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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Does Willmott Really Call Dr. DeMarte the B Word? You Be the Judge!

I didn't catch this morning's testimony due to other real-life obligations. In true manipulative form, Arias faked one of her "migraines" this afternoon (why court was recessed early this afternoon). She was pretending to "look" sick and that puke-green shirt didn't help her sallow coloring either.

I think Arias just couldn't stand looking at DeMarte because she is prettier, smarter and more LOGICAL than Arias and her moronic defense team....and their lame witnesses. Not to mention, she is delaying the inevitable and stalling for time. If you are counting, this is her third "migraine" excuse she's pulled throughout the trial.

I had a lame Twitter idiot/Arias lover tell me that she didn't like my blog (thanks for the publicity) and that she didn't find a 30 year old psychologist to be a credible witness. I would take Dr. DeMarte's CREDIBLE, intelligent testimony over the team of Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest (Arias, Dick Samuels, and LaViolette). Enough said! 

This will be a short post tonight since I need to catch up with the trial highlights but I doubt I missed much - just the usual spewing of Willmott with her whiny voice trying to prove that DeMarte isn't a credible psychologist. Not gonna happen. You know, the voice that sounds like Charlie Brown's mother - wah wah wahwahwhwhwahahah!! 

Ohhh NO She Dinnttt...or Did She? 

The supposed "B word" bomb by Willmott is posted below - there is a hot debate that Willmott called DeMarte a bitch under her breath. I have listened to this clip repeatedly and I'm on the fence. I have good hearing and I'm not quite sure what she says. We discussed this clip in my Facebook group and the majority of the members think she does call DeMarte a bitch. 

You be the judge - what do you think

A big shout out to EggTree News Blog - this is a hilarious blog! If you want a really good laugh about the trial, check it out! So FUNNY! I couldn't stop laughing over the nicknames that the blogger gives the defense and Arias (especially Arias' nickname, Stabby). 

Here's an egg-cerpt from Egg-o's blog today:

"Jenny whined for a spell about DeMarte earning $300 an hour, which according to Jenny is indicative of secondary gain. Ironically, she, Heavy D Nurmi, and LaViolette all earn more, so she should probably stop her hypocritical song and dance about draining taxpayers (who are sitting on the jury, by the way).  She also suggested Janeen was not a qualified expert due to the absence of “lecturer” on her CV. Perhaps if she had toured to spread the word about battered Disney characters rather than treat patients, she would have more credibility with Team Cosmonaut. Try as she might to imitate barky Martinez, Catty Jenny just cannot rattle Janeen’s cage. "

We all need a good laugh (at the expense of batshit crazy killer Jodi Arias) as this trial moves along at a snail's pace, but let's remember what it's all about at the end of the day...JUSTICE FOR TRAVIS ALEXANDER and support for the Alexander Family!!

A huge SHOUT OUT to all my friends - you know who you are - in my social media circles who support and read my blog, and work hard to fight for justice! 

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