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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Missing Mom of 5 in Kentucky: What Happened to Crystal Rogers?

Hi Lady Justice Followers!
It's been a year since I've kicked off the dust on this blog. I've been busy and I also didn't feel like writing about Jodi Arias anymore. She's behind bars for the rest of her life -- where she belongs with the rest of the murderers!

I want to draw attention to a very high profile, important missing persons case that has recently caught my attention. Crystal Rogers, mother of five kids, went missing on July 3, 2015 in Bardstown, KY. The case has been on the national news for over 10 days now, and everything about this case screams FOUL PLAY, despite the fact that no signs of a struggle were reported. There are still no suspects named, but family is looking at the boyfriend, Brooks Houck. I agree that he looks ALL kinds of suspicious based on his behavior and TV interviews. 

Here's a brief timeline of the events leading up to Crystal Rogers' disappearance: 

Friday, July 3 - Crystal was last seen by live-in boyfriend Brooks Houck at their home in Bardstown. The couple and their two-year-old son went to his family farm earlier that evening. Houck reported that Crystal stayed up all night playing games on her phone and the next morning when he woke up Crystal was not at home. Crystal's family said she always had her son with her and never went anywhere without him. So it doesn't make a lot of sense why she just left her son behind at home, especially since it was out of the norm for her to go off just by herself. 

Sunday, July 5 -  Crystal's family finds her maroon Chevy Impala with a flat tire alongside Bluegrass Parkway. Her family stated that Crystal rarely visited that stretch of the Parkway. Her keys, purse and uncharged cell phone were found inside. The baby diaper's bag was found in the back seat as well.

Her family repeatedly called Crystal on her cell phone and her mom, Sherry, became very worried and on Sunday, she told Houck she was going to file a missing persons report. This is where it gets fishy. So you'd think her live-in boyfriend would be concerned and worried? Nope, he doesn't even go with her mom to file a report but tells Sherry he "thinks it's a very good idea." 

The Unconcerned, Compassionless Boyfriend

The Rogers family says he hasn't shown any emotion or ANY compassion since she's been reported missing. Hmm no emotion, no compassion. Yeah, that's not a big red flag. Based on my research and articles I've read, Houck is far too calm and collected. 

When asked about his involvement in the search for Crystal, he told Nancy Grace that he was "working behind the scenes" with police to help find Crystal. Also, if you listen to the language he uses, his answers sound FAR too rehearsed and like he's trying to convince himself that he didn't do anything wrong. Check out his interview here.  He claims he is "100% innocent" and had nothing to do with her disappearance and just wants a "clean name" again. Hmmm. Methinks he doth protest too much? 

Here are some facts we know based on interviews from Crystal's family and what's been reported by the media:

1. The relationship between Crystal and Houck was strained and trouble. It's also been reported he's been unfaithful and has fooled around with other women in the past. 

2. They are not married but have a child together. Houck refuses to allow Crystal's family to see the child. A two-year-old child can see and understand a lot. Who knows what the child saw while in their home? It just raises more and more questions about why he has the child and doesn't allow the family to see him. Yes, he is the father, but to cut your child off from seeing their grandparents during a highly emotional and stressful time for the child doesn't make a lot of sense! 

3. Crystal's brother and uncle suspect Houck is involved based on past behavior. They reported in a media interview that Houck turned off water and power in the past so Crystal and her kids wouldn't have access to electricity or water. He also locked them out of the house and Houck allegedly hurt her daughter's wrist. 

I smell something rotten in Bardstown, Kentuck and this case just doesn't add up at all. 

1. Her abandoned car looks staged. 

You don't need to be in law enforcement to figure that out. Crystal's family said she had AAA and her dad said in the past she rode on her rims to safety after she had a flat tire. The family claims she would never stop in an unsafe area (on the side of the road) if she had a flat tire AND she rarely, if ever, drives that route. 

Also, if you have AAA you would immediately call to report the flat tire and wait in your car. Also, there would be lots of forensic evidence such as footprints in and around the car to show signs of a struggle or if someone kidnapped her. 

According to Sheriff Mattingly, there were no signs of a struggle in or around the location of her car. Her father, Tommy, has reported to the media that he "knows she wasn't in that car" and I side with her parents. It looks like a really bad staging of a crime scene -- even down to the flat tire. It's almost too perfect and too planned. Someone could easily and purposefully puncture a tire with a nail (how the car got a flat tire). 

Also, why was the diaper bag in the the back of the car? If the baby was at home, wouldn't she leave the diaper bag at home? 

2. It took law enforcement a week to get a search warrant AND to get permission from the Houcks to search their family farm. 

If Houck and his family have nothing to hide, then why did they adamantly refuse the search warrant on their farm? That doesn't sound very "cooperative" or helpful to me! 

3. Houck and his family aren't helping look for Crystal. 

As the "concerned" and loving boyfriend of Crystal, you'd think he would be out there searching night and day for her. You would also think his family would offer to help too. Nope. Houck claims he's working "behind the scenes." More like he's hiding out behind the scenes because fingers are pointing at him.

4. And the biggest RED FLAG...Crystal told her family that if she ever went missing or if anything happened to her to look immediately at Houck. Ding ding ding. 

So how can law enforcement figure out what's going on and if foul play was involved?

Cell phone records & cell tower pings are a good place to start. I'm sure they are already looking through her cell phone calls and Houck's calls to place where they were from Friday through Sunday. But that won't be released to the public to preserve the integrity of the case. If she was playing games on the phone that will show up on her cell phone. 

I know the house they share together has been searched and the Houck family farm, but nothing has been released. Crystal's family and friends and search parties are out looking for Crystal every day. My heart goes out to the Rogers family and I hope they will find major clues and evidence sooner, rather than later, concerning Crystal's disappearance.

If you have ANY information regarding the disappearance of Crystal Rogers, please contact the Nelson County Sheriff's Dept: 502-348-3211 

You can also show your support on the community Facebook page that's been set up for Crystal.