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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Benefit of Petitions: How To Fight Justice & Make an Impact Online

Hi Justice Fighters! My last post was a bit harsh on the state of Florida but it got me thinking about what we can do on an individual basis to fight justice, especially in our own background. I sign a lot of petitions and I also started a petition when Jodi Arias was peddling her crappy "paint-by-number" artwork and claiming she was a victim of domestic violence. The petition asked eBay to stop allowing a murderer to make money off her jail cell scribblings (thanks to the many readers and followers who signed my petition). As a result, eBay deleted the listings of her artwork from their site. 

As I watch the news and see the sad stories of people (especially innocent children) and animals being abused and killed, it really angers me and makes me want to do more. While some people may think petitions don't do any good, online petitions help spread the word and allow people to take justice into their hands. Petitions are the voice of the people, and it's our freedom of speech right to sign and circulate these much-needed petitions.

Take your pick! I invite you take a stand with me or start your own petition. Here are a few "justice fighting" causes that I feel strongly about and and I have signed these petitions below. 

If you have other links to worthwhile causes and petitions, please feel let me know and I'll add them to the list! 

2. Justice for Omaree - the young boy in New Mexico who was abused & killed by his parents

3. Protect our Defenders - Demand that Congress creates a new method for reporting sexual assault in the military 

8. Justice for puppy Toby/Toby's Law - Stop animal cruelty and senseless deaths of animals 

For more petitions or to start your own free petition, check out and 

Monday, March 31, 2014

State of Florida, Why Are You Such a Hot Mess?

Yes, the Lady Justice Blog is BACK, folks! Due to personal issues, I've been on hiatus but due to popular demand (Kimberly!) I decided to revive it and bring it back to life. I'm going to steer away from Crazy Eyes aka Jodi Arias and concentrate on a topic that boggles my mind. The state of FLORIDA!

Seriously, what is WRONG with the state of Florida and the craziness that comes out of that state? You only have to turn on the news or listen to HLN's Nancy Grace rant and rave about the sorry state of Florida. Look, another tragic murder/crime happened in Florida today. Seriously, it seems like I hear about Florida on a daily basis.

Casey Anthony & George Zimmerman - Need I Say More?

I won't waste my breath on Casey Anthony but she hails from this Murder Capital and then we have pathetic George Zimmerman and the tragic murder of Trayvon Martin, which still breaks my heart when I hear his name. Then there was the very sad case of the young teen who was shot at the gas station in Florida. Michael Dunn, you don't gun down teens just for playing "loud music." Then there was the horrid incident of the young father who was gunned down for "texting" in a movie theatre by a vigilante retired cop. Yes, folks, that happened in Florida too.

I don't want to get into Florida's gun laws because that will open up a huge can of worms in one post, but Florida might as well be the Wild West. Maybe we should bring back hanging too. For a state to allow two killers to be set free (yes, Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman, I'm looking at you!) is beyond heinous. I don't think we can point fingers solely at the cops or the lawyers (and that's not my point anyway of this post). I shine the spotlight on their entire justice system and how it completely failed an innocent child and young men in the prime of their lives...and continues to fail the victims of violent crimes. That's the problem right there. Justice was NOT served to these victims, and I'm tired of Zimmerman whining and  his lame excuses as to why he doesn't think he's a "violent" person. Actions speak louder than words. Both his ex-wife and girlfriend have called 911 to report his violent behavior. So Zimmerman wants the publicity spotlight, huh? The only spotlight he deserves is a flood light shone on his sorry butt in a prison yard! Take a page from OJ, Zimmerman. What goes around comes around.

Poisonous Snake Obsession to Blame? 

Why is Florida such a wacky state? There are many theories floating around as to why Florida is a hot mess.
An article from Salon shares some insight into the craziness behind Florida: 
"California has the most poisonous snakes, but it does not have the Sunshine State’s snake obsessions. Nor does it have a detective’s daughter displaying an ounce of cocaine from the police locker for a grade-school science project (involving sniffer dogs). Native Floridians tend to blame everyone but native Floridians for the state’s reputation."
 Good times in the Sunshine State! 

Of course, Florida has become a long-running joke every time it pops up in the news. Here we go again! No disrespect to Floridians (or the South in general) as I know awesome, non-criminals people who live there, but something seriously needs to be done about their supposed "justice" system. We can blame poverty, lack of employment, gun  laws, and a failure in their mental health system--a litany of reasons to "excuse" why Florida has serious problems. We can keep pointing fingers until we're blue in the face BUT that won't solve the problem that's happening right now in Florida. Justice has not been served, and continues NOT to be served, to victims of violent crimes and that's the REAL problem in the Sunshine State. 

Disclaimer: This blog is an editorial and is based on my opinion. Thank you for reading!