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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Move Along, Jenny on the Block: Jury Asks Expert Witness Dr. DeMarte ONLY 19 Questions

Willmott continued her annoying line of questioning this morning. She attempted to "intimidate" Dr. DeMarte (what a joke!) and tried to pull a Juan Martinez with her barrage of questions. She needs to go back to traffic court. The funniest thing is that she supposedly specializes in teaching other lawyers how to cross-examine witnesses. She is obviously a bad teacher because her whiny attempts to discredit DeMarte didn't work - yeah, okay, move along, Jenny on the (Chopping) Block.

Willmott's contribution to the defense is an absolute joke, and Nurmi just sat there like a bump on a log with his unprofessional slouchy posture...sorry to wake you from your nap, Nurmi! What a disrespectful slug! She is completely out of her league as she tried to mimic Juan Martinez's rapid-fire about a big fail. 

What did we learn from Willmott's sad charade today? 

DeMarte is a professional, credible, and knowledgeable psychologist AND knows how to properly administer psychological testing (unlike Alyce in La-La Land and Dr. Dick). Jenny could talk until she was blue in the face about TS1 vs. TS2 - who cares? DeMarte was able to logically and calmly answer Willmott's questions AND she wasn't rude or combative unlike Dumb and Dumber! Major points to Dr. DeMarte for being a mature, professional adult! Although, I know Dr. DeMarte was secretly thinking: suck it, Jenny! Your witnesses are dunces and I rule the school! 

Fun 'Psychological' Facts of Jodi Arias  by Dr. DeMarte...Courtesy of Juan Martinez

Hey Jenny on the Block, listen to the words comin' outta Dr. DeMarte's mouth: Jodi Arias does NOT HAVE PTSD. She has borderline personality disorder (BPD). According to DeMarte, here are the characteristics that identified Arias as BPD:

  • Quick-changing emotions - her emotions were up and down and ranged from happy to sad  in a short amount of time in her journal entries (and throw in her suicidal thoughts)...I love him, I hate him, I love him, I don't want to live, I hate him, I love him, I can't live without him, etc. 
  • Tendency to be dramatic - yeah like to the 1000th degree--wahh boohoo, I'm a crybaby, let me conjure up some fake tears...
  • Feelings of emptiness - DeMarte said Arias had feelings of emptiness inside her throughout her ENTIRE life (not just after she killed Travis)
  • Tendency to feel very angry and upset -- "inappropriate intense anger"--she had a lot of rage going the point of killing Travis and stabbing him 29 times! 
Hmmm, now let's look at her conversion to the Mormon faith (after only two months of meeting Travis). Dr. Demarte pointed this out which indicated "identity disturbance" - oh, look another symptom of borderline personality disorder. Imagine that!

Character assassination doesn't equal abuse: Travis called her names out of frustration and anger, and I tend to agree that there was  truth in his words - I concur that she is an evil devil. Dr. DeMarte talked about the heated conversation, between Alexander and Arias, was a result of the fact that she had crossed boundaries (like stalking and whatnot), and that's why his anger escalated throughout the conversation. That's not abuse - that's just getting pissed off someone who doesn't respect you and invades your personal space and privacy! I would be pissed too! To sum it up: Jodi Arias was NOT abused (how many more times can this be said?!!!) 

And Dr. Dick got his hand slapped again for his crappy testing protocol - according to DeMarte, he should NOT have filled out Arias' PDS answer sheet. Tsk tsk. 

Jurors Ask DeMarte ONLY 19 Questions - Translation: DeMarte is Actually a Credible Witness!

Here is a list of my favorite questions that were asked today by the jury:

Who is at risk for borderline personality disorder? 

  • Someone who was exposed to trauma and neglect in their life -  yes, Jodi Arias. Invalidation by parents and family members - yes, Jodi Arias

Do you think her "mark my words" statement and smiling during the interview means she has borderline personality disorder?

  • This is an example of her self-esteem and immaturity - this was an immature statement which is consistent with borderline personality disorder - yes, that would be Jodi Arias.
Here's a no-brainer:

If she would throw out a PDS test if the test taker lied and said a bear attacked them instead of a tiger a tiger really attacked them? 

  • Dr. DeMarte's answer: yes, she would throw out the results, because it was a different event. 
  • Tiger. Bear. Yeah, two different animals. You know... like this possible scenario:...a ninja intruder killed Travis (a lie) vs. Jodi killed Travis (the truth). 
The jurors also asked DeMarte about the camera: 

Do you think trying to delete photos and washing the camera was an attempt to destroy evidence?

  • DUHHH!!! YES!!! Of course, she was trying to destroy the evidence. Yeah, there goes the fog theory. Oh, darn that selective amnesia!
Other fun tidbits we learned today from Dr. DeMarte - add these to your notes, jurors:
  • Arias got the phone number of a dude she met on the airplane and called him RIGHT after she attended Travis' memorial service - oh yeah, she was really upset and sad about Travis!! 
  • She stole an engagement ring from Travis (that he bought for another woman).
Willmott continued to whine and attempt to discredit the validity of DeMarte tests (she got uppity with DeMarte at times, but DeMarte kept her cool!). Martinez asked more questions after the jury questions and he confirmed what we already know: DeMarte is a credible, valid psychologist who knows what she is talking about and Jenny on the Block is NOT Juan Martinez.

My observation of Jodi Arias throughout the day: she constantly looked pissed off as Dr. DeMarte talked. It was fun to watch. It is blatantly obvious that she does not like DeMarte...because she knows she is officially screwed now after this very compelling evidence that blew the lame defense witnesses' credibility outta the water. Oh yeah, and she doesn't like to hear a beautiful, composed, savvy, intelligent woman like Dr. DeMarte check off her laundry list of personality disorder symptoms. The steam was coming out of her ears and I just chuckled as the batshit crazy wheels kept turning inside her head! 

Please note: NOT all people who are diagnosed with personality disorders are violent criminals. Most people with borderline personality disorder are more of a danger to themselves, and are not a danger to society nor do they harm others. 

Court is recessed until next Tuesday!! Justice for Travis Alexander!!

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  1. Thank you for your update. I haven't been able to watch the trial much the past couple of days and sometimes you just want an update on the main happenings. Your blog was very helpful!! Thanks again. Lesa