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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cutting Through Arias' Fog & Lies: Arias Admits to Shooting & Stabbing Travis Alexander

Thursday, February 28 - BOMBSHELL AFTERNOON!!! 

Arias Admits to Shooting and Stabbing Travis...and Cutting His Throat Ear-to-Ear

I was glued to my chair today as Martinez continued with his heavy-hitting cross examination. I don't even know where to begin - this afternoon's testimony is what I've been waiting for since Arias took the stand!

Arias Has Foggy Memory Yet Remembers Throwing Gun Away in Desert

After today's testimony, Jodi Arias reminds me of Ted Bundy..reincarnated as a woman. Scary!

Martinez continues to walk us through the crime scene and nails Arias on taking the gun from the crime scene. He shows how she altered the crime scene on purpose to save her skin. The theme of the afternoon (and word-o-the-day) was Arias' FOG.. While Arias cannot remember stabbing Travis 29 times and slitting his throat, she can recall details BEFORE and AFTER she stabs him - how convenient! Arias tells Martinez: "things get very foggy from there." Martinez asks Arias if she was in this black out fog, why would she ever think of taking the gun from the crime scene? She obviously wasn't in a fog if she took the GUN! 

After her smug, condescending attitude throughout the week, Martinez becomes annoyed with her flip answers and FINALLY asks her point blank if she has an attitude problem - oh, SNAP!

Martinez hits the nail on the evidence head when he mentions the stolen gun from her grandparents' house. The burglary at her grandparents' home in Yreka, Calif. takes place on May 20, 2008 - one month before Travis' murder in Mesa, AZ on June 4, 2008. Of course, she denies it and claims she recognized it as Travis' gun (even Martinez played the Det. Flores tape when she tells him that Travis never owned a gun...hmmm).

Martinez produces a detailed schematic of the crime scene which was very powerful. He also shows a photo of  Travis' closet. Ironically, the shelf was really high. At 5'5, the closet was a lot taller than her and she would have to climb onto another shelf to retrieve the gun. The gun wasn't in plain sight. Another shady story  that doesn't add up.

Arias Remembers the Knife...Barely
Concerning the knife, the only thing she remembers is screaming (she claims she has amnesia during the actual stabbing) AND then she drops"the knife" and watches it clatter to the tile floor in the bathroom. Then she takes the gun from Travis house, doesn't remember HOW she gets to the desert or driving her car...and then voila, she "comes to" again and remembers throwing the gun away in the desert. Then there's the rope...big shocker - she doesn't remember taking that with her either. Sound familiar? Like a really bad soap opera plot!! She's a BAD actress.

Did You Believe You Did Something Wrong to Travis?
Martinez did not let up on Arias this afternoon and the tears fall when he asks Arias if she did something wrong to Travis and she admits with a sniffly yes.

See the most compelling statements and questions from Martinez below. He cracked this psychopathic stalker wide OPEN and despite her fake tears, Martinez broke her down today:

This Morning

Were you crying when you stabbed him?
Arias: I don't remember

You were the one who did this?
Arias: Yes

Versus This Afternoon...

Were you crying then when you cut his throat? Take a look then (referring to crime scene photo of Travis' slit throat). Were you the same individual who lied about it? 
Arias: Yes.

Should we count the stab wounds together? 
Arias starts the waterworks and says she doesn't want to count the wounds or look at the photo.

If he was being stabbed in the back, would you acknowledge that he is of NO threat to YOU? 
Arias cries: Yes.

Wouldn't you agree that you are the person who slit Mr. Alexander's throat from ear-to-ear?
Arias cries: Yes.

Would you also agree that you are the individual that stabbed him in the upper torso? 
Arias cries: Yes.

Other highlights from this afternoon:

Arias physically demonstrates how Travis crouched down like a linebacker and lunges after her when the gun "accidentally" goes off and she shoots Travis in the face. Wait for it...but she doesn't remember looking at him or doesn't remember any blood after she shoots him.

- Arias fakes her tears on the stand - what a shocker! She didn't show one sign of remorse, despite the waterworks. I went back and watched the video of her when Martinez wants her to look at the pictures of Travis' stab wounds and slit throat. As she takes off her glasses, she shows a clear sign of duping delight. She slyly peeks behind her fingers and smiles while looking at the photos. That's both scary and disturbing!

No Jury Would Ever Convict Me

Martinez wrapped up his cross-exam on a high note and played the infamous Inside Edition clip and showed that she lied about her "innocence" and went public with her convoluted ninja intruder stories...and called her out on the fact that she NEVER 'fessed up to killing him - never told the police the truth or Ryan Burns about killing Travis. Martinez also plays the voicemail message that she leaves for Travis after she kills him. He asks Arias: why would you send a voicemail message to a dead man?  

And the reason she lied? Arias admits that she lied about the interviews and left the voicemail in order to save her butt from going to jail. Looks like that didn't work out very well for her!

Martinez makes her read the email that she sent to Travis after she killed him. Her performance was completely ridiculous. She barely reads a few sentences and then the histrionics start complete with fake crocodile tears. My theory: she felt cornered and was trying to play on the sympathies of the jury so she turned on the waterworks. Sorry, Arias, but your jig is up - we don't buy those tears for a second and neither will the jury! 

To quote Nancy Grace, the defense took a HUGE gamble putting Arias on the stand and it's not paying off for them. Martinez showed clearly today that Arias is a cold-blooded killer who had no qualms covering up her lies about killing Travis.

Martinez's closing is going to be a show-stopper!

Morning Update

Wow, what a morning in court! We are finally at the crime scene and Martinez is finally getting down to the nitty, gritty details of the day Travis Alexander was murdered. I was fired up and with coffee in hand, I took lots of notes while I watched, tweeted about the trial, and rapid-fire chatted with my fellow Facebook group members. We are all rooting for Travis, and want JUSTICE for him and his family. 

Martinez Reveals Detailed Schematic of Crime Scene: What Really Happened in the Shower 

My head is spinning after watching Juan Martinez cross-exam Arias this morning. Martinez was on fire as he questioned Arias about taking pictures of Alexander in the shower and played the Det. Flores interrogation tape over and over again (played it four times) to refresh Arias' "fuzzy" memory.

But the smirks and snarky attitude stopped quickly this morning when Martinez brought up a schematic of the crime scene. He asked Arias to point out exactly where Alexander body slammed her and reminded her that she knew the exact position of her head so she wasn't having any "memory" problems at that point. Martinez brought up excellent points: Alexander was in excellent physical shape and was a former wrestler. If he was that angry and snapped, as Arias testified this morning, he could have easily run after her down the hall and tackled her, but he never ran after her! There was a lot of back and forth with semantics and Arias pulled her usual "I don't know or I can't remember" stunt. Arias claimed she got the wind knocked out of her but she obviously wasn't having any breathing difficulties if she could get up and supposedly "run" away from Alexander. Lots of holes in her story that Martinez cracked wide open this morning!

Arias Breaks Down On Stand: Hangs Head & Cries When Forced to Look at Shower Photo

Martinez was spot-on with his strategy and I held my breath as he led Arias straight into the lion's mouth with his scene of crime cross-exam. All bets were off - and so was the snarky 'tude from Arias - when he showed the picture of Travis slumped down in the shower. Wham - that's when the waterworks started! Arias covered her eyes with her hands, then looked down as her hair covered her face, and cried. She couldn't bring herself to look at the photo OR answer Martinez's questions. It was the most compelling and the most damning moment of the cross-exam --what I've been waiting for all week!!

Right before Stephens adjourned court for the lunch recess, Martinez did not hold back with his barrage of hard-hitting questions - that made Arias deal face-to-face with the fact that she killed Travis in a horrific and heinous way:

"Were you crying when you shot him or when you stabbed him or when you were cutting his throat?" She peeped out a pathetic, "I don't remember," as she sat on the witness stand crying and hung her head. 

I'm not sure if her tears were fake or real, but she looked more defeated and tired today compared to other days this week. I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting for what's in store this afternoon...more grisly crime scene photos. While I think it's awful that Travis' family has to be reminded of the heinous way he was murdered, Martinez needs to shove these horrific pictures in her face.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Math Doesn't Add Up for Jodi Arias: Cross-Exam Filled with More Sex, Lies Busted & Compelling Evidence

Great running commentary about the trial today in my group AND I got a few direct tweets  from HLN's Nancy Grace

Afternoon Update - Wednesday, February 27

Many Faces of Jodi Arias...And She Doesn't Know How to Do Simple Math 

Histrionics much, Jodi Arias? Lots of that going on today in the Jodi Arias trial this afternoon.

The biggest upset from this afternoon was Martinez who proved that Arias doesn't know how to do simple math. Arias borrowed gas cans from an ex-boyfriend and filled up BEFORE driving to Arizona, because she didn't want to buy gas during the trip. Wait for it...because she only had $200 for her trip budget.

So let's do some simple math here, folks. Martinez hypothetically lays out the scene and shows, once again, that Arias is lying through her teeth. Math is not my strong suit, but even a first-grader could figure out the math:

#1: Arias fills up gas cans in California...hmmm, as a northern Californian, the gas in California is more expensive compared to Utah or Arizona. And the last time I checked there are gas stations along the way to Arizona, but Arias thought she would save a few bucks.

This is when Arias' math logic starts to get wonky:

#2 Martinez lays out this hypothetical scenario (there is evidence that she bought gas during her trip):

  • Jodi buys 12 gallons of gas $4/gallon = $48
  • Then she fills up again with another 12 gallons $4/gallon = $48
  • Jodi fills up three gas cans in California = $85

Let's add up the numbers...a whopping $181 yet she only had $200 for her total trip budget...including food and incidentals? Yeah, she was really saving money with the gas cans AND she filled up the gas cans in California...HOW is that saving money?

Arias Grinned and Smirked While Phone Sex Tape Plays in Courtroom
While she hung her head in shame and cried during the direct, Arias grinned and smirked while Martinez grilled her about details of the phone sex tape. More excerpts from the 48 Hours interview and lots from the recorded sex phone tape were played again in court. The evil look and smirks on her face were disturbing - does she think that killing someone is a JOKE? Once again, she acts like she is the prosecuting attorney and not Martinez.

Here's a snippet that shows that Arias was definitely a willing party in their kinky sex games and fantasies, including Arias dressing up like a school girl complete with pigtails: 

You did enjoy dressing up though, right?" Martinez asked.
"Um, yes," Arias replied.
"It was a consensual mutual relationship sexually speaking, wasn't it?" Martinez prodded.
"Yes, always," Arias said.
"No indication that you were offended?" the prosecutor continued.
"Correct," Arias replied.
(Source: Silicon Valley Mercury News) 

Scene of the Crime: Ma'am, What's Up With The Rope, Knife, and Gun? 
Martinez took us to the scene of the crime and brings up the gun, rope, and knife. During their sex-capades, the rope was used to tie up Arias - which was loosely tied around her wrists that she easily slipped out of - no need to cut the rope with a knife!

Martinez played the recorded conversation between Arias and Detective Flores. Arias tells Flores that "no, Travis never had a gun!" Hmmm, so the gun in the closet didn't exist, huh? Can you say pre-meditation?

Arias' Scrambled Brain Syndrome
In one breath, she accuses Travis of being an aggressive, womanizing bully who forced her to engage in kinky, degrading sexual acts, and allegedly choked her until she passed out. But in the the next breath, she is gushing over him in the 48 Hours interview and praises him for being loving and thoughtful. She admitted to Martinez that she lied to the reporters about her twisted stories. Her details about the ninja intruders played out like a really bad Lifetime movie.

The most damning words out of Arias' mouth today - when Martinez asks her if she lied in the interviews and how her stories changed between the 48 Hours and Inside Edition interviews.

"I couldn't keep my stories straight."

No, you can't, Arias, and that's clearly obvious after Martinez's cross-examination this afternoon.

Martinez left off at the scene of the crime this afternoon so I am anxious to see what happens tomorrow morning...last day of trial for this week! Trial begins on Thursday, 9:15 am PDT / 12:15 pm EDT

Wednesday, February 27 - Morning Update 

Juan Martinez reigned it back in today with Arias, who graced us with her lying presence after her migraine attack (can you say fake?) yesterday afternoon.

Martinez shot down her lies - AGAIN - with compelling evidence that included more excerpts from the 48 Hour interview and the infamous phone sex recording. I'm over the sex details (felt like puking in my coffee as I listened), but Martinez needed to trip her up with her lies. If Arias was an abused victim, why did she revel and get into the phone sex fantasy play? He shot her down over and over this morning.

Yes, Another Bout With Selective Amnesia
It wouldn't be a Jodi Arias cross-exam without her selective amnesia and her routine of "I don't know and I don't remember." Martinez asked her again if she had memory problems and Arias whined that it was the way he was questioning her. She needs to put on her big girl panties and just answer YES or NO. Martinez was more controlled today and didn't give into her passive-aggressive nonsense that she pulled yesterday.

The Rental Car Evidence
Martinez questioned her about renting a car in Redding, which is a far distance from Yreka, in northern California. He peppered her with questions about the nosy small town of Yreka and why did she go all the way to Redding to rent a car? By the way, don't rent a red car. She also put on her police hat and tried to school Martinez in the way of California traffic laws. Uhmmm, the last time I checked Arias wasn't  a cop. If she was, she would have done a better job of covering up the forensics evidence that was left behind in Travis' that bloody hand print she left on the wall.

The tone of the testimony feels more controlled and less chaotic today...on Martinez's end. However, Arias continued to smirk and smile when the phone sex tap recording was played. Does she think killing Travis Alexander was a big joke? I highly doubt she'll be smiling when she's sitting on Death Row! Her smirks and smiling is beyond disrespectful, not only to the court, but to Travis' Alexader's family and friends.

I write these posts in honor of Travis - I want to see justice served! Stay tuned for more highlights of the cross-examination - will write more after the afternoon session is recessed! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

UPDATE Tuesday Afternoon: When Did Jodi Arias Attend Law School? Arias Tries to Take Over Cross-Examination

UPDATE Tuesday Afternoon - Trial Adjourns Early Because Arias Doesn't Want to Answer Questions...aka She Has a "Migraine

Newsflash!!! Wahhh, poor Jodi Arias! She a had migraine this afternoon and forgot to eat her bologna sandwich and whines to Nurmi to get her off the stand. Court is recessed until tomorrow. It's her own fault that she didn't's called extra strength aspirin! If anything, she gave me a MIGRAINE with her whiny, passive-aggressive tantrums today.

Arias Admits to Liking Kinky Sex & KY Jelly - Who Cares?
The afternoon was filled with more sex, lies, and videotape...of her 48 Hours Interview. The interview clip showed Jodi talking about what a good, kind, and considerate person Travis was (her words, not mine). That doesn't sound like a callous abuser to me! The sex details were just too much and my lunch churned in my stomach as I listened to her afternoon testimony - everything you ever wanted to know about KY Jelly and then some!

Arias Name Drops Married Woman on Stand
Arias acted passive-aggressive, and fought with Martinez throughout the day. She still claims she can't remember anything and dimes out a married woman who supposedly sexually flirted with Travis. Said married woman disses Arias on HLN tonight and calls her out on Arias' lies and cleared her name AND Travis' name.

Stay tuned...Will Martinez go for the jugular and wrap it up tomorrow? 

UPDATE Morning Testimony

My head seriously hurts after this morning's cross-examination. I don't know what's going on with Judge Sherry Stephens but she is not doing her job very well. She allowed Arias to have a temper tantrum on the stand while Martinez cross-examined her. She did overrule Nurmi so she was doing something, but she needs to gain better control of her court room and needs to have a chat with Arias about her snarky, disrespectful comments. I hope the jurors are paying close attention to her crazy antics on the stand - she's not winning points with the jury!

Round and Round Arias & Martinez Go

The highlight of the morning is when Arias whines that Martinez is going in circles and tells him "you went off track." Hmm, the last time I checked Arias was NOT the prosecuting attorney - she is on trial not Juan Martinez. My theory is that Arias does not like any man controlling the situation so her sweet and innocent act is cracking wide open now - not to mention all her lies.

It was an annoying morning as Arias continued with her selective amnesia - ughhhh! Martinez asked her about her memory problems and she made a comment about her internal mental problems concerning her memory - that's some telling testimony right there!

Duping Delight is Front & Center with Arias 

The condescending smirks showed clear signs of duping delight - when one seeks a thrilling delight in getting away with a lie and pulling the wool over someone else's eyes.

Arias is doing a good job of annoying the jury with the stunts she pulled this morning. I wonder if Nurmi has schooled Arias in courtroom etiquette. That's highly doubtful based on her body language and how she reacted to Martinez this morning. The comments are flying on social media that Martinez is badgering Arias but I think it's the other way around.

Arias clearly thinks she's the prosecuting attorney - how dare Martinez ask her probing questions to expose her lies? 

I need to take some aspirin before I dive into this afternoon's testimony...I'm going to need it.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Martinez's Cross Exam: Only Jodi Arias & God Knows...That She's Lying

A big shout-out to my fellow members in my Facebook group! They kept me entertained and updated with their running commentary throughout the trial today. We watched and shared comments as Martinez slogged through Arias' continued pathetic attempt to save herself from the death penalty.

Update from Afternoon Session - Monday, February 25

Arias Can't Outsmart The Prosecution 

Martinez continued with his A game this afternoon, but Jodi was starting to show her psychopathic tendencies to the jury and Martinez didn't cut her a break - he piled on the questions and punctuated each question with his signature resounding, Right, ma'am?

He introduced strong evidence in the way of Arias' incriminating 48 Hours interview where she addresses why she smiled in her creepy mug shot. I had not seen this interview so I was blown away by her gall, especially when she jokes in the interview that if Travis had been arrested and in her same predicament, he would smile in his mug shot and think it was funny. Worst line from the interview: "Smile and say cheese!" Ewwww.

The most compelling statement this afternoon from Martinez - after Arias talks about nicking her wrist with a razor and wahhhh, it hurt: 

Arias Consoles Travis' Grandma with Flowers

 The interview was a huge slap in the face to Travis Alexander's family and it broke my heart to witness her callous, smiling face while she made it sound like she had Travis' best interest at heart, including her eerie description of how she brought Travis' grandma irises to console her because Travis liked the name Iris - if they were to have a girl. She explained that she and Travis had discussed baby names they liked, because some day they were going to have kids.

Take it one step further: after she kills Travis and pretends she doesn't know he is dead, she tells an acquaintance that her kids and Jodi and Travis' future kids could play together at the park some day. That's just creeeepyyyyyy AND sick!

Not to make light of the the trial, but Arias had many laughable quotes today and I could feel her cold, calculating deceit oozing from her soulless eyes and "soft killer voice."

Can You Say Sybil?
Here's a sampling of Arias' answers from today's testimony. One of my Facebook group member referred to her outrageous behavior on the stand as Sybil-esque: that's the understatement of the century!

Arias was spewing her usual bizarre illogical answers and she threw in her "I don't know, I don't recall and I can't remember" whenever she lapsed back into her amnesia. She really could give a soap opera actress a run for her money with the "fuzzy memory" story line.

49 Hours Tape Exposes Pack of Lies 

The evidence that Martinez presented today clearly shows that her soap opera act won't land her a leading movie role anytime soon (can you say bad actress?) Her 48 Hours and Inside Edition interviews were just a public smokescreen to cover up the fact that she needed an alibi and what better to do that than to go  on TV! What a concept! She didn't want anyone to know she killed Travis so she spun a big fat lie to the media and even lied to Travis' poor grandma. What kind of horrible person does that? Obviously, one bad dye job blonde named Jodi Arias.

Zingers from today's testimony: 

  • When Martinez asks Arias what was going through her mind after she was arrested for Alexander's murder in July 2008, she responds: only God knows that. Martinez fires back with: "God is not here. We can't subpoena him." Oh snap, Martinez! 
  • Jodi was extra whiny and annoying this afternoon. Her sociopathic veneer slowly cracked as she huffed to Martinez: "You are overtalking me! I told you what I know!" Rrhhhh, there goes the claws! Her waterworks were on this afternoon and I wasn't buying any of her tears.
  • Arias proves once again that she has selective amnesia when it comes to details and she has to rely on other people to jog her feeble memory: "I was not on the stand 8 days, it was 9 - someone told me."
My Favorite Highlight 

Martinez submits another one of Arias' journal entries as evidence - another good call! There is NO written mention of abuse whatsoever and Martinez points out that Jodi loves Travis' lip which she gushes about in her journal and also calls him sweetie and baby in text messages and journal entry, but hey, where's the proof, Arias? She loves his lip but not his "backhand," according to Martinez and asks her: 
  • Did she see a doctor? 
  • Was there a medical report? 
  • Did she call the police and report the abuse? 
  • Photographs of bruises or cuts (the broken/cut finger lie was blown out of the water AGAIN!)? 
  • Written documentation in her journal or ANY written proof for that matter? 
It was a big resounding NO straight from Arias' lips!! She flubbed around for answers - making excuses that she couldn't write about it and didn't want anyone to know. If I was dating someone who beat me, I would be calling the cops or taking pictures and/or writing the details in my journal - in case anything happened to me! 

But she does claim she had a cell phone conversation supposedly with shady ex-boyfriend Matt McCartney - who has already been called out for his lies- and tells him about the bruises. But did McCartney actually see her physical bruises? Arias replies with a weak no. The proof is in the pudding and Jodi doesn't have any, according to Martinez.

Martinez proved today that he's not messing around and Arias better quickly drop that snark and start showing more respect. She is beyond disrespectful  to Travis' family and Martinez with her rude comments and haughty attitude when answering Martinez's questions: a tell-tale sign of a sociopath.  Martinez showed the jury and audience members today exactly why he is one of the toughest prosecuting attorneys in Arizona, and Arias better remember that before she gets too big for her britches. 

Arias' cross-examination continues on Tuesday morning. The trial resumes 9:30 PDT / 12:30 EDT. 

The Oscar Goes To...Jodi Arias - Worst Actress in a Dramatic Role - Live Blog Update

I was going to wait until the end of the day to post my summary of today's cross-examination of Jodi Arias by Juan Martinez, but after the post-Oscars hoopla from last night, I couldn't resist the Oscars dig on Arias.

February 25, 2013 
Monday morning's testimony - summary of Jodi Arias' weepy whine-fest: 

Juan Martinez brought his A game and then some. He railed into Arias and peppered her with questions that clearly tripped her up and brought on the waterworks (see title of today's blog!) Her acting is for the birds and it's growing tiresome. She continues to lie and whine about her selective amnesia.

Her speech in this morning's testimony consisted of the following: "I don't know, I can't remember, I don't recall"  and Martinez did an awesome job of showing the jury why he is one of Arizona's toughest prosecuting attorneys (he already has a female death penalty case under his belt - and he won!)

The broken finger conversation came up again this morning , and her answers to Martinez's questions were laughable. Arias couldn't get her stories straight - it was the right hand, no, it was the left hand...wait, she doesn't remember, did she cut her hand? Break her finger? Huh, who's on first?

Her snarky, smug facial expressions soon turned to weepy actress, and as one fellow Facebook group member pointed out, Arias brought on her soft "killer" voice (thanks Mike!) It's like watching the worst soap opera actress in the worst soap opera that was ever made. Like nails on a chalkboard - ouch, my ears!

My favorite highlight was when the make-believe Margaritaville was brought up again - her fake place of employment that never existed. She told Ryans Burns that she worked there and Arias insists she never told Burns the name of the restaurant. Uhm, okay! She consistently lied or played her "I have a bad memory" card throughout her testimony on Monday morning.

Then she decided she was going to prove that she is not a promiscuous woman (sorry, too late!) by throwing poor Ryan Burns, Arias' ex-whatever-he-was, under the bus. She stated to Martinez that there was no passionate kissing or grinding involved in their Utah tryst post-killing Travis Alexander. I highly doubt Burns would perjure himself on the stand and I feel bad for him. I bet he thanks his lucky stars every day that he didn't seriously date Arias, especially after the stunt she pulled this morning.

The afternoon's testimony should prove interesting. Martinez's strategy is spot-on and he is pulling a lot out of her , and will hopefully break her down even more. News flash Jodi Arias, you'd better put on your big girl panties because you're going to be in a for a wild ride this week and his name is Juan Martinez! Sorry, Jodi, no Academy Award for you anytime soon!

Please feel free to leave comments and weigh in about the trial and the cross-exam by Martinez. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions - just keep them G-rated please!

Is Jodi finally breaking or just more tricks up her sociopathic sleeve? Stay tuned for Part 2 of today's testimony. I'll share more thoughts tonight!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Jodi Arias Trial: Why Jodi Arias is a Sociopath

I decided to bring my Tirades blog back to life. For those not familiar with this blog, it's a platform for me to vent and share my opinions about politics, news, and just life in general - a place for me to vent my tirades.

I've been following the Jodi Arias trial since it began in January and it's like a train wreck - I can't stop watching! I've become active in a great group on Facebook of fellow like-minded concerned citizens who want justice for Travis Alexander and think Jodi Arias deserves the death penalty.

As a Californian, I tend to lean towards the liberal side but when it comes to crime and murder, that's where I draw the line. I also am fascinated with true crime, especially forensics psychology, and have watched a lot of documentaries about serial killers and read my share of books. I'm not an expert on forensics or psychology (if you count my sociology and psych classes from college, I know the basics when it comes to human psychology). But you don't have to be a professional psychiatrist to know that Jodi Arias is a sociopath and a pathological liar. 

We have discussed in my Facebook group about sociopathy related to Jodi Arias; she could be the poster child for female sociopaths (she reminds me of a female Ted Bundy). Not to mention her testimony, especially during cross-exam, is illogical and the lame excuse that she "blacked out" (how convenient!) while she stabbed him 29 times just doesn't wash with me...or prosecutor, Juan Martinez...or anyone in their right, sane mind! 

What Makes Jodi Arias a Sociopath? 

1. Flat, emotionless affect - During the trial, Arias has shown little to zero emotion on her face (other than her tears, which look fake to me) when she answers questions. If she was truly abused, she would be visibly shaken, broken down, and sobbing as she recounted the alleged abuse by Alexander.

2. Narcissistic tendencies - Arias answers questions, she is snarky and almost sarcastic. The biggest sign of her narcissism is when she laughed in Martinez's face. She looked down and tried to stifle a giggle when Martinez asked her about her "memory" problems. A sociopath is narcissistic and self-absorbed. It's all about them and they don't care about anyone else, and act superior to others. 

3. Lack of remorse and guilt - A sociopath does not show remorse or guilt for their actions (remember the BTK killer? His stony expression on the stand and his gruesome details of the murder clearly showed what a sociopathic murderer looks like up close and personal!) 

4. Pathological lying - Her pathological lying has been apparent: between the ninja intruder story to how she was never at Alexander's home to now the broken finger story that was exposed during cross-exam. Sociopaths take a tiny bit of truth and then they twist it into a full blown lie. For example, she was caught in a huge lie about the day that she allegedly caught Alexander masturbating to an image of a boy at his home. Martinez blew that story out of the water by the evidence he submitted - phone records and text messages that showed that Alexander wasn't hounding Jodi all day. If anything, the evidence made Arias look like the liar she is. There were only five phone calls which showed she was lying that Travis called her all day long (and she still disagreed that Martinez didn't know what he was talking about, even though he had evidence to prove otherwise). Her body language, the way she gazes down, doesn't make eye contact, and closes her eyes a lot, shows signs of deception and lying. 

5. Charming yet manipulative - Arias wins the Most Charming & Manipulative Award. You only had to listen to her long-winded defense diatribe detailing all the men she dated over the years. She clearly knows how to manipulate men and uses sex as a weapon. She used her charm to manipulate Alexander. However, he lacks normal social skills - another sign that points to her sociopathy. One one occasion she was asked by Alexander's friend's wife to leave their home. She sat in their living room with a blank stare on her face and didn't talk to anyone and she finally left after an hour. She obviously was NOT welcome in their home but she continued to stay in the house - what sane person does that? She is a black widow and she stings those who get in the way of who or what she wants. Unfortunately, Alexander made the fatal mistake of crossing Arias' path and it cost him his life. 

Feel free to weigh in and comment about the Arias trial. What other signs have you witnessed that show that Arias is a sociopath?

Justice for Travis Alexander - no one deserves to be killed in such a brutal and heinous way!