevitable and stalling for time. If you are counting, this is her third "migraine" excuse she's pulled throughout the trial.

I had a lame Twitter idiot/Arias lover tell me that she didn't like my blog (thanks for the publicity) and that she didn't find a 30 year old psychologist to be a credible witness. I would take Dr. DeMarte's CREDIBLE, intelligent testimony over the team of Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest (Arias, Dick Samuels, and LaViolette). Enough said! 

This will be a short post tonight since I need to catch up with the trial highlights but I doubt I missed much - just the usual spewing of Willmott with her whiny voice trying to prove that DeMarte isn't a credible psychologist. Not gonna happen. You know, the voice that sounds like Charlie Brown's mother - wah wah wahwahwhwhwahahah!! 

Ohhh NO She Dinnttt...or Did She? 

The supposed "B word" bomb by Willmott is posted below - there is a hot debate that Willmott called DeMarte a bitch under her breath. I have listened to this clip repeatedly and I'm on the fence. I have good hearing and I'm not quite sure what she says. We discussed this clip in my Facebook group and the majority of the members think she does call DeMarte a bitch. 

You be the judge - what do you think

A big shout out to EggTree News Blog - this is a hilarious blog! If you want a really good laugh about the trial, check it out! So FUNNY! I couldn't stop laughing over the nicknames that the blogger gives the defense and Arias (especially Arias' nickname, Stabby). 

Here's an egg-cerpt from Egg-o's blog today:

"Jenny whined for a spell about DeMarte earning $300 an hour, which according to Jenny is indicative of secondary gain. Ironically, she, Heavy D Nurmi, and LaViolette all earn more, so she should probably stop her hypocritical song and dance about draining taxpayers (who are sitting on the jury, by the way).  She also suggested Janeen was not a qualified expert due to the absence of “lecturer” on her CV. Perhaps if she had toured to spread the word about battered Disney characters rather than treat patients, she would have more credibility with Team Cosmonaut. Try as she might to imitate barky Martinez, Catty Jenny just cannot rattle Janeen’s cage. "

We all need a good laugh (at the expense of batshit crazy killer Jodi Arias) as this trial moves along at a snail's pace, but let's remember what it's all about at the end of the day...JUSTICE FOR TRAVIS ALEXANDER and support for the Alexander Family!!

A huge SHOUT OUT to all my friends - you know who you are - in my social media circles who support and read my blog, and work hard to fight for justice! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Juan Martinez Fires Up With Star Expert Witness Dr. Janeen DeMarte: Buh-bye LaViolette & Samuels

So the defense rests and we finally got to listen to an actual credible "expert" psychologist today with actual knowledge about PTSD and has worked with domestic abuse victims. Would we expect anything less of Juan Martinez? The prosecution rocked it by bringing expert witness, Dr. Janeen DeMarte, to the stand on behalf of the State. Can you say KA-BOOM!??? In a mere two hours, Martinez basically blew LaViolette's and Samuels' bogus (and biased) testimony out of the water.

Here's a quick break down of how Dr. DeMarte shot down LaViolette and Samuels:

 Bogus PTSD Diagnosis Blown Out of the Water: Arias Suffers from BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)

1. Samuels did not follow professional protocol when he administered Arias' biased PSD test. It was a no-brainer and Samuels did not follow the test protocol: you give the patient the test and allow the patient (NOT Samuels) to fill in the bubbles. Hmm, yeah, Dr. DeMarte pretty much schooled Samuels, and in so many words (in a very professional way), she called Samuels an incompetent psychologist who skewed the test based on Arias' lies. Not a big shocker there. She went through the criteria step-by-step to show that Arias doesn't have PTSD based on the scoring - there goes that 69 score that doesn't even fall within the range of PTSD.

2. Newsflash: According to Dr. DeMarte (are you listening, Samuels and LaViolette?), you can't be diagnosed with PTSD based on a "made up event." For example, Martinez asked Dr. DeMarte if Arias could suffer from PTSD based on the ninja intruder story. Uhmmm no, it has to be a "real" event not based on a lie. Wow, talk about a logical answer - way to go, Dr. DeMarte! You win major bonus points for being intelligent and credible, and actually understanding how a PSD test is actually scored. Oh, damn, there goes the Pretend Traumatic Disorder Syndrome that Dr. Doofus diagnosed her with.

3. Dr. DeMarte diagnoses Arias with borderline personality disorder and talks about her "blunted affect" and how she doesn't show feelings of love. Oh wait, she did LOVE Travis but only after she killed him. DeMarte makes this very excellent point - that she only wrote about her love for Travis in her journal after the fact. Oh another big shocker! Arias is ONE big blunted affect. You only have to look at her on the stand.

4. Another reason she didn't have PTSD is that people who are clinically diagnosed have a "foreshortened sense of future" - basically, that means that PTSD patients don't drive to another state and sex it up with a different man the day after they kill their former boyfriend. DeMarte refers to Arias' journals and how she talks about all the men she courts. Courts? That's a very nice way of putting it (but then again, DeMarte has class unlike the other two joker defense witnesses). According to DeMarte, PTSD patients can barely function on a daily basis and Arias had no  problem holding down a job or fooling around with men after Travis was killed. Buh-bye bogus PTSD diagnosis by Samuels.

5. Not to mention, a person suffering from PTSD wouldn't put themselves in a  position to "relive" the traumatic event again. It's called avoidance which wasn't happening with Arias. She didn't avoid driving by his house or attending his memorial service. Uhm, nope, not PTSD and NOT Battered Woman Syndrome either. She blew that one out of the water as well - nope, Arias was not a battered woman.

Wilmott started her cross-exam and all I heard was blah blah are young and don't know what you are talking about. She made a condescending remark about Dr. DeMarte's age and noted that she wasn't probably born when LaViolette got her Masters degree. Lame. Wilmott is out of her league with this witness. She is doing her best to nit-pick her credentials and her youth/experience. Whatever, Wilmott. Good luck with that.

DeMarte Shines Through On Stand With Credible Testimony - Woot Woot!

DeMarte shot down the defense's experts' credibility in one fell swoop. Martinez knew exactly what he was doing when he put Dr. DeMarte on the stand. She was poised, professional, calm, cool and collected (even when annoying Wilmott cross-examined her). I'm sure Arias was NOT liking DeMarte as she furiously scribbled notes at the table (probably composing hate tweets to DeMarte - you're next, lady, I'm gonna flip you the bird in court muahhhh!)

The defense is definitely out of their league and it showed today with Juan Martinez's star expert witness. Thumbs up!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Nurmi Whines For Mistrial Motions AGAIN in Jodi Arias Trial & Judge Stephens Denies AGAIN

This week started off with a bang as Nurmi continued on his annoying broken "track" record by whining about Juan Martinez's "misconduct" (just because he signed a few autographs) and how he intimidated and screamed at defense witnesses, LaViolette and Samuels. Cry me a river. In usual classy Martinez fashion, he held his own and the motions were denied by Judge Stephens.

Defense Whines That Martinez Was Mean to LaViolette

Nurmi accused Martinez of being mean to the defense witnesses (especially LaViolette) - another reason why Nurmi wanted a mistrial. I wasn't too worried though. I knew Judge Stephens would deny the motions. Nurmi was desperate and grasping at straws and based on his whiny tone of voice in court today, it's clear that Nurmi is jealous of Martinez (and has a personal vendetta against him). Wahhh, boohoo, Nurmi, isn't a cool kid and people ask Martinez for his autograph. 

Yeah, hardly grounds for misconduct, so get over yourself, Nurmi It was just another sad pathetic attempt for Nurmi to get out of the trial: he doesn't want to be there so he desperately wants out which means begging every chance he gets for a mistrial. Not gonna happen!

Judge Stephens mentioned there was a fine line between "zealous advocacy" and professional misconduct but Martinez hadn't crossed any unethical lines - yeah, stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Nurmi! If anything, Martinez should complain about LaViolette and stick her with contempt of court for her rude outbursts on the stand. She was the one who has anger management issues and should be admonished - NOT Juan Martinez. 

Martinez Brings up Arias' Tweets Sent By Donovan Bering

Martinez walked a fine line and could have definitely been more harsh about Arias' tweets. He was calm, cool and collected as he mentioned how the tweeting behavior was considered unethical because she is technically still a witness and isn't supposed to be talking about the trial. Good call. But Martinez has a lot of class: he told Judge Stephens that he didn't want to be seen as "intimidating" Arias by investigating her Twitter account. So he let that one lie and Judge Stephens said she wouldn't move forward unless she had more evidence--this was the first time she had heard about Arias tweeting (via Donavan Bering). 

I applaud Judge Stephens for sticking to the letter of the law when it came to denying the motions for mistrial. She can sometimes be too wimpy but she held it together today by not granting the motion, and I think even she's tired of hearing Nurmi whine about Martinez. Wahhh, he's mean to me, wahhh!!

Like she pointed out, the jurors weren't present when all of this went moving on, people. They even brought Grace Wong (a producer for InSession) to the stand to testify that there were no jurors present outside the court room when Martinez signed autographs. How many MORE times can the defense whine about Martinez's popularity? He can't help it if people like him and loathe the defense!! Big score for the prosecution today!

More Bogus Evidence: Image Expert Called Back to Stand 

There was a hearing this morning and the defense brought back image enhancement expert witness, Bryan Neumeister, to discuss the supposed "images" that were reflected in Travis' eye. There have been tons of conspiracy theories circulating online and in the media about "who" was supposedly reflected in this image. Were there multiple people? Was Arias holding a gun or knife?The defense didn't bring up the Mormon theory but they were grasping at straws (AGAIN) to prove that Arias didn't have a knife or gun (as reflected per the image)--that she only held the camera in her hands. 

Martinez said he could see a dog in the photo - he proved the point that there is no way you could really tell WHAT was reflected in Travis' eye in the shower photo. You could ask ten different people and you would get ten different answers, according to Martinez, and I agree. It was a very lame attempt and I felt sorry for Travis family who had to listen to this load of crap. Who knows WHAT is reflected or NOT reflected in the photo? It's very subjective! It broke my heart as his sisters cried (probably because they were just a few feet away from Arias and had to look at the back of her she-devil head as they listened to Nurmi's lame ramblings!)

A lot of wasted time today in court!!! UGH! The lunch recess turned into two hours of waiting, with defense behind closed doors begging Judge Stephens to allow Neumeister to testify as a defense witness. Judge Stephens finally made the following statement around 3 pm MST and then took the evening recess. 

"Ms. Arias was not holding a knife or gun in her hands when exhibit 159 was taken… That photograph was taken on June 4, 2008 at 5:29:20." 

Stay tuned...court resumes tomorrow at 9:30 am MST.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jury Doesn't Buy Defense Circus Act: Alyce in La-La Land Gets Schooled by Jurors' Questions

THANK YOU jurors for asking such detailed questions to LaViolette today. You could just hear their skepticism in the questions, and they aren't buying any of her crap. Despite the late start time and an extra long lunch recess, we finally got to the juror questions this afternoon. While I still wanted to puke every time LaViolette opened her mouth, there were some doozies that the jurors asked. These jurors aren't stupid and they paid close attention to EVERY minute detail of LaViolette's testimony.

And Here Comes the Lying Questions...

The jury asked questions ranging from "did Jodi lie to protect her case?" to "is it possible that Jodi could have exaggerated her story of abuse?" Yes and YES!

  •  How confident are you that Jodi didn't lie to you? 
  • How were able to know that everything she told you was true if she lied in the past?
  • LaViolette: "I don't know if everything she told me was true."


All BS answers as LaViolette  swore up and down that Arias didn't lie to her about "significant" things. Oh, you  mean, like lying about the ninja intruders and how she changed her story about KILLING Travis Alexander? You  mean THOSE kinds of significant LIES!

NO & NO To The Abuse Questions!
Alyce in La-La Land was drilled about Travis ex-girlfriends:

Did any of them EVER report physical, emotional or verbal abuse?

That would be a BIG NO!!! Not one of his ex-girlfriends ever said that Travis abused them. Another good one: "Is there ANY evidence that she was physically abused other than her finger?" Uhmmm NO!

Was Jodi The Abuser? Uhmmm YES!
These jurors are asking the SAME exact questions I would ask. They dialed into Arias as the abuser and asked if possibly she could be the abuser and NOT Travis? Ding ding! But of course, LaViolette used her crappy biased excuse to say that she had plenty of "written" corroborative information to make a fair and accurate assessment.

Let's look at the evidence LaViolette DID NOT collect in  her assessment:
1. No interviews with the victim, Travis Alexander
2. No interviews with Travis' family, friends, colleagues, ex-girlfriends, etc.
3. NO verbal or written confirmation (besides Arias) from anyone that Travis EVER abused Arias - Travis never once badmouthed women or said mean things about ex-girlfriends in his own journal.
4. No interviews with Arias' family - the family that told Detective Flores that she is mentally unstable and freaked out on a regular basis!
5. NO interviews with Arias' ex-boyfriends. My guess is Arias blackmailed ex-boyfriend, Darryl Brewer, and told him he better say nice things about her or else! And I won't even go there with that bozo Matt McCartney. He's already lied so forget him as credible or trustworthy.

LaViolette's Credibility Goes Bye-Bye After Jury's Questions Today

LaViolette's credibility was shot out the window this afternoon. She still couldn't give a YES or NO answer which drove me nuts. But it was well worth the wait - the questions that shocked LaViolette were the piece de resistance of the entire day:

"Why did you look over at Jodi and smile at her?" 

"When asked about the Purple Plum, why did you look over and smile and shrug your shoulders at Jodi?"

Ohhh SNAP!! Goooooo Jury!

Not only were these awesome questions, but they threw some of that snark back on La-La Land Lady. LaViolette was a bumbling fool as she tried to the answer the question -she even threw up her hands at one point and said, "I really don't know how to answer that question." She gave a faux-innocent answer and said she was smiling at her friends in the audience - yeahhhh right!

Other questions tackled LaViolette's clear bias in her testimony - did she have personal feelings for Jodi or feel sorry for her? She babbled in her usual grating, annoying fashion and said that she did like her but established clear boundaries. Boundaries? That's a complete joke. Can you say Kool-Aid drinker? 

The jurors are NOT suckers! I LOVE this jury - they aren't buying LaViolette's crap AT all!!

Sidebar at the defense table: Arias put on her pretend sad face and then her mad face. It reminded me of the mad-sad face game I play with my two year-old niece. Look I'm sad, look I'm mad - wahhhhh! Talk about a big faker...And I'm NOT talking about the phone sex tapes either!

Did Someone Say Man Hater?
The questions got more pointed and direct as Judge Stephens read them out loud. Another favorite question was when she was asked about her bias towards male abusers. She tried to weasel out of that one by talking about her male colleagues, her sons, blah blah blah. No, LaViolette, you are a MAN hater and biased against Travis. If the jury asked those questions, then they can clearly see how much she dislikes men (including Juan Martinez).

And the best question of the afternoon...

"Is it possible that Jodi manipulated you like she manipulated others?"

DUHHH...YES!!! Of course, LaViolette said she didn't think Arias manipulated her. Wow, just WOW!

Dumb & Dumber:  Donavan Tweets Nasties About Juan Martinez & Nancy Grace

I LOVE what Mark Eiglarsh said about Jodi Arias tonight on HLN: "She has the first amendment right to be an idiot." I absolutely agree. I don't agree that Twitter is allowing Arias to tweet nasties through her ex-felon friend, Donavan Bering, who is even a bigger idiot than Arias for being her little pawn in Arias' sick and twisted game!

This is another desperate ploy from nutjob Arias - she is losing control and is trying to gain the upper hand. But how stupid she can be? It makes me laugh. Although, she is REALLY stupid to slander Juan Martinez - the very man who could send her to her death. She also slandered HLN and tweeted that she flipped the bird in court (on purpose) to Nancy Grace. I would pay money to see Nancy Grace in the same room with Arias and see her rip her to shreds - one can only hope!

The Kool-Aid drinkers continue to feel sorry for her and tweet their support (another bunch of crazies). These are the same vicious trolls and hackers who are stealing people's identities off Facebook and Twitter, and create fake social media accounts (they have gone so far as to steal children's pictures with bullying, insulting comments attached to them). There is one pro-Arias site that is white screening and nabbing people's ISP information--nice people, huh? Steer clear of these batshit crazy psychos. Not to mention these sites are making money off the clicks/views - do NOT visit these sites if you want to maintain  your privacy and safety. 

Crappy Doodles Alert - Arias' Artwork Seller Revealed!
One of my fellow Facebook group members (way to go, Gabriela Molino!) played detective today and found out that the person who is selling Arias' artwork is...wait for it...Arias' buddy and Maricopa County felon/parolee Sherri Tanner. She is also the same "Sherri" who sold Arias' crappy doodles on eBay which they can't sell anymore - oh, too bad! PS - thanks to all my supporters who signed my blog to urge eBay to shut down her art listings.

All kinds of crazy drama today with the trial today. We can only hope that the juror questions will get even better! It breaks my heart to watch the Alexander family in court. Justice WILL be served!

TRIAL SCHEDULE UPDATE! Court will be held on Friday from 9:30 - noon MST.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Alyce in Liar-Land: Domestic Violence "Expert" Verbally Slaps Murder Victim Travis Alexander & His Family

I apologize for not posting yesterday, but I was beyond frustrated with Alyce LaViolette's rude, disrespectful outburst that happened yesterday when she scolded Juan Martinez and told him that if he was in one of her groups she would have given him a time-out. While she was admonished by Judge Stephens to refrain from comments and outbursts like that, I think LaViolette should have been slapped immediately with contempt. Hope she is lawyered up because I have a feeling she might have legal troubles after this trial is finished!

Yesterday was the last straw with Alyce in Liar-Land. She is not only biased, but every time she opens her mouth she verbally slaps ALL domestic violence victims, the victim, Travis Alexander, and his family. The only thing that got me through the cross-exam was Juan Martinez who wouldn't let up and I'm grateful that Martinez continues to fight the good fight for Travis!

Here Comes the Big Slap: Travis Was Not Stalked By Jodi Arias

My heart broke when I saw Travis' sister, Samantha, sobbing in court. It enraged me that this supposed domestic violence expert can sit there on the stand and blatantly lie. What happened to professional ethics? What happened to being an HONEST and decent person?

I was contemplating who is the worse of the two and as much as I wasn't a fan of Dick Samuels, Alyce in Liar-Land beats him hands down. She is the Queen of Jodi Arias Kool-Aid Drinking and every word out of her lying, unethical mouth should be inadmissible...but the worst of today was when she denied that Travis was stalked.

Because Travis didn't report the incident to the police and did not get a restraining order, LaViolette came to her own conclusion that Travis was not stalked (despite all the damning text messages where Travis calls Arias a sociopath and says that "you only cry for yourself" - such true words!)

Travis told his friends that his tires were slashed and he told her IN the text messages that she was psychotic and she was the worst thing that ever happened to him!!! Arias slashed his tires twice and his girlfriend's tires. There is proof that SHE snuck in through his doggy door AND she told her dad that she went to his house and saw Travis, through the window, with another woman. She even told her dad they were going to get married - hello, reality called, and they want your insanity back, Crybaby!

Yeah, Alyce in Liar-Land, that's completely normal behavior. That's not stalking at at all. HELLO!!!! Her mom and dad admitted that their daughter was mentally stable and she would freak out all the time BEFORE she killed Travis!!!!!!!!

The zinger of the day from Martinez came after LaViolette says that Travis was not stalked because he never told authorities so Martinez counters with the argument Arias never called the police, or took pictures of her abuse or told anyone about the abuse...LaViolette says Arias' situation was different (oh but she told her liar ex-boyfriend, Matt McCartney).

Martinez fires back with: "Because one involves a man and one involves a woman?" 

The Spewing of Lies Continue...Arias Shot Travis in the Closet

The story changes once again! According to LaViolette, Travis was in the closet with Arias when she shot him. I hope the jury is paying attention to that HUGE lie. Miss Liar Pants can't keep her stories straight and her butt kisser witness took her bait hook, line and sinker!

Why Alyce in Liar-Land Should Never Be Allowed to Work with Domestic Violence Victims EVER AGAIN!

LaViolette is biased, unethical, defensive and has serious issues with men (case in point - Martinez's cross-exam). AND WHY can't she answer questions YES OR NO!!!?? It's really simple - it's either yes or no!  Her disgustingly rude behavior on the stand shows she is the ONE that needs anger management classes.

She is beyond obsessed with Arias and feels sorry for her - boo hoo! Shame on her for believing Arias' psychotic lies. Her career is beyond repair now - she has shown that she is NOT credible and she has 300 plus scathing reviews about her book on Amazon. What does that say? Can you say her reputation is toast?

She has no place speaking on behalf of domestic violence victims. She is a disgrace to ANYONE who has been abused - man or woman! She verbally beats up Travis over and over again with all her vomit-inducing lies. LaViolette has demonized Travis when the REAL demon sits right in front of her.

The fact that she leads groups of male abusers is VERY scary. She should not be doing ANY psychological work with anyone until she fixes her own problems. Her combative, rude, aggressive behavior on the stand shows she has serious issues.

She continues to verbally trash Travis' reputation and every word/lie she utters is a stab into the hearts of the Arias family. Was Jodi Arias killed? Is she the victim of abuse? NO, Jodi Arias murdered Travis. She is the ABUSER. Jodi Arias is alive and Travis is dead because she is a psychotic, cold-blooded killer. Travis is the victim and will always be the victim.

Shame on Alyce LaViolette...

For the mere price of $250 an hour, Alyce in Liar-Land sold her soul to the devil and her name is JODI ARIAS! 

These defense "expert" witnesses have proved to be the WORST, most unethical witnesses of ANY expert witnesses I have EVER seen in a murder trial.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Cross Exam Continues: Jail is Boring Says Biased Defense Witness LaViolette

As much as I love to hear Juan Martinez rail on hostile witness. Alyce LaViolette, I tuned out to her drivel on the stand. There were numerous times when LaViolette wouldn't answer the question, was defensive and sarcastically referred to Martinez as "Mr. Martinez" in a very demeaning, snarky way. Does that ring a bill? Looks like Team Jodi in action - first, we had to listen to Crybaby herself (which was a painful few weeks) and then Dick Samuels and now this very biased "expert" witness. I don't know why Judge Stephens hasn't held her in contempt of court. Martinez asked the judge many times to make her answer the question because she was being unresponsive. I'm sure the defense coached her on how to attempt to get under Martinez's skin but after today, it looks like Martinez bats 10 and LaViolette bats zero.

Unbelievable Comment of the Afternoon: "Jail is Boring"

Martinez worked his usual prosecutor's magic and slipped her up every chance he got - between her lack of credibility and her bias towards Arias. Martinez brought up the good 'ole "why did you send her books in jail?" questioning today. Oh poor Alyce LaViolette, she felt so sorry for poor Crybaby that she had to send her books because...wait for it..."jail is boring." Ohhhh wah, I'm sorry that jail isn't a five star luxury resort complete with free Wi-Fi acces. Are you freakin' kidding me? I laughed when she made that comment. Well, there is a simple solution to that - don't murder someone in the first place and then you won't find yourself in jail. The last time I checked jail was a place where people did time for a know like slashing someone with a knife 29 times and shooting someone...and slitting a person's throat until they are almost decapitated.

Once again, the spotlight focuses on Crybaby Arias - the real victim is TRAVIS!!

She Didn't Want to Invade Jodi Arias' Personal Space...Can You Say Biased?

I'll say this once again - Arias' diaries are ONE BIG FAKE! Oh poor Crybaby, LaViolette had to actually do her job and read her diaries and personal texts and emails and she felt so bad that she apologized to Arias for invading her personal space. The day she murdered Travis Alexander is the day she lost ANY and ALL of her personal space. Not to mention, LaViolette was reading Arias' concocted fiction (especially those journals) based on her psychotic lies.

Also, what is up with court starting so late? It's called stop wasting taxpayers' money, defense!

My summary of the day: Juan rocked it as usual and LaViolette was fumbling and stumbling and she also had bits of "foggy" memory throughout the day. Another big whine fest from Wilmott and I don't know what was up with Nurmi half the day - he looked lost in La-La land. 

Stay tuned tomorrow as Martinez continues to cross-examine LaViolette. I hope she gets off the stand soon because I'm tired of hostile testimony and she needs to get over herself like yesterday. She is NOT all that and a bag of chips! It's clearly obvious she does not like men questioning her (hmmm doe THAT sound familiar?) and most definitely, she does NOT like Martinez but Martinez handled Arias and Dick Samuels with his usual guts and gusto, so he can definitely handle her snarky 'tude.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ding Ding...And the Winner Is... Juan Martinez & LaViolette Duke It Out This Afternoon

Epic Showdown with Martinez: LaViolette Becomes Hostile Witness During Cross Examination 

Oh snap! Major drama on the stand when Juan Martinez, in his usual take-no-prisoners style, came out with guns blazing when he cross-examined LaViolette. Talk about a hostile witness! LaViolette asked Martinez, "Mr. Martinez, are you angry at me?" which prompted inappropriate laughter in the courtroom. At least, Judge Stephens stepped in and told the gallery to refrain from laughter.

LaViolette had man hater written all over her. Her snark and her refusal to answer yes or no really fired up Martinez. Yup, some verbal brawlin' going down this afternoon. Martinez pointed out that LaViolette doesn't have PhD and had to rely on others who have more "schooling and credentials" to make her battered woman conclusion. Martinez also brought up an excellent point that the DSM-IV has NO diagnosis of battered woman so she can't really give Arias a clinical diagnosis. I have a feeling that Martinez has lots of tricks up his sleeve for next week!

Snow White Was a Battered Woman - Say What?!

Martinez also brings up LaViolette's public presentation titled "Was Snow White a Battered Woman?". Martinez tells the story of Snow White and how she was abused/not treated nicely by her evil stepmom. He makes a correlation between this mythical fairy tale and how LaViolette basically fabricated/came to her own deduction that Snow White was abused...just like she came to her own "conclusion" (false conclusion, at that) that Arias was a battered woman. Of course, LaViolette continues to argue with Martinez and tells him he took her presentation out of context, blah blah blah. 

Yeah, talk to the hand, LaViolette. We had to listen to your crap all week and now it's time for Martinez to do his prosecutor 'thang he does so well! 

Martinez was off to a good start, despite LaViolette's hostile 'tude with him. Sound and look familiar, folks? I personally think Stephens should hold her in contempt of court for asking Martinez that question about being angry at her. Martinez wasn't too thrilled about that question but I could see that he backed off a little. I'm sure social media will be blowing up and whining about how Martinez was too harsh -- he did exactly what he needed to do to set his precedent today with cross-exam. I'm sure there will be more fireworks next week as he continues cross-examining LaViolette. 

Martinez didn't have much time this afternoon because LaViolette and Wilmott wasted MORE of our precious time with rambling testimony based on lie after lie. 

The Defense Has Forgotten the Real Victim...Travis Alexander! 

 I can't believe LaViolette is supposedly a domestic violence expert but she continues to slam the real victim of violence, Travis. Martinez set it up well by showing that she really doesn't know what she's talking about because of her lack of credentials/doesn't have a PhD. She basically interviewed Arias for 44 hours and then based the rest of her "testimony" on other crap she read and Arias' fake journals where she talks about what a big LOSER she is, can't move up with PPL, wah wah (tell us something we don't know, Crybaby!)  

I don't know HOW Dick Samuels and LaViolette sat there, in good conscience, and testified this crap based ALL on lies and hearsay. La Violette said in her "expert opinion" that Arias was a battered woman - really? A one-sided story from Arias based on her lies? Juan knocked that one out of the park with cross-exam by nit-picking her credentials and drilling her about Arias' journals  - what negative things did she say in her journals? Guess that Law of Attraction wasn't working all that great for her because she was negative and her journal entries weren't all sunshine and light! 

No wonder LaViolette's book has received over 250 one-star reviews on Amazon. Lots of people dissing on her, her lack of credentials, and claiming she makes a mockery of REAL domestic violence victims - I agree!

Arias' Battered Woman Sham Exposed
Arias also claimed that she was choked until she passed out. My theory is that she choked herself out on purpose so she could blame Travis at a later date - more BS lies.

You don't need a PhD or a Bachelor's degree...or live in a van down by the river... to figure out that she was NOT a victim of domestic violence - she was the abuser, not Travis: 

1. Arias never photographed any bruises or injuries to document her abuse. Her abuse is ALL hearsay. Her poser ex-boyfriend, Matt McCartney was the only one Arias supposedly told about the alleged abuse. He is the LAST person I would trust! 

2. In the interrogation tapes, Arias couldn't stop talking about how GREAT Travis was - he loaned her money, she was going to buy his car, he was so "awesome"...she talked about him in the present tense like he was still alive (very creepy!) 

3. Did LaViolette EVER question these supposed ex-girlfriends who claimed Travis wasn't nice to them? Sounds like make-believe names/girlfriends to me! It's all based on Arias' fake journal entries and 44 hours of pure fiction (aka LIES) 

Did she ever meet him? Counsel him? Observe him? No, No, No and NO!!! How can she claim that Arias was a battered woman when she NEVER talked to Travis or heard his side of the story? All biased BS!

Bombshell from Nancy Grace!
She mentioned tonight on her show that Arias attacked her cell mate and also claimed self-defense, and has seven jailhouse disciplinary actions against her. Stolen pens were found in her cell and 19 unauthorized pictures. I'm guessing the pens are for her crappy art doodles. As for the pictures, I don't even want to know! All the people who have wronged her? 

Travis Compares Arias to Hitler ...But Says She is WORSE
LaViolette attempted to turn Travis' text messages against him as she read aloud text messages that were sent to Arias by Travis. Travis' words tell the REAL story - he finally saw her true colors and KNEW she was a psychotic stalker. 

I just smiled as LaViolette read the messages. Travis calls Arias a liar, a sociopath, she's evil, and says she is the WORST thing that has ever happened to him and tells her he was nothing more than a dildo with a heartbeat  to her (no doubt!). She only cared about herself and he even compares her to Hitler: "Hitler had more of a conscience than you do." 

Uhmmm, when you bring Hitler into a conversation and tell a person that they are WORSE than the world's most evil, Satan-spawned dictator, that's pretty chilling and speaks of all kinds of crazy named Jodi Arias! But according to LaViolette it was ALL Travis - he had the bad temper, he was the monster, he was aggressive, sexually manipulated her, blah blah, and he called her all kinds of meanie names - wahhhh. Yet her own family calls her mentally unstable and friends called her mom in the middle of the night because Arias was "freaking out!" 

Character Assassination: You Really Want to Go There, LaViolette?
Because Travis called her a "pure whore" (sorry, but I agree with his astute observation!), LaViolette said he was assassinating her character. Here's a word-o-the-day for you: assassination.
Assassination is the murder of a prominent person or political figure by a surprise attack, usually for payment or political reasons.A person who commits such an act is called an assassinAn assassination may be prompted by religious, ideological, political, or military motives; it may be carried out for the prospect of financial gain, to avenge a grievance, or from the desire to acquire fame or notoriety (that is, a psychological need to garner personal public recognition).

Surprise attack - check! Personal public recognition - check! Assassin: Jodi Arias. Travis Alexander was MURDERED. And it's HIS character that is repeatedly assassinated thanks to these idiotic biased defense "expert" witnesses and Arias herself.

She's an Innocent Porn Star: The Oxymoron of the Century

The funniest statement made today by LaViolette was that Arias was an innocent porn star - how is that even possible? Based on her sexual escapades and according to the LDS Church, innocent isn't what comes to mind. Arias ONLY wishes she could be porn star but innocent?! 

Let's take a look at the word innocent:

Innocent means NOT guilty of a crime or offense. The word innocent does NOT and never will be applicable to this she-devil murderess. LaViolette even talks about poor Arias' shame with the nude photos. Oh yeah, she was forced to take pictures - the pictures were probably HER idea. Their sexual relationship was an adult consensual relationship - that's already been proven!

PS - Juror #5 was in the court room today - I think this was inappropriate since the juror was kicked out due to misconduct!

Have a good weekend....court resumes on Monday 9:30 am MT.