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Monday, April 15, 2013

Nurmi Whines For Mistrial Motions AGAIN in Jodi Arias Trial & Judge Stephens Denies AGAIN

This week started off with a bang as Nurmi continued on his annoying broken "track" record by whining about Juan Martinez's "misconduct" (just because he signed a few autographs) and how he intimidated and screamed at defense witnesses, LaViolette and Samuels. Cry me a river. In usual classy Martinez fashion, he held his own and the motions were denied by Judge Stephens.

Defense Whines That Martinez Was Mean to LaViolette

Nurmi accused Martinez of being mean to the defense witnesses (especially LaViolette) - another reason why Nurmi wanted a mistrial. I wasn't too worried though. I knew Judge Stephens would deny the motions. Nurmi was desperate and grasping at straws and based on his whiny tone of voice in court today, it's clear that Nurmi is jealous of Martinez (and has a personal vendetta against him). Wahhh, boohoo, Nurmi, isn't a cool kid and people ask Martinez for his autograph. 

Yeah, hardly grounds for misconduct, so get over yourself, Nurmi It was just another sad pathetic attempt for Nurmi to get out of the trial: he doesn't want to be there so he desperately wants out which means begging every chance he gets for a mistrial. Not gonna happen!

Judge Stephens mentioned there was a fine line between "zealous advocacy" and professional misconduct but Martinez hadn't crossed any unethical lines - yeah, stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Nurmi! If anything, Martinez should complain about LaViolette and stick her with contempt of court for her rude outbursts on the stand. She was the one who has anger management issues and should be admonished - NOT Juan Martinez. 

Martinez Brings up Arias' Tweets Sent By Donovan Bering

Martinez walked a fine line and could have definitely been more harsh about Arias' tweets. He was calm, cool and collected as he mentioned how the tweeting behavior was considered unethical because she is technically still a witness and isn't supposed to be talking about the trial. Good call. But Martinez has a lot of class: he told Judge Stephens that he didn't want to be seen as "intimidating" Arias by investigating her Twitter account. So he let that one lie and Judge Stephens said she wouldn't move forward unless she had more evidence--this was the first time she had heard about Arias tweeting (via Donavan Bering). 

I applaud Judge Stephens for sticking to the letter of the law when it came to denying the motions for mistrial. She can sometimes be too wimpy but she held it together today by not granting the motion, and I think even she's tired of hearing Nurmi whine about Martinez. Wahhh, he's mean to me, wahhh!!

Like she pointed out, the jurors weren't present when all of this went moving on, people. They even brought Grace Wong (a producer for InSession) to the stand to testify that there were no jurors present outside the court room when Martinez signed autographs. How many MORE times can the defense whine about Martinez's popularity? He can't help it if people like him and loathe the defense!! Big score for the prosecution today!

More Bogus Evidence: Image Expert Called Back to Stand 

There was a hearing this morning and the defense brought back image enhancement expert witness, Bryan Neumeister, to discuss the supposed "images" that were reflected in Travis' eye. There have been tons of conspiracy theories circulating online and in the media about "who" was supposedly reflected in this image. Were there multiple people? Was Arias holding a gun or knife?The defense didn't bring up the Mormon theory but they were grasping at straws (AGAIN) to prove that Arias didn't have a knife or gun (as reflected per the image)--that she only held the camera in her hands. 

Martinez said he could see a dog in the photo - he proved the point that there is no way you could really tell WHAT was reflected in Travis' eye in the shower photo. You could ask ten different people and you would get ten different answers, according to Martinez, and I agree. It was a very lame attempt and I felt sorry for Travis family who had to listen to this load of crap. Who knows WHAT is reflected or NOT reflected in the photo? It's very subjective! It broke my heart as his sisters cried (probably because they were just a few feet away from Arias and had to look at the back of her she-devil head as they listened to Nurmi's lame ramblings!)

A lot of wasted time today in court!!! UGH! The lunch recess turned into two hours of waiting, with defense behind closed doors begging Judge Stephens to allow Neumeister to testify as a defense witness. Judge Stephens finally made the following statement around 3 pm MST and then took the evening recess. 

"Ms. Arias was not holding a knife or gun in her hands when exhibit 159 was taken… That photograph was taken on June 4, 2008 at 5:29:20." 

Stay tuned...court resumes tomorrow at 9:30 am MST.

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