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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Alyce in Liar-Land: Domestic Violence "Expert" Verbally Slaps Murder Victim Travis Alexander & His Family

I apologize for not posting yesterday, but I was beyond frustrated with Alyce LaViolette's rude, disrespectful outburst that happened yesterday when she scolded Juan Martinez and told him that if he was in one of her groups she would have given him a time-out. While she was admonished by Judge Stephens to refrain from comments and outbursts like that, I think LaViolette should have been slapped immediately with contempt. Hope she is lawyered up because I have a feeling she might have legal troubles after this trial is finished!

Yesterday was the last straw with Alyce in Liar-Land. She is not only biased, but every time she opens her mouth she verbally slaps ALL domestic violence victims, the victim, Travis Alexander, and his family. The only thing that got me through the cross-exam was Juan Martinez who wouldn't let up and I'm grateful that Martinez continues to fight the good fight for Travis!

Here Comes the Big Slap: Travis Was Not Stalked By Jodi Arias

My heart broke when I saw Travis' sister, Samantha, sobbing in court. It enraged me that this supposed domestic violence expert can sit there on the stand and blatantly lie. What happened to professional ethics? What happened to being an HONEST and decent person?

I was contemplating who is the worse of the two and as much as I wasn't a fan of Dick Samuels, Alyce in Liar-Land beats him hands down. She is the Queen of Jodi Arias Kool-Aid Drinking and every word out of her lying, unethical mouth should be inadmissible...but the worst of today was when she denied that Travis was stalked.

Because Travis didn't report the incident to the police and did not get a restraining order, LaViolette came to her own conclusion that Travis was not stalked (despite all the damning text messages where Travis calls Arias a sociopath and says that "you only cry for yourself" - such true words!)

Travis told his friends that his tires were slashed and he told her IN the text messages that she was psychotic and she was the worst thing that ever happened to him!!! Arias slashed his tires twice and his girlfriend's tires. There is proof that SHE snuck in through his doggy door AND she told her dad that she went to his house and saw Travis, through the window, with another woman. She even told her dad they were going to get married - hello, reality called, and they want your insanity back, Crybaby!

Yeah, Alyce in Liar-Land, that's completely normal behavior. That's not stalking at at all. HELLO!!!! Her mom and dad admitted that their daughter was mentally stable and she would freak out all the time BEFORE she killed Travis!!!!!!!!

The zinger of the day from Martinez came after LaViolette says that Travis was not stalked because he never told authorities so Martinez counters with the argument Arias never called the police, or took pictures of her abuse or told anyone about the abuse...LaViolette says Arias' situation was different (oh but she told her liar ex-boyfriend, Matt McCartney).

Martinez fires back with: "Because one involves a man and one involves a woman?" 

The Spewing of Lies Continue...Arias Shot Travis in the Closet

The story changes once again! According to LaViolette, Travis was in the closet with Arias when she shot him. I hope the jury is paying attention to that HUGE lie. Miss Liar Pants can't keep her stories straight and her butt kisser witness took her bait hook, line and sinker!

Why Alyce in Liar-Land Should Never Be Allowed to Work with Domestic Violence Victims EVER AGAIN!

LaViolette is biased, unethical, defensive and has serious issues with men (case in point - Martinez's cross-exam). AND WHY can't she answer questions YES OR NO!!!?? It's really simple - it's either yes or no!  Her disgustingly rude behavior on the stand shows she is the ONE that needs anger management classes.

She is beyond obsessed with Arias and feels sorry for her - boo hoo! Shame on her for believing Arias' psychotic lies. Her career is beyond repair now - she has shown that she is NOT credible and she has 300 plus scathing reviews about her book on Amazon. What does that say? Can you say her reputation is toast?

She has no place speaking on behalf of domestic violence victims. She is a disgrace to ANYONE who has been abused - man or woman! She verbally beats up Travis over and over again with all her vomit-inducing lies. LaViolette has demonized Travis when the REAL demon sits right in front of her.

The fact that she leads groups of male abusers is VERY scary. She should not be doing ANY psychological work with anyone until she fixes her own problems. Her combative, rude, aggressive behavior on the stand shows she has serious issues.

She continues to verbally trash Travis' reputation and every word/lie she utters is a stab into the hearts of the Arias family. Was Jodi Arias killed? Is she the victim of abuse? NO, Jodi Arias murdered Travis. She is the ABUSER. Jodi Arias is alive and Travis is dead because she is a psychotic, cold-blooded killer. Travis is the victim and will always be the victim.

Shame on Alyce LaViolette...

For the mere price of $250 an hour, Alyce in Liar-Land sold her soul to the devil and her name is JODI ARIAS! 

These defense "expert" witnesses have proved to be the WORST, most unethical witnesses of ANY expert witnesses I have EVER seen in a murder trial.



  1. Very well stated. That woman needs to go hand in hand to hell with arias

  2. Lady, I couldn't have said it better myself. Your post echoes what most of the country feels about this fraud. Alyce LaToilette lied on the stand and the proof is the trial videos that are posted on She should be prosecuted for perjury. She's a disgrace to the whole domestic violence community.