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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ding Ding...And the Winner Is... Juan Martinez & LaViolette Duke It Out This Afternoon

Epic Showdown with Martinez: LaViolette Becomes Hostile Witness During Cross Examination 

Oh snap! Major drama on the stand when Juan Martinez, in his usual take-no-prisoners style, came out with guns blazing when he cross-examined LaViolette. Talk about a hostile witness! LaViolette asked Martinez, "Mr. Martinez, are you angry at me?" which prompted inappropriate laughter in the courtroom. At least, Judge Stephens stepped in and told the gallery to refrain from laughter.

LaViolette had man hater written all over her. Her snark and her refusal to answer yes or no really fired up Martinez. Yup, some verbal brawlin' going down this afternoon. Martinez pointed out that LaViolette doesn't have PhD and had to rely on others who have more "schooling and credentials" to make her battered woman conclusion. Martinez also brought up an excellent point that the DSM-IV has NO diagnosis of battered woman so she can't really give Arias a clinical diagnosis. I have a feeling that Martinez has lots of tricks up his sleeve for next week!

Snow White Was a Battered Woman - Say What?!

Martinez also brings up LaViolette's public presentation titled "Was Snow White a Battered Woman?". Martinez tells the story of Snow White and how she was abused/not treated nicely by her evil stepmom. He makes a correlation between this mythical fairy tale and how LaViolette basically fabricated/came to her own deduction that Snow White was abused...just like she came to her own "conclusion" (false conclusion, at that) that Arias was a battered woman. Of course, LaViolette continues to argue with Martinez and tells him he took her presentation out of context, blah blah blah. 

Yeah, talk to the hand, LaViolette. We had to listen to your crap all week and now it's time for Martinez to do his prosecutor 'thang he does so well! 

Martinez was off to a good start, despite LaViolette's hostile 'tude with him. Sound and look familiar, folks? I personally think Stephens should hold her in contempt of court for asking Martinez that question about being angry at her. Martinez wasn't too thrilled about that question but I could see that he backed off a little. I'm sure social media will be blowing up and whining about how Martinez was too harsh -- he did exactly what he needed to do to set his precedent today with cross-exam. I'm sure there will be more fireworks next week as he continues cross-examining LaViolette. 

Martinez didn't have much time this afternoon because LaViolette and Wilmott wasted MORE of our precious time with rambling testimony based on lie after lie. 

The Defense Has Forgotten the Real Victim...Travis Alexander! 

 I can't believe LaViolette is supposedly a domestic violence expert but she continues to slam the real victim of violence, Travis. Martinez set it up well by showing that she really doesn't know what she's talking about because of her lack of credentials/doesn't have a PhD. She basically interviewed Arias for 44 hours and then based the rest of her "testimony" on other crap she read and Arias' fake journals where she talks about what a big LOSER she is, can't move up with PPL, wah wah (tell us something we don't know, Crybaby!)  

I don't know HOW Dick Samuels and LaViolette sat there, in good conscience, and testified this crap based ALL on lies and hearsay. La Violette said in her "expert opinion" that Arias was a battered woman - really? A one-sided story from Arias based on her lies? Juan knocked that one out of the park with cross-exam by nit-picking her credentials and drilling her about Arias' journals  - what negative things did she say in her journals? Guess that Law of Attraction wasn't working all that great for her because she was negative and her journal entries weren't all sunshine and light! 

No wonder LaViolette's book has received over 250 one-star reviews on Amazon. Lots of people dissing on her, her lack of credentials, and claiming she makes a mockery of REAL domestic violence victims - I agree!

Arias' Battered Woman Sham Exposed
Arias also claimed that she was choked until she passed out. My theory is that she choked herself out on purpose so she could blame Travis at a later date - more BS lies.

You don't need a PhD or a Bachelor's degree...or live in a van down by the river... to figure out that she was NOT a victim of domestic violence - she was the abuser, not Travis: 

1. Arias never photographed any bruises or injuries to document her abuse. Her abuse is ALL hearsay. Her poser ex-boyfriend, Matt McCartney was the only one Arias supposedly told about the alleged abuse. He is the LAST person I would trust! 

2. In the interrogation tapes, Arias couldn't stop talking about how GREAT Travis was - he loaned her money, she was going to buy his car, he was so "awesome"...she talked about him in the present tense like he was still alive (very creepy!) 

3. Did LaViolette EVER question these supposed ex-girlfriends who claimed Travis wasn't nice to them? Sounds like make-believe names/girlfriends to me! It's all based on Arias' fake journal entries and 44 hours of pure fiction (aka LIES) 

Did she ever meet him? Counsel him? Observe him? No, No, No and NO!!! How can she claim that Arias was a battered woman when she NEVER talked to Travis or heard his side of the story? All biased BS!

Bombshell from Nancy Grace!
She mentioned tonight on her show that Arias attacked her cell mate and also claimed self-defense, and has seven jailhouse disciplinary actions against her. Stolen pens were found in her cell and 19 unauthorized pictures. I'm guessing the pens are for her crappy art doodles. As for the pictures, I don't even want to know! All the people who have wronged her? 

Travis Compares Arias to Hitler ...But Says She is WORSE
LaViolette attempted to turn Travis' text messages against him as she read aloud text messages that were sent to Arias by Travis. Travis' words tell the REAL story - he finally saw her true colors and KNEW she was a psychotic stalker. 

I just smiled as LaViolette read the messages. Travis calls Arias a liar, a sociopath, she's evil, and says she is the WORST thing that has ever happened to him and tells her he was nothing more than a dildo with a heartbeat  to her (no doubt!). She only cared about herself and he even compares her to Hitler: "Hitler had more of a conscience than you do." 

Uhmmm, when you bring Hitler into a conversation and tell a person that they are WORSE than the world's most evil, Satan-spawned dictator, that's pretty chilling and speaks of all kinds of crazy named Jodi Arias! But according to LaViolette it was ALL Travis - he had the bad temper, he was the monster, he was aggressive, sexually manipulated her, blah blah, and he called her all kinds of meanie names - wahhhh. Yet her own family calls her mentally unstable and friends called her mom in the middle of the night because Arias was "freaking out!" 

Character Assassination: You Really Want to Go There, LaViolette?
Because Travis called her a "pure whore" (sorry, but I agree with his astute observation!), LaViolette said he was assassinating her character. Here's a word-o-the-day for you: assassination.
Assassination is the murder of a prominent person or political figure by a surprise attack, usually for payment or political reasons.A person who commits such an act is called an assassinAn assassination may be prompted by religious, ideological, political, or military motives; it may be carried out for the prospect of financial gain, to avenge a grievance, or from the desire to acquire fame or notoriety (that is, a psychological need to garner personal public recognition).

Surprise attack - check! Personal public recognition - check! Assassin: Jodi Arias. Travis Alexander was MURDERED. And it's HIS character that is repeatedly assassinated thanks to these idiotic biased defense "expert" witnesses and Arias herself.

She's an Innocent Porn Star: The Oxymoron of the Century

The funniest statement made today by LaViolette was that Arias was an innocent porn star - how is that even possible? Based on her sexual escapades and according to the LDS Church, innocent isn't what comes to mind. Arias ONLY wishes she could be porn star but innocent?! 

Let's take a look at the word innocent:

Innocent means NOT guilty of a crime or offense. The word innocent does NOT and never will be applicable to this she-devil murderess. LaViolette even talks about poor Arias' shame with the nude photos. Oh yeah, she was forced to take pictures - the pictures were probably HER idea. Their sexual relationship was an adult consensual relationship - that's already been proven!

PS - Juror #5 was in the court room today - I think this was inappropriate since the juror was kicked out due to misconduct!

Have a good weekend....court resumes on Monday 9:30 am MT. 



  1. Great Job, my thoughts are exactly the same, love the way you broke down everything. I can't wait til Monday.