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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dedicated to Travis Alexander: A Call for Peace & The Fight for Justice

This goes out to Travis Alexander, his family, and to ALL victims of crimes whose lives were cut short by violence. To John Walsh. To Mark Klaas. To Nicole Brown Simpson's and Ron Goldman's family. To Christie Wilson's and Lacey Peterson's Caylee Anthony and all the lesser known murder cases that don't make it into the media spotlight. This is for Theresa in my Facebook group whose daughter was murdered.

I wish peace and love to Travis Alexander's family and to ALL families of crime victims. I could never possibly know what it feels like, but I hope they can eventually find peace and solace in their hearts. 

The song below has touched me on a very personal level. As we reflect and think about Travis Alexander - a man many of us never had the privilege of knowing or talking to or joking with - I ask you to really think about what we can do to collectively support crime victims and their families.

There has been a lot of trolling attacks happening on Facebook and Twitter by those people who support the defendant, Jodi Arias. These supporters have forgotten who was killed -- the real victim is Travis Alexander. Freedom of speech allows us to voice our opinions in a public space but this circus has gone beyond just voicing an opinion.

This has now turned into a hate fest and people have forgotten what this is all about - it's about stopping violence -- to shed light on the fact that murder is NOT okay. One individual does not have the RIGHT to shoot, stab or slash another human being.

 According to the CDC, there are over 16,000 homicides per year in the United States. 
There needs to be a change in this world - a call for peace. A call for violence to end and brutality to stop. I may rant on this blog but there is a purpose behind my words. It is my hope to give innocent victims, who can no longer protect themselves or fight, a real voice.

I may be just one woman but I can't and won't sit around and NOT do or say anything. The cattiness and the attacks against Travis and his family (and those who support him and his family) won't solve anything. People have lost sight of the BIGGER issue - and these slings won't solve the very real issue that affects each and every one of us. 

Would it be a different story if these supporters had a brother, sister, son, daughter, husband, wife, or grandchild who was brutally killed? How would they feel? 

This trial is about the innocent victim, Travis Alexander - a real human being who was a son, a brother, a grandson, and a friend. He is more than just a crime scene photo or a murder statistic in the United States. He deserves respect and most importantly, he deserves the right to a fair and just trial. I send my personal thanks to Juan Martinez for stepping in and valiantly fighting to give Travis his voice back. 

So take a few minutes...find a quiet place and just let this song and words of the poem sink into your heart. This is my favorite rendition of the song and I love this poem by Maya Angelou.

Here is the link to "I Can Only Imagine" 

Maya Angelou "Amazing Peace" 

"Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other's welfare, social justice can never be attained." - Helen Keller 

Justice for Travis!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

If Travis Alexander Had His Day in Court - What Would He Say to Jodi Arias?

I decided to give Travis a REAL voice in my blog today. I'm fed up - beyond fed up - with the stunts pulled by Arias and her whiny defense! Nurmi whined about Martinez's "misconduct" because he posed for pictures with his fans. They even put HLN reporter Jean Cesarez on the stand about a bogus statement she made about a juror - so ridiculous and another sad attempt by Nurmi to diss on Martinez. He's just jealous that Martinez is a rock star and the defense needs security escorts when they leave court - enough said! 

Martinez would be the LAST person to do anything to put the trial in jeopardy. I'm also tired of the same BS that was brought up by domestic violence expert, LaViolette - more sex details, more lies about Arias being the victim, and the last straw was watching Arias' mom and aunt wearing purple domestic violence ribbons. What a mockery and they SHOULD not be allowed to wear those ribbons, especially since Travis' supporters was asked NOT to wear the blue ribbons.

I'm SO tired of her whining about only getting 2600 calories per day and her complaints about her fake migraine. Cry me a freakin' river! 

So that's it!!! I'm fed up today! It's time to give Travis Alexander a voice - I'm tired of the media and Arias slandering his name!

...Trial resumes next Tuesday. I need the break.

So's his turn - what would he say? I dedicate the following to Travis - the real victim!!! 

I never abused Jodi Arias. 

She was a willing party in our sex life. I was a normal, healthy 30 year old man. Yes, maybe our fantasies were a bit unusual and not the norm, and I'm sorry that I didn't make the best decisions but I realize the errors of my ways. I'm not perfect and I did my best to lead a good life. 

I never ever abused Jodi Arias nor any of my past girlfriends. I did not sexually, emotionally, verbally or physically abuse Jodi Arias. I never choked her, threw her down, nor did I break her finger. She was the abuser, not me. She was a willing participant when it came to sex. She was very sexually manipulative and used her sexuality to get her way--and she used men long before our contact. She's the one who introduced me to all these sexual exploits and she initiated many of our calls and texts. 

This was my first experience with sexual fantasies and maybe I got carried away, but that does NOT mean I abused her in any way. It was very consensual between us! I also never gave her permission to tape our phone sex conversation - I had no idea she taped it!

She wrecked my BMW twice but did you see me get angry? No. I loaned her money and never asked for it back. I was going to sell her my car. She slashed my tires but I didn't press charges. How is that abusive? I did nothing but help her - I don't know why I did but I was brought up to help those less fortunate! 

Also, where were the photos of her abuse? There weren't any photos because she lied about everything!

Jodi Arias stalked me. 

She slashed the tires on my BMW twice and slashed the tires of my girlfriend. I told her, in no uncertain terms, to stay out of my life and to leave my girlfriend alone. She couldn't take NO for an answer. 

She crawled through my doggie door, spied on me through my windows, and watched me - in MY HOME - when I was with another woman. I told her to leave and told her she was not welcome yet she slept under the Christmas tree. My friends told her to leave their home but she continued to stay even when she was told to get out of my friend's home. How is that sane behavior? She was a psychotic stalker and that's why I ended my contact with her. 

Why did she drive thousands of miles to see me? We were broken up and I had moved on but she continued to just show up at my door in the middle of the night - unannounced. That's not normal, sane behavior. She was most definitely a stalker!

Jodi Arias was selfish, a narcissist, and only cares about herself. 

I realized, after the fact, that she only converted to Mormonism for her own selfish purposes - she wanted to snag me as a husband but I saw the light. That's why I broke off the relationship - and honestly, it wasn't a relationship. She wasn't my girlfriend and I never told her this was a serious relationship. She took it way more seriously and I never told her I wanted to get married. I may have joked about it but was NEVER serious! She's delusional. 

I wanted a decent woman in my life who would be a faithful and loving partner. Arias possessed none of those qualities. I tried to live my life in the best way possible and I may not have made the best choices by going out with her (which I regret now!), she was psychotic and her behavior was unstable, immature and freaky! My friends hated her and warned me about her and that's why I got away from that psycho stalker! 

I meant what I said when I told her that I was nothing more than a dildo with a heartbeat to her. She was cold-blooded and she didn't care about me. The only person she ever cared about or loved was Jodi Arias!

I am NOT a pedophile!

She created those lies to use as blackmail against me and to ruin my reputation because she was jealous and wanted to ruin my life and my rep with the LDS Church. As you can see per my computers that were searched by the police, I never had ANY porn related to children on my computer nor did I have any pictures of naked women.

She is a liar -  everything out of her mouth is a BIG LIE!!!

To Travis - you may not be physically with us but your spirit lives within all of us who are fighting for justice for you! And we'll continue to fight! Your life was NOT lived in vain! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Court Cancelled Today: Arias Manipulates Judge Once Again With Bogus Migraine Stunt

This is BEYOND ridiculous and if I was an Arizona taxpayer, I would be picketing outside the Maricopa County courts right now. The word on the street is that Arias has a migraine (and she refuses to take her medication) so court is cancelled until Thursday 9:30 am/12:30 pm EDT.

Judge Stephens - Take Control of Your Courtroom!

Judge Stephens needs to stop this circus once and for all and get Arias back in court. Who knows if she really does have a migraine or if she is purposely holding up court? It could be another one of her manipulative tricks. Maybe she's scared that Martinez is going to blow the domestic violence testimony out of the water. If I was Arias, I would be scared too - it's going to be lights out of her very soon and Martinez has more tricks up his sleeve! As long as the jurors are rational and think logically (we can only hope that they see through her psychotic lies).

Domestic Violence & Abuse Are Not a Joke...But It is Irrelevant in Arias Trial

Alyce LaViolette isn't a dummy and she wins hands-down compared to the incompetency of Dick Samuels. I came across information that LaViolette is not allowed to speak directly about Travis Alexander, BUT she still implies that Travis could have been an abuser because he came from a tumultuous household with addict parents.

While LaViolette is definitely an expert when it comes to domestic violence, the examples she gave in court yesterday have NOTHING to do with this case and does NOT apply to Travis. If anything, Arias is the abuser NOT the abused! She shows stalking and violent tendencies and obviously, her biggest violent streak of all was the day she murdered Travis.

Not Every Bad Childhood With Druggie Parents Equals Abuser 

LaViolette doesn't know anything about Travis and his childhood yet she spoke "generally" about his drug addict parents. She inferred (not fact but mere speculation) that yes, a child who was exposed to drug addicted parents could turn out to be an abuser, but one only has to look at Travis' accomplishments and success in his life to know this is a weak attempt to show Travis as an alleged abuser.

#1 He owned his own home and was financially secure (owned a BMW, etc.)
#2 He was a motivational speaker and proved to be very successful in PPL.
#3 He was active and very well-respected in the LDS Church. He and his siblings were raised by a Mormon grandmother. 
#4 He loaned Arias money many times and let her use his car (which she wrecked!) - he was very generous.
#5 He traveled a lot and took vacations (you need money to do that!) 

...and the list goes on and on!! Did he smoke? Nope! Did he drink? Nope. Did he take drugs? Nope! I don't even think he drank caffeine. He led an upstanding life and did not fall into drugs. He escaped that life and proved to be very successful in his 30 years.

 Abuser? Nope! He was the victim NOT Arias.

I think today's cancellation was another attempt for Arias to gain the upper hand. But she's dealing with a limited deck these days as the days get shorter with this trial. Let's just hope the jury does their job - justice for Travis!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Domestic Violence & Jodi Arias Trial: Arias Was Abuser Not the Abused

This will be a really short post today as I have the flu so I probably won't be posting much this week.

Domestic violence expert and psychologist Alyce LaViolette took the stand yesterday and continues to give her testimony today. I worked for a domestic violence organization and I heard stories first-hand from REAL domestic violence survivors. Arias was not a victim of domestic violence. She didn't have her face bashed in with a pan to the point she couldn't be recognized by her family in the hospital - one of the many stories I heard when I worked for the organization. While not every domestic violence situation is as extreme as some of the stories I heard, her story full of lies proves she was never abused by Travis.

Arias Was The Stalker - Not Travis 
I only caught part of LaViolette's testimony but there is one point that stands out strongly from this morning. She mentioned that the most severe form of domestic violence is stalking. The last time I checked Arias was doing all the stalking - including slashing Travis' and his girlfriend's tires. She was the one crawling through his doggie doors and sleeping under his Christmas tree, and peeping in his windows. There was no evidence of Travis stalking Arias - he wanted her out of his life for good and she couldn't take no for an answer.

It sounds like LaViolette does know what she is talking about when it comes to domestic violence in general, but it doesn't apply. Travis was not an abuser and Arias was never abused by him. Where was the physical evidence of her abuse? The photos of her alleged bruises? I find it ironic that the only person she told about the alleged abuse is Matt McCartney who has already lied.

 LaViolette will eventually get into Arias' relationship with Travis this afternoon, but there is no doubt in my mind that Arias has lied and continues to lie about the domestic violence allegations...and the broken finger story has changed over and over again. She broke her finger the day she killed Travis.

Also, it is common for a person who has killed out of self-defense to call 911. They also don't stab that person 29 times - they just want the abuse to stop so they can get away and that scenario never happened.

Arias makes a mockery of the real victims of domestic violence. Cross-exam by Juan Martinez should be interesting and I'm sure he'll have a few tricks up his sleeve.

The trial continues this afternoon with more testimony by LaViolette. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Making a Mockery of the Legal System: Top 10 Reasons Why Arias' Defense is Worst Ever

I couldn't stomach watching Samuels' answer the jury's questions today, and most of them were redundant anyway. I wish they had asked questions about her stalking behavior and slashing Travis' and his girlfriend's tires! Aw, but we did find out today that Arias was taking tranquilizers for her "depression" (I called it on the meds!)

The highlight of the afternoon was Martinez slamming Samuels again on his incompetency and continued to discredit the bogus tests he administered to Arias. My summary of the past week: Samuels is going to need a therapist after Martinez gets done with him. I find it amusing that he becomes hot and bothered when Martinez questions him - you would think, as a professional shrink, he could actually keep his cool long enough to answer Martinez  - it's called the hot seat, dude.

Sociopathic Behavior Shines Through - Arias Flips The Bird During Trial 

Guess Ol' Jodi didn't like what her shrink witness said on the stand today. She was caught on tape slyly flipping Samuels the bird from her seat. Oh, but that's totally NORMAL behavior--she's not a sociopath - NOT at all!

Death Threat Against Arias Made in Court
Things also got a bit outta control today in court when two female audience members, who were seated behind Arias' mom and aunt, were thrown out of court because they said, "I wish Jodi Arias was dead." Woahhhhh!!

Samuels Drinks Her Crazy Kool-Aid

After listening to Samuels this week, I am completely disgusted with the defense team and I don't understand why the judge allowed Samuels to continue his sham of a testimony - all his crap should be inadmissible and should be thrown out. Obviously, he's a paid witness but like I said, Arizona taxpayers should ask for their money back like yesterday! This trial, thanks to the defense, has made a mockery of the legal/court system. Beyond disgusting.

I like what this guy had to say about Samuels and his incompetent diagnosis - oh snap! 

"Saying Jodi Arias has dissociative amnesia is like saying Casey Anthony would make a great babysitter," said Dr. Steven Pitt, referring to the Florida woman who was acquitted of murdering her daughter after claiming that the girl had been stolen by a babysitter.
"This guy, he got bamboozled by Jodi Arias," said Pitt, a forensic psychiatrist from the Phoenix area who has testified and consulted on several high profile cases across the nation. "He drank her Kool-Aid and now he is finding out that it is a toxic mix of 'BS.'" (Source: ABC News)

On that are my Top 10 Reasons Why This Defense is the WORST Defense Team I've Seen in a Murder Trial:

#10 Too many sidebars and whiny objections by Defense equals big waste of time and HUGE waste of taxpayer's money. Fun fact: the State of Arizona has spent close to $1 million on this trial already.

#9 Nurmi pretends he cares about Arias and her defense. Uhmmm, I don't think so! He's already tried to weasel out of defending Arias and doesn't want to be part of her defense team (he's been denied twice by Judge Stephens). He also likes to pick his nose a lot - you would think a defense attorney would have better court room etiquette (and manners!) Disgusting!

#8 I'm trying to be nice to Wilmot because she had a death in her family this week and am sorry for her. From a defense perspective, her tantrums and foot stamping got old this week and she acted like a bratty teenager when she didn't get her way. Wahhh that's a talking objection wahhh! 

#7 The matchy-match outfits of Wilmot and Arias were beyond creepy. What is this? Junior high court? I don't know whose very wrong idea it was but their color coordinated outfits don't fool anyone - especially not the jury!

#6 Did I mention that the defense has made a mockery out of Travis' good name and has slandered a murder victim who cannot defend himself? The defense protested that Travis' family and audience supporters should "not be allowed" to wear blue ribbons in honor of Travis. When I found that out, it made me want to jump on a plane, join the audience, and wear blue ribbons from head-to-toe. It disgusts me that the Defense had the gall to complain about the blue ribbons. But it's okay for Arias to profit off the murder of Travis by selling her crappy doodles on eBay? 

#5 Nurmi wasted precious court time thanks to his slow-talking, snail defense. The judge needed to step in throughout the trial and tell Nurmi to get a move on with his testimony. He purposely wasted time on his redirects to drag out his long-winded "sex details". I felt like I was watching a scene from the movie, "Groundhog Day." It was the same boring, irrelevant questioning about the sex details and Arias' rigged journals (I still think she wrote those journals after the fact!)

#4 Worst strategy ever: let's rehash the same pointless crap and ask the SAME exact questions that have already been asked until the jury falls asleep! Between Nurmi and Wilmot, their circular questioning was pointless and it got old fast, especially concerning the phone sex tape and rehashing her kinky sex life over and over again. It didn't work - it only proved that Arias lied and that she was NEVER abused!

#3 Nurmi's ties are weird-looking...ok, moving on...

#2 The WORST & MOST incompetent defense "expert witness" ever on a murder trial - Dr. Richard "Dick" Samuels. Samuels made a big mistake when he didn't re-administer the PSD test AFTER he found out she lied about the ninja intruder story. PTSD? Transient Global/Disassociative Amnesia? Intrusive thoughts? Acute Stress Disorder? Low self-esteem and not assertive? All bogus "psych" diagnoses that are based on a skewed psych eval! Martinez exposed Samuels' unethical behavior when he called him out about the book: a legitimate, ethical psychologist does NOT send a gift to a criminal they are evaluating for a murder trial. Martinez proved that Samuels is biased this week and I don't understand why his testimony hasn't been thrown out by now! Not to mention, Samuels needs to seriously learn organizational skills - he looked like a bumbling fool on the stand as he shuffled through his messy paperwork - it's called an expandable folder - buy one, Samuels!! And that brown suit today was NOT a good about a fitting color for all the crap that Samuels spewed this week!

#1 The defense actually put Arias on the stand to testify - that was their biggest mistake! (I agree with Nancy Grace!) Martinez broke her down and exposed every single lie and went toe-to-toe with her fake, lying, sociopathic smug testimony. Her fake boo-hoo'ing and tears didn't sway Martinez and he shot her down every time. It was a great move for the prosecution but it was beyond stupid to put Arias on the stand. We only have to look at Martinez's cross-examinations and the 600 questions that the jurors asked Arias.

One word to sum up Arias: LIAR! 

Court is recessed until Monday morning!! Until then...Justice for Travis!!! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Arias Trial Continues With Incompetent Testimony by Samuels

I wasn't the only who was SICK of Samuels testimony! One of the court spectators vomited in the gallery and court was recessed early this afternoon. I would vomit too if I was subjected to three days of listening to Samuels' crap testimony--enough to turn anyone's stomach. 

The jury questions (word on the street is that the jury has over 100 questions for Samuels) are delayed until Thursday and court will resume tomorrow at 10:30 AM MST/ 1:30 EST. 

Lies aka Test Answers...Rehashed Over & Over Again!

Samuels and Wilmot rehashed the same irrelevant, incompetent testimony...AGAIN. I don't know what else can be said about this unorganized paper-pusher's testimony. Let me break it down in simple layperson's terms:

1. Samuels administered psych tests to Arias.
2. Arias skewed "trauma" questions based on her lie about intruders' story. 
4. Arias LIED on psych tests. 
5. My Conclusion: PSYCH EVAL IS BOGUS! Samuels' testimony should be discredited - THROW out evaluation! 

But it was okay because shed finally confessed that she was lying...she was "relieved" because a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulder. What weight is that, Arias? Your lie or the fact that you murdered Travis in cold-blood? Was she remorseful, sad, wracked with guilt, horrified, etc.? Nope, just relieved. She is disgusting! 

What makes Samuels an unethical, incompetent psychologist?
He did NOT readminister the test when he realized, after the fact, that she had lied about the intruder story. Any GOOD, ethical psychologist would have thrown out this test. It was a psych eval based on ALL LIES! PSTD? Amnesia? No and NO!

Arias Held at Knife Point During Teen Years - Fact or Fiction?

Hmmm, she lied that the ninja intruders caused her "trauma" so I'm guessing her other knife story that she told Samuels is another figment of her crazy imagination. Allegedly, she was held up at knife point by a crazed maniac when she was 13. Another lie!

More Sex Talk & The Rope...And She Lies Again

I'm with Dr. Drew when he mentioned last night on his show that Samuels should have never believed Arias - his first mistake. He obviously isn't a good psychologist if he can't figure out a truth versus a lie. Maybe he was speculating again? Even a two year old child can tell she's a big liar!

Here's what Samuels tells Wilmot on the stand: Arias told Samuels that she felt "uncomfortable" the first time she had oral sex with Travis because it was "too soon." Oh, really? Too SOON? Was it too soon when she drove to Utah less than 24 hours AFTER killing Travis and was grinding all over Ryan Burns? Yeah, she felt really uncomfortable when she was making out and hanging all over him - AND Burns called her sexually aggressive. And she LIES again! 

The Rope Hurt Me - Wahhhh!

The comment that really galled me is when Samuels reveals that Arias didn't like being tied up with "twine" rope because it hurt and burned her wrists. Oh boohoo! I wonder how Travis FELT when she was stabbing him 29 times, slit his throat and shot him. Of course, Arias tells Samuels about the "imaginary rope" that she was supposedly tied up with on the day Travis was killed

Oh No!! Jail Noises Wake Up Arias

Samuels also shares that Arias suffered from insomnia and was no longer a heavy sleeper.She could not sleep in jail because of all the noise. Oh poor baby! It's called JAIL - it's not a five-star luxury hotel. That was completely laughable. There is a simple solution to her noise problem - put her in solitary lock-down and she can have all the quiet times she wants! 

The Mysterious Pill-Popping & Crazy Hair-Flinging Behavior 

The craziest highlight from today was Arias slugging down a pill IN the court room. Prisoners aren't allowed to have ANY medication on their person so what was up with the sly pill-popping? She has been looking a bit out of it lately so maybe she's sedated and is going for that space cadet, victim look - oh wait, she doesn't need pills for that! 

New video was released today from her interrogation with Flores. Yup, toot toot, climb on board the crazy train! More psycho behavior ahead!  While handcuffed, she sits on the floor and then proceeds to FLIP HER HAIR. 

That's exactly the FIRST thing I would do if I am in an interrogation room and was just arrested. She wanted to fluff up her hair before she got her mug shot taken. 

Was she sitting there crying and sobbing because she felt bad about killing Travis? Nope, she was being her usual narcissistic self and was more concerned about her hair and make-up than stabbing Travis 29 times. Gosh, Jodi you could have at least done your make-up...Arias whispers to herself in the video. Oh hello, voices in her head!

It might change my memory...the lyrics of the song she sings in the interrogation room. Was she referring to her foggy memory and fake selective amnesia? Arias is ALL kinds of crazy!

Justice for Travis Alexander

Over the past few days, Martinez has proven - once again - that Arias is a LIAR. She lied on the stand, she lied on her psych evaluations, she lied in interviews with Samuels...she makes a mockery of Travis Alexander's good name and in exposing her lies, we fight for justice for Travis Alexander and for his family. The defense team was a joke and Samuels turned the trial into a three ring circus - sad and pathetic. If the jury has 100 questions for Samuels, I'm taking a guess that they don't believe his crap either.

I wrap up my update tonight with this compelling, heart-felt comment from fellow Facebook group member, Ken. Thanks Ken! I appreciate everyone's support in my Facebook group and like Ken, I want justice served. I couldn't have said it better myself!

"As for Jodi Arias... we all know that she is a liar. A cold-hearted ruthless killer. A sociopathic delinquent of the human race. Nothing more than a M U R D E R E R! I will not make excuses for her, her defense team, or their actions. The whole lot is sickening and they all bring shame to the justice system, this country, the world, the human race. I cry for Travis Alexander (R.I.P.). My heart weeps for his family. My soul longs for his justice and peace. Yes, I know I am long winded but you know what... Travis (R.I.P.) needs even MORE voices to cry out for HIM and I will continue to do so even long after this joke of a trial has ended."

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Arias Trial Turns Into a Three Ring Circus: Martinez vs. Samuels vs. Wilmot

Before I start my rip-fest into the horrible defense "expert witness" and the three-ring circus defense today, I want to thank all the awesome people in my Facebook group who want justice for Travis Alexander. We have a lively and supportive discussion every day concerning the trial. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my blog (and all my Twitter followers who read my blog - thanks so much!)

On a more serious note, I want to point out that I write these blogs to honor Travis Alexander's memory and in the fight for justice for Travis and his family. I believe in the U.S. court system and I hope that the jury sees through the lies of Jodi Arias.

Martinez continued his cross-exam of the bumbling fool, paper-shuffling Samuels. It was all about the boobs and butt again. Martinez continued to show that Samuels did NOT do the job he was hired to do. Martinez continued to prove his incompetency and that he's NOT a credible expert witness.

Fun fact about the trial: Samuels was paid $250/hour for this sham of an "expert" defense testimony. If I were an Arizona taxpayer I'd want my money back. I wouldn't pay this joker two cents an hour for his worthless testimony. 

The T & A Testimony

First, The Boobs
Martinez questioned Samuels about the story (aka LIE) that Arias told him about finding "many" breast photos on Travis' computer. Yeah, right! Samuels claimed he didn't follow up on her story because he didn't find it relevant. Martinez slammed him about the naked pictures. And big surprise! The authorities did NOT FIND breast photos on Travis' computer.

When asked why he didn't follow up about the photos to corroborate her "story" (aka LIE), Samuels replied,"I saw it irrelevant to the case." Oh, okay! Samuels pretty much made it clear that her lies were totally irrelevant in his psych eval of Arias. He just overlooked those minor "inconsistencies" because they were simply irrelevant. Yeah, no big deal, it's not like this is a murder trial or anything.

Second, The Butt

Martinez also picks apart what Arias tells Samuels about her experience with anal sex- that Travis was the only person she had anal sex with. On the stand, she told a different story - that she had anal sex with other boyfriends before Travis. More inconsistencies and lies!

Third, Arias' Sex Life Was Ruined
We also learned from Samuels that Arias blamed Travis for ruining her sex life--technically, it was the trauma surrounding murdering Travis. I gagged when I heard that. Yup, can you say psychotic narcissist?

Oh, The Irony of #69
Another inconsistency that Martinez exposed (that caused Dr. Doofus to get red-faced and testy) was the fact that Arias scored 69 on the PTSD scale (I couldn't make that up even if I tried!). According to the base rate score for PTSD, 69 is far below the 75 to 85 range for the PTSD diagnosis so basically, like we all suspected...she has Pretend Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Arias Wore a Sweater...Huh?!
Another fun fact we learned today: Arias told Samuels that when she got away and was running down the hall that Travis grabbed her sweater. Huh, WHAT sweater?! This is the first time we heard about Arias wearing a sweater. Wonder how that works? I tend not to wear sweaters in the sweltering heat, especially in the Arizona desert. It was June and in the high 90s in Mesa on June 4th. She was wearing a sweater? I don't think so!

My Psych Eval of Samuels: Anger Management Issues...With a Side of Amnesia

Martinez continued to chew Samuels up and spit him out on the stand today. Samuels became really belligerent and combative to the point that Martinez repeatedly told Judge Stephens that he was unresponsive and wouldn't answer his questions.  And he was having foggy memory issues. It was definitely a three ring circus today!

The best zinger from Martinez - when Samuels attempted to turn the tables on him and ask Martinez questions:

"I ask the questions! Do you understand that?" 

Ohhhh no he didn't...oh YES, he did! Stick that in your incompetent, paper-pushing pipe and smoke it, Samuels!

Arias Was Not Assertive and Displayed Only 'Mild' Anger

Samuels was adamant that Arias was NOT assertive per her journal entry about Travis. Samuels says that a person can't be assertive just from a statement made in a journal so based on his assessment, he "speculated" that she wasn't an assertive person in real life. Wrong!! She was very assertive when she killed Travis AND had the gall to tell Martinez that he didn't ask questions "correctly." Narcissists are definitely assertive -  they want to be in control at all times.

Based on his shoddy, skewed test results, Samuels concluded that Arias exhibited "mild anger." I guess she was only "mildly" angry when she stabbed Travis 29 times, slit his throat and shot him!

Lots of Speculating Going on Today!

Samuels did a LOT of speculating and "hypothesizing" know those things that are not based on FACTS! Martinez nailed him over and over again on his "speculations."

Martinez: So you speculated? So that means you made it up then?
Samuels (smoke blowing out of his ears and red-faced): NO! CLINICAL JUDGEMENT SIR!

Then a few minutes later: Okay, maybe...yes, I did speculate.

Wilmot Continues Her Whine Fest Today - Wahhh, No More Speaking Objections, Martinez

I lost interest in Wilmot's redirect today because she kept asking the SAME questions over and over...and over and over AGAIN! The afternoon consisted of far too many side bars, Wilmot's whiny objections...blah blah blah...more of Samuels' lame testimony...blah blah. She continued to grate on my nerves and I tuned her out.

Samuels attempted to make a lame excuse as to why he sent her a self-esteem book (why would you send a book to a killer who doesn't suffer from low self-esteem? Duh!!) Either way you cut it, it is INAPPROPRIATE to send a criminal a gift in jail! Enough said!

Wilmot's favorite thing to say today...and it wasn't about raindrops and roses either.

Wilmot to Martinez: That's a speaking objection. Wah. Wah.

I really hope the judge completely throws out Samuels' testimony because he is fraud and a complete joke, and he's wasted a lot of taxpayer's time AND money!! He makes forensics psychologists look BAD.

On Wednesday, Court doesn't start until 1 pm MST/ 4 pm EST. They are always running late so they probably won't get started until 1:30 pm MST / 4:30 pm EST. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Juan Martinez Blows Samuels' Credibility Out of the Water

It was a boring "rehash" testimony by Samuels this morning as Wilmot asked the SAME long-winded questions (which grated on my last nerve and put me to sleep). Another news flash: Samuels told Wilmot that Arias also suffers from...wait for it...disassociative amnesia. Another fake amnesia diagnosis to add to her PTSD - Pretend Traumatic Stress Disorder. According to WebMD: "dissociative amnesia occurs when a person blocks out certain information, usually associated with a stressful or traumatic event, leaving him or her unable to remember important personal information."

My diagnosis? The only amnesia Arias has is selective amnesia - she chooses NOT to remember and lies about what really happened when she killed Travis Alexander. The only part of the diagnosis I agreed with was her "acute state of denial" -- she is living in The Land-of-De-Nial and in her delusional world, she actually thinks she's going to be acquitted. 

Wahhhh...BooHoo...Arias Suffers From Low Self-Esteem

According to Samuels, Arias also suffers from "low self-esteem." So low self-esteem is a defense for murder now? She may have suffered from self-worth issues (as seen in her hopping from man to man) but her snide comments, narcissistic demeanor, and "I am better than you" 'tude with Martinez hardly makes Arias a candidate for Miss Low Self-Esteem of the Year. 

Martinez Tears Apart Samuels' Credibility & Breach of Ethics - Buying Presents for Criminals is a No-No!

The trial finally started to rock and roll this afternoon when Juan Martinez cross-examined Samuels. He set the precedent that Samuels was trying to actively "counsel" and provide therapy. Samuels' job was merely to evaluate her and give her psych tests - and he still couldn't even get that right (see skewed test results below). Martinez did exactly what I thought he was going to do - completely tear apart Samuels' credibility.

It was quite the turning of tables by Martinez as Samuels got red in the face. He started to take on a 'tude and was obviously flustered when Martinez backed him into a corner. He put Samuels on the hot seat when he challenged his credibility and ethics. 

Let's break it down: Samuels sent Arias a gift - can you say "unethical?" He bought her a self-help book on Amazon and mailed it to her. The last time I checked it is NOT appropriate for the psychologist who is supposed to be evaluating a criminal to send said prisoner a GIFT!  

Martinez also slammed him on his license indiscretion for bartering of dental services - I knew that was coming. Martinez hit home run after home run this afternoon to prove that Samuels is a quack psychologist (can you say paid expert?) 

Martinez aimed another one of his infamous zingers at Samuels when he started to get testy with him, couldn't remember "facts", and would not give Martinez a "yes" or "no" answer.  

Martinez: Do you have memory problems? ...Oh, snap!!

Skewed, DishonestTest Results Anyone?

Samuels was a train wreck on the stand as he bumbled and fumbled through his stack of messy paperwork. Martinez even called him out on his poor organizational skills - classic! Pooorrr "expert" witness...he honestly looked like he was going to keel over and have a heart attack! 

He couldn't even remember the name of the PSD test he administered to Arias. Then it got really funny when Martinez unraveled Samuels' method of "professional" psych test taking (yes, he used a pencil and filled in her answers). Lo and behold, Arias' test was skewed and not exactly honest (oh, big shocker!). Samuels even admitted on the stand that he should have re-administered the test to her. 

Martinez also posed the question to Samuels: if a person continues to lie OVER and OVER again, wouldn't it be a good idea to actually corroborate their story? 

The words outta Samuels mouth: "I would discontinue testing if someone was lying consistently." Really, Samuels? So the ninja intruder lies were all just part of her fake sex-induced amnesia and PTSD?

Then Martinez questions him if he looked at Arias' photos -  wouldn't it have been helpful to look at the photos to corroborate what Arias told him (aka HER LIES!)

Samuels answers yes, that would have been helpful for him to corrobate and to look at the pictures - ya think, dooofus? Martinez barely got started with Samuels this afternoon --thanks to whiny Wilmot stamping her feet and objecting to Martinez--wahhh, don't yell at her witness!

Stay tuned! The fireworks continue on Tuesday at 10 AM MST / 1 PM EST with Martinez's cross-exam! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Expert Witness? I Think Not! Samuels Diagnoses Arias With Make-Believe PTSD & Amnesia

First, I want to thank ALL the vets and law enforcement across the country who have put their lives on the line for my freedoms. How many more times can the defense offend people? At least, Arias is off the stand and we don't have to listen to her whiny, crazy voice.

There was another 2 hour recess due to the fact there were objections by Martinez because of the defense witness' PowerPoint slides. It was such a waste of time this morning, and I don't know why they didn't take care of this BEFORE court started today. It was ridiculous...and if I was an Arizona taxpayer, I would be pissed off that my money was being wasted. I don't think Judge Stephens has a firm grasp on her court room. 

Arias' Kinky Sex Life and Hot Showers Caused Her Amnesia

Arias took her seat next to Wilmott and the defense introduced their first "expert witness" today. What a joke! Psychologist Dr. Richard Samuels (or Dick - as Nancy Grace called him tonight) made his official diagnosis of Arias on the stand today: post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and "transient global amnesia."

 Wait for it...AND her amnesia was caused by the sex or being immersed in hot or cold water. Those are some of the reasons why people get amnesia, according to Samuels. Sounds like he got his diagnosis from the Magic 8 Ball!! Wow, just wow! Not to mention, this guy has a PhD and he's not a medical doctor. He brought out his fancy charts and psych jargon, but he didn't fool me (and I hope, he didn't fool the jury either). 

Also, thanks to Sue in my Facebook group for pointing me in the direction of this little tidbit: Samuels is not the most ethical psychologist. This blows his credibility out of the water for me. He got dental work done in exchange for providing his psychological services. Tsk tsk! This happened while he was in New Jersey and he got busted by the New Jersey State Board of Psychological Examiners.

Dr. Drew Calls Out Samuels on "Quacky" Amnesia Diagnosis

Give me a freakin' break! Dr. Drew (who is a MEDICAL DOCTOR!) blew Samuels' transient global amnesia diagnosis out of the water. According to Dr. Drew, he stated tonight on his show that transient global amnesia is a medical condition and is a confusional state. It DOES NOT happen when immersed in cold or hot water, getting hit over the head, or after having sex.

This Is the Best 'Expert' Witness You Can Get, Defense?

Samuels is an obvious attention whore and he is a paid expert. He does this for a living so duh, he's paid to skew the diagnosis in Arias' favor. I just had to shake my head at this witness. Why didn't the defense call a forensics psychiatrist? Forensics psychiatrists are experts in criminology and criminal profiling. Arias is a criminal and needs to be examined and tested by a REAL psychiatrist. 

I am so appalled that Samuels would DARE  compare Arias to war vets and police officers. These men and women put their lives in danger on a daily basis and make huge sacrifices - their PTSD is a result of the traumatic experiences they endured while on the job. 

Why the PTSD & Amnesia Diagnosis Are Laughable

The PTSD/amnesia diagnosis is a convenient cookie-cutter diagnosis and is a joke. The symptoms that Samuels talked about on the stand are very real and people can have memory loss and may not always remember traumatic events, but those DO NOT apply to Jodi Arias! The only thing that Arias suffers from is Pretend Traumatic Stress Disorder!! 

Also, there are a LOT of loopholes in his amnesia/PTSD theory. 

- Why didn't Samuels go back to her childhood and examine her alleged child abuse? That was left out of his testimony - how convenient! He didn't say one word about her child abuse. Oh, maybe because he knows she's lying. He said she knew she was lying about the ninja intruders but blamed that on her PTSD. No, that has to do with the fact that she's just a pathologically lying sociopath. 

- So Arias ONLY suffered from a lapse in memory and had PTSD from the time she shot Travis until she was driving in the desert? 

If that night was SO traumatic for Arias and she was fighting for her life (goes back to fight or flight), WHY didn't she have amnesia from the time Travis body slammed her on the tile? Why didn't she have amnesia the other times Travis allegedly abused her? 

The only part of his diagnosis that I agreed with was Arias' flat, emotionless affect but I disagree that it's due to PTSD. It's due to the fact that she's a narcissistic sociopathic liar!

Here are some symptoms related to PTSD...and let's see how Arias doesn't fit any of them:

  • Staying away from places, events, or objects that are reminders of the experience - WRONG!! Why did she go to Travis' house BEFORE his memorial? If she was truly suffering from PTSD, driving past his house would cause major anxiety and panic. She wasn't panicked or had any emotional issues after driving past his house.
  • Feeling strong guilt, depression, or worry. She hasn't shown any remorse or guilt on the stand - she squeezes out a few fake tears as part of her sociopathic mask. Worried? Heck no! She is full of herself and narcissistic. She thinks she has this trial in the bag and in her La-La Land she actually thinks she's going to be acquitted, leave prison and have a love child with her sperm donor baby daddy and her girlfriend. The only flash of emotion she shows is anger under her scary veneer - "no one puts Baby in a corner!" 
  • Losing interest in activities that were enjoyable in the past - Hmmm, she still is able to draw her crappy art and sell it on eBay. It doesn't look like she's lost interest in art...oh and she still loves to lie. Her favorite thing to do!

My grade for the defense's expert witness? Sorry, Dr. Samuels I give you a  F! He gives credible psychologists a bad name! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

62 Second Time Frame: Juan Martinez Tells Arias That Her Story is Impossible

Trial resumed today after five days in recess (day 18 of Arias on the stand). Today was a doozy! Between MORE technical glitches in court, and a two hour recess that held up court, the trial felt a bit disjointed today - thanks to Nurmi, who was was annoying as ever, who objected to almost every question that Martinez asked. Far too many sidebars this afternoon!

Arias returned to her usual smug attitude and argued semantics with Martinez: Wahhh, you didn't ask the question "correctly." Wahhh Wahhh!!! She was argumentative and questioned every single word that Martinez uttered to her. Once again, Arias thinks she's the prosecuting attorney.

Arias was all fangs and smirks today - add her fake sad, whiny voice and I was so over listening to her on the stand. Many times throughout the day, her faced turned red. She got pissed off because she didn't have any control as Martinez questioned her and backed her into a corner...all her lies came a-tumblin' down today.

Martinez Breaks Down Arias' Fictitious Story - It's Impossible for Killing to Happen In That Manner
Martinez was on fire again! He tells Arias that there is NO WAY that the killing could have happened as she described it.

The last picture of Travis Alexander alive was 5:31:14 pm. Martinez relays Arias' sequence of events that evening Travis was killed on June 4, 2008:
"You drop the camera ... you are body-slammed, you get away, you go down the hallway, you go in the closet, you get the gun, you go into the bathroom ... You shoot him, he goes down ... and then, after you're able to get away, you go get the knife and you end up at the end of the hallway? All of this in 62 seconds?" Martinez snapped. (Source: CBS News) 
The next photo (the fuzzy photo of Travis that shows Arias' leg) was taken at 5:32:16 pm - 62 seconds. Martinez tells Arias that it was impossible for her scenario to actually happen in just 62 seconds. Once again, Martinez shows that Arias' story makes absolutely no logical sense. Her entire story fell completely just 62 seconds!!!

What Happened to the Knife? I Don't Remember...Wahhhh...I Don't Know
Arias knows but then she doesn't know the answer...but then she forgets...and then she vaguely remembers. Ridiculous!

"You didn't have the knife in your hand when you shot him," he said. "So that means, if you didn't have the knife in your hand, you had to go get it from somewhere, right?" 
"I don't know," Arias replied.  (Source: CBS News) 
The answer that blew me away was her vague recollection of the knife (well, not really - she's a sociopath so everything that comes out of her lying mouth doesn't make logical sense!). She remembers the knife hitting the floor in the bathroom but then the fog rolls in again. Her stories are beyond illogical and lack common sense!

She tells Martinez that she can't remember if she put the knife in the dishwasher that night or maybe it was another time when she was at Travis' house "doing dishes." Are you kidding me?! How can she NOT remember not putting a bloody knife/murder weapon in the dishwasher versus washing a kitchen knife used for cooking purposes? There goes that fog rolling in again!!

Arias' Foggy Memory: Martinez Becomes Frustrated With Her "Frozen Computer" Answers

Martinez was frustrated with Arias as he unraveled every thread of her bogus story. I don't blame Martinez for getting testy with Arias today. Her answers were vague and aggressive. She deflected every question Martinez threw her way. Martinez asked her follow-up questions about the jury questions - questions she already answered!!! Is she just dumb as a box of rocks or did she actually think her stupid mind game was going to work with Martinez? She's wrangling with the wrong cowboy! She refused to give Martinez a straight answer and Martinez even addressed the judge that she wasn't answering his questions.

My favorite zingers from Martinez's cross-exam today:

"Do you have problems with memory of answers you JUST gave a few days ago?" 

When Arias pulls her "I guess..." answers, Martinez fires back with:

"No! No! No! There is no guessing here now!!!" (Oh SNAP!) 

The Smoking Gun: Oh, But Travis Loaded the Gun in December
She originally told the jury that this alleged gun owned by Travis was UNLOADED.

Martinez read my mind about the unloaded gun - if the gun was unloaded, what threat did an unloaded gun pose to Travis? He asks Arias:

"What did you plan to do? Throw it (the gun) at him!" 

...That's what I'm saying, Martinez!

But then her story suddenly changes AGAIN. She tells Martinez that Travis loaded the gun in December - can you say big, fat lie? This was news to Juan Martinez and to the jury. So what is it? A loaded or unloaded gun?

That Darn Gun Holster!
Then Martinez questions her about the holster - first she says there was a holster and then there wasn't a holster when she pulled it off the closet shelf with just ONE hand...maybe there was a holster, maybe there wasn't, according to Arias. There goes the fog! If she grabbed this alleged gun with only one hand, she would remember a holster because the holster would go along with the gun. Once again, there is no way she could have pulled the gun (with holster) off the shelf in that short period of time.

The Closet Photo: Can You Say Another Lie?
If you look at the closet photo,  it was completely undisturbed - the clothes and shoes were in neat order and nothing looks out of place. There is NO way that she could have run into the closet without messing up the clothes or knocking down a shelf. Martinez blew the closet scenario out of the water as well. Based on the shelving units, they don't look sturdy and wouldn't be able to hold Arias' weight if she leaned on the shelf and reached for a gun (which was allegedly placed on a high shelf).

Nurmi is Desperate & Asks MORE Sex-Related Questions
Nurmi annoyed me with his constant objections today, but I tuned out when Nurmi questioned Arias again. I am not even going to spend a lot of time on his lame questions - more questions about her being a bad/good Mormon, her chastity, sex details blah blah blah.

More Jury Questions
The trial ended with final jury questions - great questions today. My favorite (and a question that's been on my mind as well):
If you still felt  threatened after shooting Travis, why didn't you just shoot him again rather than stab him? 
Exactly...of course, it's all a blur and she blacked out and doesn't remember picking up the knife but she does remember shooting him!

Another lame answer: when asked why she didn't take pictures of her neck to verify proof of abuse, she gave another stupid Law of Attraction excuse again. She said if she actually took pictures, that means the abuse was real. Well, obviously it's NOT real if Arias has zero photos documenting her BS story of abuse!

I hope I have the patience to get through Thursday's testimony...Arias grated on my last nerve with her evasiveness and her rudeness. It's simple - just answer the question either YES or NO! 

Next up..."expert" witnesses will be called to the stand by Nurmi and Martinez. The trial resumes on Thursday at 10:30 AM/1:30 PM EDT. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Justice for Travis: Arias Trial Takes Recess Until Wednesday

The trial won't resume until Wednesday, March 13. I watched the CNN special that was televised this weekend and it irks me that the media continues to paint Travis as the cold, calculating abuser - they should spend more time on all the good he did in his life as opposed to painting a negative picture of the victim AND Travis cannot defend himself!

I will continue to blog and update as best as I can as the trial continues this week. These posts are dedicated to Travis and his family. I can only hope that after last week's questions from the jurors that Arias is sunk as her lies were completely unraveled - thanks to the jury and Martinez's hard-hitting questions - like bringing up the gas cans!!

In my Facebook group, we have discussed the following possibilities/scenarios: that somehow Matt McCartney is more involved than he's letting on (with the actual murder) and that Arias has more sketchy skeletons in her crazy closet (perhaps she was aiming for a career in porn?) These are theories and speculation, of course.

Also, what's up with the media calling her a model/photographer? She was NEVER a model -- other than a one-time modeling gig. A man, who was interviewed on HLN, said he hired Arias for a one-time modeling gig but said she was lazy and didn't do what she was supposed to do - so that tells you something right there!

Only time will tell as the clock ticks. What other lies will be exposed? I can't wait for Martinez's closing. We still have yet to hear from the "experts" this week, and who knows what picture they will paint of Arias as the victim. This disgusts me because she mocks real domestic violence victims by all the lies she spews from her lying mouth. Juan Martinez will be able to have his experts weigh in as well and I know Martinez has something big planned - just a feeling and Martinez does not disappoint.

Check out this petition I started last week to ask eBay to stop selling Aria's artwork on their site. The petition has received over 1,500 signatures and is still growing strong. Huge thanks to those who have signed and support the petition. 

For all the haters who tweeted negative and disgusting comments about my petition, you can sit there in your ivory towers but I don't see you doing anything to actually fight for justice for victims of crime. If you want something done, then get out there and DO something productive - that's my motto! While I understand that eBay may not take down the artwork until there is a verdict, I'm proving a point with this petition. eBay is taking blood money and she should not be allowed to profit from killing Travis. She said point-blank on the stand that she YES, she shot, stabbed, and slit his throat. How is that "innocent" testimony?

I'll return to my regular trial updates on Wednesday...until then, let's remember what this trial is really all about - seeing justice served for Travis Alexander!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jurors Ask: Hey Jodi Arias, Why Should We Believe You Now?

Ding, ding, ding - today's score: Jurors & Juan Martinez win by a landslide...Nurmi & Arias: 0! 

Jurors asks MORE questions today (64 total) and Juan Martinez dons his legal boxing gloves and gets in the ring with the lying lioness, Arias.

Jury Bombards With More Pointed Questions While Arias Pretends to Look Sad

The jury continued to question-bomb Arias on the stand today and I give major props to this jury. They aren't messing around with this psychotic liar. They want answers and they want them now - minus the bull ca-ca she keeps shoveling at them. 

By the questions asked today, it's obvious that the jurors are frustrated with her and her convoluted lies. They threw down some hostile and semi-sarcastic questions today. The looks on Arias' face today were priceless...she went from smiling actress to sad to boring her spawned-from-Satan, devilish eyes into Juan Martinez. Arias looked almost stressed and she didn't look all that comfy when Nurmi dragged on and on with MORE sex questions (seriously, we've heard enough about the anal sex and KY jelly, Nurmi!) She did squeeze a few tears for dramatic wouldn't be Arias on the stand without a few fake boo-hoos! 

But when Martinez unleashed on her, he put on his gloves and he threw down this afternoon with hard-hitting questions...and if Arias' looks could kill...woah. Arias was fidgety and twitchy and she did NOT like being on the Martinez hot seat.

Jury Asks Arias Point-Blank: After All The Lies You Have Told, Why Should We Believe You Now? 

Oh snap, no they didn't...oh YES, they did. This was the BEST question I heard out of all the questions that were thrown at Arias today. Wait for it...Arias literally gulps and takes a deep breath...and answers:

"Like I said before, I lied a lot. Each of those lies tied back to two things: protecting his ego, no, his reputation, and my own, and second, relating to any involvement in his death," she said.
Arias then paused dramatically.
"I understand that there will always be questions, but all I can do, at this point, is say what happened to the best of my recollection. If I'm convicted, that's because of my own bad choices," she said as prosecutor Juan Martinez objected loudly." (Source: ABC News) 
Other doozies: 

Why were you afraid of the consequences if you killed Travis in self defense?

Jodi answers that she believed it wasn't okay in any circumstances to take soemone's life, even if she was defending her own life. She didn't stop to consider how society would view her if she defended herself. She felt like she had done something wrong and she was afraid of the consequences.

Oh you mean, like getting arrested and going to jail? Whoops, too late, Arias!

Would you have told the truth if you had never been arrested?

I honestly don't know the answer to that. (Uhmm, NO she wouldn't tell the truth...EVER!)

Arias Pulled an Unloaded Fake Gun on Travis - How Does That Work? 

The gun story is beyond ridiculous and she can't keep her stories straight - the story is almost laughable now. She claims that Travis' grandfather gave Travis the gun, but Travis never kept the gun loaded. There was no evidence of ammunition found in his home, NO holster, and in the state of Arizona, a criminal background check must be done for anyone who purchases a gun (that could be easily cross-checked). Not to mention, Dave Hall, Travis' friend, said he doesn't own a gun (and I'm sure his roommates would KNOW if he owned a gun or not due to home protection). So how does that work? Also, if Travis knew that his gun wasn't loaded when Arias allegedly pulled the gun on him, he wouldn't have been scared. Another HUGE hole in her lie!

Oh wait, that doesn't sound right...she loaded the gun with imaginary ammo (and she said she NEVER fired a gun but had slight knowledge of guns?) and then took it out of the holster AFTER she reached up to get the gun in the closet...all in a split second. Like I said before, I think she stole the gun from her grandparents' house and she obviously knew how to use a gun - lies and more lies! 

Nurmi Slow Talks Away the Afternoon & Wastes Precious Time 

I am surprised the jury didn't throw spitballs at Nurmi. He purposely dragged out his questions so Martinez wouldn't have a lot of time in his redirect this afternoon. Nurmi wasted time by dredging up the kinky sex details AGAIN (I personally think he relishes in the sexy details of this trial - eck!) and brought up her supposed journal entries. Honestly, I think her journal is a big fake and I think she created her "fantasy" diary after the fact (including the BS suicide story she writes about in her journal entries) and her argument with Travis on November 5, 2007. 

I question the legitimacy of this supposed diary, especially when she claims she ripped out certain pages because of the Law of Attraction. She wasn't supposed to say bad things about other people so she ripped out all the alleged scathing entries about all the bad things Travis did to her. Yeah, right! 

When Travis Passed Away...What??!!! 
Really, Jodi Arias??!! When he "passed away?" His death was NOT accidental - she minimized the brutality of what she did. Talk about insulting and disgusting to Travis' family and friends. She killed him - stabbed him 29 times, slit his throat, AND shot him. Is that part of her foggy memory loss? This was horrible to hear and I am sure the jury was disgusted was as well. 

Round 2: Juan Martinez Shreds Arias' Lies With Good Ole-Fashioned Logic

Martinez Knocks Arias Down with Gas Can Story to Show Pre-Meditation 

There was a method to Martinez's strategy today and Arias went down in flames when he brought up the receipts and gas cans. She also can't do simple math or figure out logic. Martinez trips her up with her answer to the juror question about the gas cans. Arias claims she returned the third gas can to Wal-Mart in Salinas, Calif., where she received a refund. Are you sure, Ma'am? 

Martinez asks: Would it surprise you, Ma'am, that there was never a record that you returned the gas can to Wal-Mart?

Arias looks shocked and said yes, it would, and I paid cash for the gas can and I got the refund in cash (Uhmmm hello, Wal-mart would still give her a receipt!)

It's Called Math & Logic - Get to Know It, Jodi Arias

The best "math and logic" moment, that totally obliterates the "Wal-mart gas can refund"  story, is when Martinez goes through the receipts from the gas station in Salt Lake City. The receipts show (and are cross-referenced with her Washington Mutual business credit card statement) that she filled up THREE times at the same gas pump 2 at the SAME Tesoro gas station in Salt Lake City. If you have logic in your brain, you should be following this fun equation quite easily...Arias not so much (she looked very confused while Martinez spelled out the math for her).  
Arias' credit card statement: notice three separate puraches from  Tesoro  in Salt Lake City, UT  (Martinez cross-checked with her actual gas receipts from Tesoro)
The purchases at Tesoro were broken down as follows:

- 1st purchase was 9.583 gallons ($36.98)
 - 2nd purchase was 10.672 gallons ($41.18) 
 - 3rd purchase showed $19.65 divided by $3.895/per gallon equals...wait for it...5.09 gallons of GAS!

AND the gas can she bought from Wal-Mart was 5 gallons. Funny how that works!

That blows her third gas can story out of the water. This shows pre-meditation. She did NOT want anyone to know that she was in Arizona so that's why she filled up three gas cans...count them, Jodi Arias, 1, 2, 3!!

Oh, That Pesky Finger - More Lies About Arias' Poor Lil Finger 

Let's back up to the original story that Arias told Ryan Burns when she stayed with him the day after she killed Travis. Arias told Burns that she broke her finger (on her right hand) on a margarita class at the fake restaurant, Margitaville, she worked at. 

Then she changes her story and tells the jury and Martinez that she jammed her finger on metal at Casa Ramos (her real place of employment). When Martinez questions about the cut finger, she reminds him that was a different time when she broke her finger on a glass at Travis' house (Oh okay!!!)

Jodi Doesn't Tell Manager About Her Injured Finger...Because It Never Happened!

Martinez rails into her and wants to know why she didn't tell the manager about her injury at work. Here comes the foggy memory: "I don't remember what was said." When Martinez continues to ask her if she reported the injury to her manager or asked her about the injury, she tells him that she assumed he knew since she told him she needed a band-aid because she was bleeding but it was too busy so she just put a band-aid on it because she had a "bazillion margaritas to make" that night. 

Martinez was trying to prove that the injury didn't happen that night since there was no proof. She took a picture of her finger but her manager didn't know what happened because it NEVER happened that night. In California restaurants, they have to claim a workman's comp or at least a form would have been filled out if she had been injured that night (she gave a lame excuse that it was a privately-owned business and they only had 4 to 5 restaurants). So ridiculous - ALL restaurants, big or small, have to file a workman's comp claim. 

Another lie exposed!

It was a crazy afternoon filled with rapid-fire questions from Juan Martinez and Arias looked pissed off most of the afternoon. She is losing control and she knows it. And she's stressed (note festering cold sore on her face). The jurors aren't buying her crap testimony and Juan exposed all the inconsistencies in the juror questions she answered in the past few days

...and Martinez has only JUST begun!! 

The trial is on recess until next Wednesday! I need a break after these past few weeks. Beth Karas from InSession announced that MORE jury questions will be asked next far, the jury has asked over 200 questions!

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