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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Benefit of Petitions: How To Fight Justice & Make an Impact Online

Hi Justice Fighters! My last post was a bit harsh on the state of Florida but it got me thinking about what we can do on an individual basis to fight justice, especially in our own background. I sign a lot of petitions and I also started a petition when Jodi Arias was peddling her crappy "paint-by-number" artwork and claiming she was a victim of domestic violence. The petition asked eBay to stop allowing a murderer to make money off her jail cell scribblings (thanks to the many readers and followers who signed my petition). As a result, eBay deleted the listings of her artwork from their site. 

As I watch the news and see the sad stories of people (especially innocent children) and animals being abused and killed, it really angers me and makes me want to do more. While some people may think petitions don't do any good, online petitions help spread the word and allow people to take justice into their hands. Petitions are the voice of the people, and it's our freedom of speech right to sign and circulate these much-needed petitions.

Take your pick! I invite you take a stand with me or start your own petition. Here are a few "justice fighting" causes that I feel strongly about and and I have signed these petitions below. 

If you have other links to worthwhile causes and petitions, please feel let me know and I'll add them to the list! 

2. Justice for Omaree - the young boy in New Mexico who was abused & killed by his parents

3. Protect our Defenders - Demand that Congress creates a new method for reporting sexual assault in the military 

8. Justice for puppy Toby/Toby's Law - Stop animal cruelty and senseless deaths of animals 

For more petitions or to start your own free petition, check out and