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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Star Witness Power by Juan Martinez: Travis' Ex Deanna Reid's Said She Was NEVER Abused

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch the entire coverage of the trial today BUT I was able to catch key highlights that proved - AGAIN (can you say broken record???) that Arias has LIED AND LIED...over and over again.

Video Clip Played - Crybaby Boo-Hoos Fake Tears 

Before I dive into Deanna's testimony, I cannot believe Crybaby had the AUDACITY to shed tears when a video clip was played of she and Travis together. This was the PPL video when Arias was lying on Travis' lap acting  uninterested while Travis told his harrowing story about being held up at gun-point. Talk about crazy eyes and FAKE tears! Wow, just wow, this psychopath continues with her dramatic crying ruse. She makes me ILL.

Travis' Ex Deanna Reid Testifies That Travis NEVER Hurt or Hit Her

Talk about a heartbreaking scene: Travis' family was in obvious pain in court today and bawled their eyes out when Deanna talked about Travis' parents and his memories of them. Travis loved his father, despite his dad's drug problem.

So let's break it down in really simple terms...courtesy of DA MAN, Juan Martinez: 

  • Did Travis ever abuse or hurt or hit her? NO!!
  • Did he ever curse or scream at her? NO!!
Deanna Reid: "He never raised his voice to me."

Conclusion: Crybaby was NEVER abused!! Deanna is the second of Travis' ex-girlfriends to testify that NO, she wasn't abused - physically or emotionally - by Travis. 

Did Travis cry and get really upset when Deanna broke up with him? YES!! This shows his sensitivity and he empathized with Deanna and felt bad for dating her because she wanted to get married and he wasn't ready to get married. He did NOT try to control her or force Deanna to do anything she didn't want to do - he let her go and they broke up  - end of STORY. He didn't raise his voice or  hand at her. According to Deanna, he also never told her who she could be friends with and never forced her to wear "sexy outfits."

Deanna remained classy on the stand as she was asked very pointed and graphic questions by Nurmi (what is up with this douche and his obsession with sex details??? UGH!!) about their sexual relationship. Of course, Nurmi was trying to show that Deanna had a "different" relationship than Arias. Can you say grasping at straws???!!! 

Deanna admitted they were sexually active but had spoken to their bishops to confess that they had broken the laws of chastity. Not to mention, she told Nurmi - in no uncertain terms - that their sex life was their private business and that even Mormons are humans and make mistakes - no doubt! 

She spoke the truth about Travis' character (not to mention, she has Travis' dog, Napoleon--that says a lot about what a good person she is): 
"Reid said she did not continue to have sex with Alexander after they broke-up and he did not try to get her to have sex with him after the split.
"He was always a gentleman. He never pressured me," she said."  
Jodi Arias was NOT liking Deanna's testimony at all and Arias gave her the stink eye a few times.

Arias' Lies Come A-Tumblin' Down: Walmart & Tesoro Witnesses Take the Stand
Martinez brought witnesses from Walmart (their asset manager who deals with fraud/theft cases) and IT manager from the gas station chain, Tesoro. The Walmart witness verified that Crybaby lied: no, there was NO receipt proof in their records/system that Arias EVER returned the gas can to the Walmart in Salinas and there was NO refund ever issued. ANOTHER LIE OUTED!!!! 
The Tesoro gas receipts were brought up again by Martinez AND OH MYYYY, ANOTHER LIE. According to Young (the witness), Arias made three fuel transactions at Tesoro in Salt Lake City.
"Nurmi asked the witness if a cash purchase for fuel would have been logged with any identifying information. She said no." 

Latest Charge-o-the-Week: Manslaughter/Heat of Passion 

BOMBSHELL over the weekend: Arias and her defense begs Judge Stephens to replace Murder 1 with manslaughter/heat of passion. I highly doubt Judge Stephens will allow the charge but it's VERY obvious that Arias and the defense are really desperate now!! Yeah, the defense is a little TOO late to change Arias' sob story now - sorry, you can't change your LIES, Crybaby!
"Defense Attorney Kirk Nurmi filed a request on Sunday to add "Manslaughter by Sudden Quarrel" or "Heat of Passion" charges to the jury instructions."

What a day filled with Martinez's AWESOME witnesses (despite Nurmi's slow-talkin' nonsense!) It was a day that showed the jury - AGAIN - that Arias has repeatedly lied AND the defense knows they don't have a leg to stand on - thus, the defense is begging for manslaughter.
So which is it, Crybaby? Pick-your-own-murder scenario? 
1. Ninja intruders - whoops, that was a big FAT lie!
2. Self-defense/battered woman's syndrome - nope, whoops, our crappy witnesses screwed me and the jury doesn't believe that bogus crap.
3. Voluntary Manslaughter/Heat of Passion - ok, yeah, so now I have changed my story to I was a raging jealous psycho bitch and I lost my sh** and murdered Travis.  Yeah, that's my latest lie.
This is ridiculous and the judge should NOT allow this charge AT ALL. This is NOT manslaughter...NOT self-defense. She deserves the death penalty. She has lied and lied and all roads lead to pre-meditation. She knew exactly what she was doing when she went to Travis' house that night. 
Another Lie Exposed: Forensics Computer Expert Testifies That NO Porn or Child Porn Was Found
Michael Melendez testified that he did NOT FIND ANY porn of naked women/naked breasts OR any kind of child pornography whatsoever on Travis' hard drive files. Oh yeah and Nurmi tried to show that the funny YouTube video on his computer was considered pornographic. I watched the video and the women were CLOTHED and it was funny--two women dancing around with tin foil boxes on their head. 
It was not a porn plus DUHHH Nurmi, you can't post porn on YouTube - what an idiot!! 
Oh's 'dem 'death penalty' apples looking now, Jodi Arias?  We can only hope that the judge doesn't allow the manslaughter charge!!
Court resumes on Wednesday at 1:30 pm MST

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