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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dr. Horn Testifies Again That Travis Was NOT Shot First & Willmott Is Not a Weapons Expert

It was a short morning in court and Judge Stephens recessed the trial until next Wednesday. Before I dive into Dr. Kevin Horn's testimony  (wow, he's all kinds of hotness--but I digress),  I want to point out that Crybaby was putting on another display of fake boo-hoos (about as fake as her boobage!) for the court room today as crime photos of Travis' body were displayed. Then the melodramatic tears started to fall. YES, YOU did that, Crybaby, so why don't you look up???!!!

As Dr. Horn answered Juan Martinez's question about Travis's brain injuries - once again, we hear that NO, he could NOT have been shot first. He would have been incapacitated and wouldn't have been able to move or stand or reach out or walk the 18 feet down the hallway. No way, no how!

Let's Play a Fun Game - "What's Crybaby Thinking?" 

Here is the internal dialogue that was running through Crazy Train Crybaby's demonic brain this morning. Her fake tears were so RIDICULOUS - she was only crying for herself AGAIN...tick, tock, Crybaby, time is running out for you.

Pan in Crybaby wearing her puke-brown top (she and Jenny were matchy-match with their colors today - GAG).  Poor poor, Jodi Arias. She BOOOHHHOOs and covers her face with her greasy locks and flips her spidery bangs: 
Sniffle sniffle boo hoo. I should have never told the gun/closet story. Goshhhh, Jodi, you are so dumb! Why did you say you shot him FIRST?! I should have been in the FOG when I was stabbing him NOT after I shot him. Stupid stupid stupid! Hmm, maybe I can change my story (lie) again!
Oh I'm so sad!! Wahhhhh!! Dr. Horn is ruining my life. Nooo, you don't know what you're talking about. Boohoo (shoots evil glance at Dr. Horn behind her greasy mane). 
He doesn't know anything!! I'm the SMART one, not him. I could be a doctor. I could, yes I could! Sidebar: even though he's a trained medical doctor and has performed hundreds of autopsies. 
I shot him first. Stop poisoning the jury! I HATE YOU. I want to scribble your face and put horns around your head, DR HORN MUAHHHH!! 
Remember I had that fog and then I don't remember stabbing him and then I found myself in the desert with blood all over my hands...gasp, sniffle, sniffle..deep gulp of air...and then...and then...I got my case of Costco water from the trunk and washed off the blood from my hands. 
Stop talking, Dr. Horn. You are so mean to me. You are ruining my perfect story. No no noooooo!! 
Sniffle sniffle. Ohhh, I'm perking up now. Wahhh, sniffle, fake tear...Crybaby puts hands on her face. 
My Evil Twin Jenny on the Block is now saying that a 25 caliber gun wouldn't have enough velocity to injure Travis' brain. Oh that's good, Jenny, keep going with that story. Yeah, that's it, you tell him, Jenny. Take that, Dr. Horn!!  Even though Jenny doesn't know jack squat about anatomy and physiology, see Dr. Horn, she's SMARTER than YOU!! Yes, that's it, Travis could MOVE and run down the hall. He was able to get up, despite suffering a severe trauma to his brain thanks to the bullet I blasted through his skull, and sprint down the hall - even though medical science proves otherwise. Yeah, good one, Jenny, that's the ticket! 
Jodi daydreams about Whiner Willmott while she cries her fake tears and hides her face behind her hands. Pan in on Crybaby's evil, demonic grin...Poor scribbling today!  
I heart you, Jennny. You are my hero. I am gonna draw a picture of you this weekend and put pretty pink hearts all over your face, and I will even cover up your nasty bald spot in the picture. It's okay - even if you go bald, I will always love you and whisper sweet nothings into your ear. I don't care if you have an empty brain. I'm all the Einstein you need. I'll even leave my girlfriend for you! I promise to put you in my book and we can run away and have babies together...AND AND...
Okay now back to reality & the trial...
The jurors had only a few questions for Dr. Horn. Another sign that they don't believe the defense or Crybaby's shoddy closet/gun story aka LIE. Juan broke it down for us this morning - thanks to Dr. Horne's return to the stand: no way could Travis have been shot first. He had defense wounds on the back of his hands and thumbs which indicated that there was a struggle. A struggle means his physical body had to move - thus, he wasn't incapacitated and wasn't shot first.

Here are a few of the question asked by the jury - yeah, keep on boo-hoo'ing, Crazy Train Crybaby! 

Why do you believe Alexander was still alive when his throat was slit? 
Dr. Horn said he was still alive at that time, because of the amount of the blood that came out of his wound.

How many times have you seen injuries involving a .25 caliber gun? 
Horn said he has seen wounds from .25 caliber guns about 200 times.

Yes, A .25 Caliber Gun Can CAUSE Severe Brain Damage!

Whiner Willmott attempted to use her big brain to basically tell Dr. Horn that she knew more about medical science then he did (which obviously perturbed Dr. Handsome Horn). Also, the last time I checked a .25 caliber gun can still do a LOT of damage. 

Thanks to Tammy in my Facebook group for pointing out what happened during Reagan's assassination attempt:  a .25 caliber gun was used when Reagan's press secretary, Jim Brady, was shot by John Hinckley. Brady was seriously wounded and suffered severe brain trauma as a result of the shooting and is still in a wheelchair. Willmott tried to impress the jury with her weapons knowledge (NOT!!): according to Whiner, a .25 caliber gun would only cause very minimal brain damage - to the point, that Travis could get up and run away! Yeah, uhmmm, NO!!! So there goes that theory, Jenny!!

In Moment of Desperation, Defense Pulls Dr. Geffner Outta Their Butts

Dumb (Crazy Train Crybaby), Dumber (Jenny on the Block) & Dumbest (Bad Posture/Chair Sloucher Nurmi) better start counting down the minutes...because time is running out for their sorry, sad excuse of a defense. 

Here we go with  have another DUMB ASS psychologist, Dr. Robert Geffner! He will "attempt" (and I use that word loosely) to rebut Dr. DeMarte's testimony that Arias suffers from borderline personality disorder and that Crybaby was not a victim of domestic violence. This guy must not care if his career goes down the toilet. Bye-bye! He only has to look at Alyce in La-La-Land to see what happened to her career after her testimony. I wonder if she has left the country yet?!

Another desperate attempt to save the Crybaby. Yeah, I don't see his testimony working very well. 

Woot woot, the Crazy Train has left the Dummy Head Defense Station!!!!

Stay tuned, folks! We have another week left of this trial - can't wait to hear Juan Martinez's closing argument!

Also, Juror #8 (male) was released today - hmmm, wonder what he did?!!

Hey, Jodi Arias (Donavan, are you reading??!!)...mark MY words...karma is coming your way and it's not gonna be pretty!!

Court resumes next Wednesday!! JUSTICE FOR TRAVIS!!

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