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Monday, April 8, 2013

Cross Exam Continues: Jail is Boring Says Biased Defense Witness LaViolette

As much as I love to hear Juan Martinez rail on hostile witness. Alyce LaViolette, I tuned out to her drivel on the stand. There were numerous times when LaViolette wouldn't answer the question, was defensive and sarcastically referred to Martinez as "Mr. Martinez" in a very demeaning, snarky way. Does that ring a bill? Looks like Team Jodi in action - first, we had to listen to Crybaby herself (which was a painful few weeks) and then Dick Samuels and now this very biased "expert" witness. I don't know why Judge Stephens hasn't held her in contempt of court. Martinez asked the judge many times to make her answer the question because she was being unresponsive. I'm sure the defense coached her on how to attempt to get under Martinez's skin but after today, it looks like Martinez bats 10 and LaViolette bats zero.

Unbelievable Comment of the Afternoon: "Jail is Boring"

Martinez worked his usual prosecutor's magic and slipped her up every chance he got - between her lack of credibility and her bias towards Arias. Martinez brought up the good 'ole "why did you send her books in jail?" questioning today. Oh poor Alyce LaViolette, she felt so sorry for poor Crybaby that she had to send her books because...wait for it..."jail is boring." Ohhhh wah, I'm sorry that jail isn't a five star luxury resort complete with free Wi-Fi acces. Are you freakin' kidding me? I laughed when she made that comment. Well, there is a simple solution to that - don't murder someone in the first place and then you won't find yourself in jail. The last time I checked jail was a place where people did time for a know like slashing someone with a knife 29 times and shooting someone...and slitting a person's throat until they are almost decapitated.

Once again, the spotlight focuses on Crybaby Arias - the real victim is TRAVIS!!

She Didn't Want to Invade Jodi Arias' Personal Space...Can You Say Biased?

I'll say this once again - Arias' diaries are ONE BIG FAKE! Oh poor Crybaby, LaViolette had to actually do her job and read her diaries and personal texts and emails and she felt so bad that she apologized to Arias for invading her personal space. The day she murdered Travis Alexander is the day she lost ANY and ALL of her personal space. Not to mention, LaViolette was reading Arias' concocted fiction (especially those journals) based on her psychotic lies.

Also, what is up with court starting so late? It's called stop wasting taxpayers' money, defense!

My summary of the day: Juan rocked it as usual and LaViolette was fumbling and stumbling and she also had bits of "foggy" memory throughout the day. Another big whine fest from Wilmott and I don't know what was up with Nurmi half the day - he looked lost in La-La land. 

Stay tuned tomorrow as Martinez continues to cross-examine LaViolette. I hope she gets off the stand soon because I'm tired of hostile testimony and she needs to get over herself like yesterday. She is NOT all that and a bag of chips! It's clearly obvious she does not like men questioning her (hmmm doe THAT sound familiar?) and most definitely, she does NOT like Martinez but Martinez handled Arias and Dick Samuels with his usual guts and gusto, so he can definitely handle her snarky 'tude.

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