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Friday, October 25, 2013

12 Page Whiny Motion from Jodi Arias: Wah Wah, I Want to Fire Kirk Nurmi

Hi Lady Justice Readers, Long time, no blog!! I took a breather from my blog but things are heating up with the Stabby Queen First Degree Murderess. I had to step away from Crybaby's drama (and am now knee-deep in following the Martin McNeil scum-of-the earth trial on HLN).

I laughed as I read the Crybaby's 12 page rant against Wurmi. It's not a big newsflash that the Wurm-ster didn't like Crybaby Crazy Eyes and tried repeatedly to get taken off the case but Judge Stephens denied him and Will-not. I quote directly from Wurmi's closing arguments:

"9 days out of 10 I don't like Jodi Arias." That says it all, folks! Even her defense lawyer couldn't stand to look at her guilty face all day! 

The Alexander Family is adamant about NO DEAL when it comes to the Crybaby pleading to take the death penalty off the table. Not gonna happen so her next sneaky move is trying to kick Nurmi off her defense team. Yeah, good luck with that since Stephens has repeatedly denied Nurmi and Wilmot being taken off the case.

I thought maybe this motion was just another spewing of her usual BS lies but it's funny to read. Pure comedy. Of course, she makes herself out to be the victim--everyone is out to get her and Nurmi hates her--wah wah. I don't blame Nurmi one bit (even though I think he's a lazy worthless slug of a defense lawyer). I wouldn't want to deal with Miss Crazy Train's antics on a daily basis. She only likes Will-not because she is obsessed with her and thinks she's her Mini-Scary-Me. Muahhhhhhhh!!! Weirdo Twins Unite!

Oh yes! We can't forgot how Crybaby likes to use big words in the wrong context. Sorry, using big words won't make you sound like a brain surgeon, Miss Scari-as!!

After she has a full-blown "emotional" meltdown when she finds out the court is going to play her nasty sex tape, she freaks out and Wurmi responds to her--just because she has a temper tantrum, she's not going to get her way HAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Arias then whines in the motion (in her usual Crybaby fashion) and accuses Wurmi of "his utter poverty of people skills." Hellloo, dumb ass, incorrect English grammar usage--AGAIN! Hilarious.

Her sociopathic delusions can be seen threaded throughout her long-winded sentences. You don't have to be a shrink to notice that the Crazy Train is on board the track again. Poor 'wil Hodi! Nurmi was being spiteful and mean on purpose..yadda yadda...and hates her. It's ALL about Hodi Scari-as!! Nothing has changed.
The ironic part is that THE FORENSICS EVIDENCE DOESN'T LIE!! Not to mention, she has already been found guilty of first degree murder. No backsies, Hodi. You are guilty, guilty AND guilty! 

So she gets a new defense attorney and then what happens? I'm sure she thinks she can manipulate and make crazy googly-eyes with a new lawyer. Everyone knows about this trial and even when her case goes to re-trial, a new defense lawyer is not going to save her from the death penalty. So she needs to hush up and stop with the ridiculous motions. I'm sure Nurmi is laughing at her lame motion as he's wanted off this case for months now so this isn't anything new. Just another stupid stunt to waste everyone's time-- Crybaby being all melodramatic and making it all about HER and her awful defense team. Wahhh, no one is helping the Crazy Murderer!! Wahhh!! Yet Crybaby pleaded to GIVE her death!! And the crazy dance goes on and on...

Also, word on the street is that Crybaby is still waiting to hear whether the death penalty is still on the table. The Alexanders aren't going down without a fight and have said they will fight for NO DEAL!! I'm with them all the way!

"Arias was in court Thursday for a settlement conference before retired Superior Court Judge James Keppel. A court representative relayed the message that no agreement had been reached and that Keppel was referring the case back to Stephens." (Source:

Here is the link to the entire 12 page motion if you want a good laugh. 12 pages of her usual long-winded crappy big words and dumb ass-ery!

Have a great weekend and thanks for supporting my blog. Justice for Travis and his family!!! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Despicable Judge Blames 14 Year Old Rape Victim & Sentences 54 Year Old Rapist With Only 30 Days in Jail

I'm so glad I don't live in Billings, Montana, because I'm fired up about this story and am seeing red. This story has been in the news for the past few days and it really caught my attention when I saw it posted on my National Association to End Domestic Violence Facebook page.

I can't even stomach this man and the blame he placed on an innocent 14 year old girl (a MINOR!) who was raped by a 54 year old male teacher. The saddest, and most tragic, part of this story is that this young woman was blamed by the Judge and she ended up committing suicide at 16 years old. This man should NOT be on the bench and the people of Billings, Montana need to wake up right now, and get him off the bench pronto.  Yup, here we go again with blaming the female rape victim. Let's point the victim at a 14 year old girl, because yeah she was "in control of the situation." Really??!!!!!

"A Montana judge is under fire for sentencing a 54-year-old former teacher to just 30 days in jail for raping a 14-year-old girl who later committed suicide.
District Judge G. Todd Baugh, in sentencing Stacey Rambold on Monday, said victim Cherice Moralez was "as much in control of the situation" as her teacher, referring to Cherice as a troubled youth "older than her chronological age," the Billings Gazette reports.
Cherice was 16 when she killed herself in 2010 after the case was sent to criminal court.
Baugh stood by his decision Tuesday and again Wednesday." (Source:

My question to this loser Judge Baugh: so would you turn a blind eye if your granddaughter, daughter, or niece was raped at 14 years old by a 54 year old male teacher? 
I'm signing every petition I can to bring awareness to what this despicable judge has done...and he gave the rapist a slap on the hand with only a 30 day jail sentence. The rapist is a pedophile as well so thanks for getting him back on the streets in 30 days so he can rape more young women, Judge Baugh.
Please join me in signing these petitions against Judge Baugh--let's unseat this horrible excuse of a judge who takes the side of men who rape young girls! This woman is a victim and she deserves JUSTICE!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Jury For the Crybaby: Judge Stephens Aims for Late September Death Penalty Retrial Date

CRYBABY we freakin' go again!!!

In their usual "we can't get our shit together" fashion, the defense whined to Judge Stephens and she is giving the attorneys additional time to file motions. This morning's hearing lasted less than an hour. No cameras were allowed--too bad because I wanted to see Crybaby in her lovely prison stripes sporting her shackles! I'm guessing that she had heavily armed guards by her side in case someone tried to take her out. Now that wouldn't be a big shocker.

"Arias was escorted into the courtroom, wearing shackles and dressed in striped jail clothes, by three heavily armed deputies, one carrying a shotgun." (Source: CBS News)

So here's the scoop on this morning's hearing: 

Judge Stephens gave the whiner defense team (Willmot and Nurmi) until August 5 to file their motions to support their arguments. I'd like to know WHAT arguments--that Crybaby doesn't deserve the death penalty because she feels remorse? Like that's ever going to happen!!! Crazy Eyes has never showed one iota of remorse for the brutal murder of Travis Alexander! She set another conference status for August 26.

Of course, Judge Stephens is going the wussy route and won't set a "firm retrial date" for the death penalty because too many factors are involved. Uhmmm you mean, like Crybaby has already been convicted of pre-meditated murder 1 and deserves the death penalty?

Who knows what's going to play out in September? Juan Martinez is still going after the death penalty but the State also made this statement:

"Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery has said the state is still preparing to seek the death penalty again for Arias, but would consider resolving the case without another trial after consultation with the victim's family and defense lawyers, among other things." (CBS News)

Either way, Jodi Arias is looking at a long time behind bars in her prison stripes in her small jail cell where she resides 23 hours a day. 

Justice for Travis--my heart is with to the Alexander Family. Enough is enough! 

Monday, July 8, 2013

The U.S. Sex Offender Database & Update on California's Megan's Law

For those not familiar with California's Megan's Law, here is a brief description. This law makes it mandatory for sex offenders to register with the state and makes this information available to the general public. It allows citizens to  look up sex offenders by geographical locations, cities, neighborhoods, etc.

"Megan's Law is named after seven-year-old Megan Kanka, a New Jersey girl who was raped and killed by a known registered sex offender who had moved across the street from the family without their knowledge. In the wake of the tragedy, the Kankas sought to have local communities warned about sex offenders in the area. All states now have a form of Megan's Law." (Source:

However, there is a new update regarding California's Megan Law (and I wasn't aware of it--just stumbled upon it recently). As of July 7, 2013, there were over 41,000 registered sex offenders in the state of California that list a full address.

This excerpt is taken from the State of California Department of Justice's website:


On January 11, 2013, a federal court enjoined the Attorney General and law enforcement agencies from collecting information pertaining to e-mail addresses, internet service providers, and social networking/screen names on sex offender registration forms. These fields will not appear on the 2013 DOJ registration forms (DOJ forms 8047, 8102) which are about to be released. This injunction is in effect until the lawsuit challenging these provisions of Proposition 35, the Californians Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE) Act, is decided or until further notice. (John Doe v. Kamala Harris, Northern District of California No. C12-5713 TEH). Registering law enforcement agencies should black out these fields on the 2012 forms, and should not collect this information until further notice 

ATTENTION: Beginning January 1, 2013, the Department of Justice is required by law to post static risk assessment scores for sex offender registrants who are eligible to be scored (Penal Code § 290.03-290.09). For information relating to risk assessments, eligibility, and scoring, please visit the State Authorized Risk Assessment Tool for Sex Offenders (SARATSO) Web site at

If you haven't used the sex offender database search and are leery of who's hanging out in your neighborhood, check out the U.S. Department of Justice's NSOPW sex offender database system to search for sex offenders in your community. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

More Craziness in Jodi Arias Trial: Dumb and Dumber, Nurmi & Willmott, Want to Throw Out "Extreme Cruelty" Ruling

Why am I NOT surprised? Crazy Eyes is probably throwing tantrums in her cell and demanding that Nurmi and Wilmott try every last trick in the book to get the extreme cruelty ruling thrown out. Because you know, she thinks she's a lawyer and knows more than her defense team.

In case you missed the memo, here is the latest, straight from the Dum-fense:

"Given the apparent difficulties that judges faced (prior to the ruling) in applying the statute in a uniform, consistent manner, juries are understandably even less equipped to do so," defense attorney Kirk Nurmi wrote in the motion filed late last week." (Source:

Bring on the Train Wreck & Her Three-Ring Circus Defense...Here We Go Again!

You have got to be kidding me!! Isn't that the point of a JURY - that's THEIR job to decide whether extreme cruelty was used. Guess what,  Nurmi, it was already decided!! This is utter nonsense. The last jury ruled extreme cruelty--there are no "do-overs." DUHHH!!! What do they think? That everyone, including the judge, will be totally clueless and not listen or pay attention to the evidence. You know, like the forensics evidence of the grisly murder scene. Yeah let's just ignore the "extreme cruelty" facts: she stabbed Travis 29 times, slit his throat from ear to ear, and shot him. Actually, that is BEYOND extreme cruelty--that is pure heinous brutality spawned from She-Devil herself. 

"Oh well, as jurors we'll let you slide on the "extreme cruelty" part," said no jury EVER to Jodi Scarias. This isn't a matter of splitting hairs based on semantics in a statute. There is NO doubt or question that extreme cruelty was used -- forensics evidence does not lie. And it hasn't lied throughout the entire trial--unlike Jodi Scarias--queen of all pathological liars. 

Yes, I know it's Nurmi's "job" to defend her. I use the word "job" loosely when it comes to her defense because he obviously didn't care about her throughout the trial when he sat slouched in his chair digging for gold and looking bored. 

But once again, this is ANOTHER lame, last-ditch attempt to try and save her from the death penalty before her July 18 hearing. Although, I thought he and Whiner Wilmott planned to ditch Train Wreck - guess they are singin' a different dum-fense tune now. Or she's stamping her feet and threatening to pull a crazy again if they don't do what she says. Not to mention, she's probably pissed off because she can't give anymore TV interviews so she can spew more lies about the trial and Travis -- wahh wahhh, cry me a freakin' river! 

We don't want her stalling or pulling any of her manipulative tricks. Although, I wouldn't put it past her to pull a fast one on July 17 to get her out of the hearing. Maricopa County, just keep her in her stinky jail cell for 23 hours where she can rot and fester until next month. Have fun wearing those prison stripes--I bet a nice cold Starbucks frapp would taste really good right now, Cry baby...awwww too bad you can't have one. 

Hey Nurmi and Wilmott, I have ONE word for you and your ludicrous BS motion:  DENIED!!! 

Justice for Travis!!!!! Juan is not going to take this lightly! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Clang, Clang, Clang: Arias Shackled & Cuffed in Court Room Last Week

Hi Lady Justice Fighters!
I've been battling a bad cold (maybe the aftermath of all the bad ju-ju post-Crybaby's trial?) but wanted to share a brief update about what's going on with Crazy Eye Crybaby, Jodi Scarias!

How many of us were happy to see Ms. Brawler (yup, she got busted for attacking someone in jail- wow, what a shocker!) to see Crybaby in her prison stripes with shackles and handcuffed? No more circa-90s outfits for the Crazy-Eyed Crybaby. I know I was quite happy to see her in prison stripes--it's about damn time!

Unfortunately, everyone is due back in court - of course, another delay as the Crybaby and her defense team tries to buy time - on July 18 to determine if Crazy Eyes will face a new jury in the retrial of the death penalty phase.

Why I Refused to Watch the Lifetime Movie
I know many of you tuned into the Jodi Arias movie, but I personally thought it was a big slap in the face to the Alexander family so I boycotted and refused to watch it. Even if they didn't paint Travis in a bad light, I am tired of this convicted murderer getting MORE publicity and air time.

Her crazy ass is behind bars and whether she does get convicted of the death penalty or not, she is not going anywhere. She will rot behind bars no matter what due to the fact that she is guilty, guilty, guilty (are you listening Kool-Aid drinkers? the guilt factor isn't going away!)

I hope she enjoys her luxurious stay (not!) in the Maricopa County jail locked in a tiny cell, 23 hours a day, by herself. She can keep herself entertained with bad renditions of Christmas carols and Dido songs.

No More Interviews...Wah Wah
The media spotlight faded fast and all eyes are turned to the Trayvon Martin trial on HLN (another very sad case!) and wahhhh, no more interviews for the Crybaby--not anymore (that privilege was yanked when she was thrown in her jail cell for 23 hours a day!) Although, it goes back to what I mentioned above about the Jodi Arias movie. Why give her added publicity she doesn't deserve? She's a cold-blooded murderer. This isn't a soap opera--this is about a young man's life that was brutally taken by a psychotic demon-ess. Lifetime needs to write a big fat check to the Alexander family and stop profiting off Travis' murder. The story is NOT about Jodi Arias--the story is about Travis Alexander and that's the story that needs to be told. I didn't watch it but I heard that they didn't paint Train Wreck in a positive light--duhh, obviously not, but still...why continue to support "her" story and give her added exposure? No thanks, I'll pass on that.

So now it's just a waiting game...stay tuned! We have another month to go to see if there will be a retrial for her death penalty phase. Justice continues to be served for Travis and Juan won't go down without a big fight!!!  My thoughts are with the Alexander Family right now--they continue to relive this nightmare every day (and that dumb movie didn't help either!). I hope they can find some peace in their hearts.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hey, Jodi Arias, Tweet This Manifesto: Why You Will Get the Death Penalty & Will Never See the Light of Day

My Manifesto to Crazy Train Murderer:

Your Sh**show will be ending soon. Lights out for you!!

Mark my words. Your disgusting  interviews. Your fake tears. Your endless lies on the stand. Your mud-slinging of Travis Alexander's good character which have been a dagger in the hearts of the Alexander Family. Your narcissistic, disgusting statement in court today. They don't mean anything. Your words are nothing but filth-laden syllables with some big words thrown in and used out of context.

Today you stated that you made the "worst mistake of your life" by killing Travis Alexander. It wasn't a mistake because you knew exactly what you were doing.

YOU, Crybaby Crazy Eyes, drove to Mesa and KILLED an innocent human being in the most gruesome, heartless way possible and a jury believed you planned every step and detail of Travis' murder. It's called a guilty Murder 1 verdict -- get to know it, Spawn of Satan. 

So you're sad that you will miss your sister's wedding and you won't be able to be a mother and have children? Guess what? You should have thought of that before you picked up that knife and gun...before you slashed Travis 29 times, slit his throat until you almost decapitated him, AND shot him! Travis will never get to hold his nieces or nephews ever again. He will never get to sing karoake with Steven again. He will never be able to get married. He will NEVER have a lot of "firsts" in his life because you brutally took it all away from him!!!

Remember that little commandment...Thou Shall Not Kill? 

YOU WILL be punished - karma has come for you - and your hours are limited. While your Kool-Aid drinking followers think you won't get the death penalty, I'm more than confident that the jurors will give you the death penalty verdict.

Why do I think you deserve the death penalty? Because I don't like murderers who have never shown remorse for brutally killing an innocent human being. Wait, I don't like murderers period. And HOW dare you talk about Travis Alexander's grandmother. You are a disrespectful, vile, and inhumane monster!

No guilt. No sorrow.No emotions. No apologies to the Alexander Family. The only person you care about is YOU - Crybaby Crazy Eyes of the Fake Migraines and Pretend Traumatic Stress Disorder. You don't count. You  aren't even human and you don't even HAVE ANY FRIENDS who would even testify on your behalf (and heroin addicts don't count!).

Your song and dance from this morning means NOTHING! No one believes your smoke and mirror  "Let's Play the Victim" Powerpoint! Your lies can't hurt Travis and his family and friends anymore because. Let's count ALL the REASONS why you won't be a prison entrepreneur  or a recycling philanthropist. 

1. The same jury, who is sitting there deliberating your life, gave you a guilty verdict because guess what, Crazy Eyes? You have already been FOUND guilty of premeditated first degree murder. Why would they believe you now?

2. The jurors can't watch your lame ass interview filled with pathological lies.

3. You aren't a philanthropist - like anyone would believe that Fable of the Century? Like that would instantly erase your guilty verdict. Guess again!!

4. You aren't a domestic violence victim and have never been a victim. Domestic violence organizations DO not want anything to do with your sorry ass, because you make a mockery of real victims.

5. You are going to be sued in a wrongful death civil lawsuit by the Alexander Family. Get ready to hand over all the money from your forged crappy doodles. I hope more lawsuits follow from all the companies' ads you ripped off!!

6. You begged for the death penalty - a few times - remember your interrogation tapes? Remember your little interview stunt after your verdict was handed down? You asked for it - so here it comes!!

Juan Martinez has spoken and has been the voice for Travis Alexander. You know - that guy you don't like because he showed what a big fat crazy liar you are?

But today I speak loud and clear for Travis Alexander! And I'm talking to YOU - the most disgusting, vile person who needs to get on her hands and knees and BEG for mercy from Travis' family. But since that won't ever happen and you only care about your disgusting's MY MANIFESTO TO YOU!!!

You deserve NO mercy. You don't deserve your life when you brutally took the life of an innocent man. 

JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL FOR TRAVIS ALEXANDER. Travis' life meant everything - everything!!! - and YOUR life means nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

...SO Tweet that, Crazy Train! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Travis' Brother and Sister, Steven & Samantha Alexander, Share Emotional, Heartwrenching Pain & Sorrow During Victim Statements

Today was an emotional, heartbreaking day in court. I was sobbing when Steven and Samantha read their personal statements today in court. Their words left me in an emotional state and I couldn't stop crying - even after their statements were concluded there were tears in my eyes and a heaviness in my heart. I kept thinking - no family member should ever have to deal with this living hell. No one should EVER have to hear those words: your brother is dead. I am from a big family and I can't even imagine if this happened to one of my siblings.

They were very brave and strong to stand up in court and share their very deep and personal pain. They shared stories of how Steven's marriage was ruined and how he had horrible nightmares about Travis' death and nightmares that he and his wife and daughter were stabbed, and how he can't sleep alone in the dark anymore. Their family has been ripped apart and how the Alexander family members have all suffered physically and mentally as a result of Travis' murder. It was heart wrenching to hear about Travis' Grandma and how her health suffered and she eventually passed away due to the pain of losing Travis. They ALL have suffered and now it's time for this murdering psychopath to suffer and pay for her crime of murder in the first degree--premeditation.

These words from Steven are what really got to me:

"How much did he suffer? How much did he scream? What was the last thing he saw before his eyes closed? What was the final thought in his head?"

My heart broke for Samantha when she described how her brother's throat was slit ear to ear and how her sister, Tanisha, screamed on the phone to her that Travis was dead.

Crybaby's waterworks were an utter joke and FAKE FAKE FAKE! She was only fake crying for herself  and why is she turning on the dramatic act now? I don't believe that this monster has one iota of genuine remorse or feelings of guilt in her cold-blooded body. The jurors didn't shed tears (not sure how they could keep it together--I would have been bawling) but the male jurors couldn't make eye contact with Steven as he talked--I think Steven's words really got to them.

I was really pissed off when I found out that Steven's and Samantha's statements had to be "approved" by the defense, yet Crybaby's family and friends can plead and beg for Crybaby's life? But the Alexander family can't yell and scream at her for the horrific brutality that she caused, and all the pain and suffering she caused for Travis family. But Samantha gave major dagger eyes to Crybaby as she passed by the defense table and she also glared at Kool-Aid drinker Donovan.

BOMBSHELL: Nurmi & Willmott Beg the Judge to Get Them Out NOW

The dumfense begged Judge Stephens to let them off the case - sorry, they are stuck with Hodi until the death penalty verdict is read (and I am confident she will get the death penalty). I also heard today that Crybaby was planning a press junket until Judge Stephens squashed all TV interviews until the death penalty hearing is completed. I guess she is more concerned about TV interviews rather than trying to save her life - woot woot, Crazy Train -- alllll aboard!!!!

Two witnesses, ex-boyfriend Darryl Brewer and Crybaby's trashy friend, Patty, sporting her nasty Daisy Dukes gave their statements today. They didn't want to be on camera so their statements were given behind closed doors this afternoon. What would you say about a cold-blooded killer? "I really like her forged crappy doodles and she has greasy bangs!"

I want to leave you with Steven's gut-wrenching words about what Satan's Spawn did to his brother:

"I don't want these nightmares anymore. I don't want to see my brother's murderer anymore." 

"He was brutally ripped out of this world...hopefully, some day I can make him proud."

JUSTICE FOR TRAVIS - mark my words, Jodi Arias, YOU WILL get the death penalty! 

Court resumes next Monday at 10 AM / MT

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Arias Found Guilty of Extreme Cruelty: Next Stop for Crazy Train - Death Penalty Phase Begins on Thursday

Woot woot!! The Crazy Train is finally losing her wack job steam!! It only took the jurors 1.5 hours to reach their verdict that Crybaby (and she was pulling the fake waterworks today!!) did use extreme cruelty and was found guilty. I got really choked up as Juan Martinez set the scene of how Travis must have felt as he was stabbed and the horrible pain he suffered.

Today was a tough day during for the Travis Alexander family, but it was a necessary and very important part of the trial - the aggravation phase. The most emotional part of Martinez's arguments today was when he took two minutes of silence - so people could see how long it took Travis to die--two minutes and then his slit was throat :(. That left a huge lump in my throat--it was very difficult to listen to Martinez's words today but he did an excellent job of showing the brutality of Travis' murder. I was confident that they would find Crybaby guilty of extreme cruelty. It also didn't hurt that Dr. "Hottie" Horn was on the stand and testified, once again, to the severity of Travis' killing -  his sliced throat, how his vena cava was severed, 29 stab wounds, how he tried to fight back, etc.

The Scariest Evil Eyes Ever
When the jurors gave their resounding "yes" - when they were asked by the clerk if that was their final decision - Crybaby's looks could kill (literally!)  Her eyes were pure dark evil and she also shook her head and pulled the fake tears and looked away when the autopsy photos were shown. No remorse. No guilt. She only feels sorry for herself because she knows her days are now numbered! Tick tock!!

Tomorrow is the last step - the death penalty phase. I strongly believe with my all my heart that Crazy Eyes will get the death penalty. I can't wait to hear the Alexander Family speak during the victim statements. I want her to be forced to look at the family and NOT look way. I don't care about her family's statements - they are a bunch of disrespectful, rude heartless people. Who laughs when autopsy photos are shown in a murder trial AND it was their crazy daughter and niece who brutally murdered an innocent young man!!!

Justice WILL prevail tomorrow for Travis and Jodi Arias, spawn of Satan, WILL get the death penalty--mark my words, Crybaby.

Justice for Travis...and in honor of our buddy, T-Dogg, here is a poem that I know Travis would like! We will NOT give up, Travis!!! 

Keep Going 

"Is the goal distant, and troubled the road, 
     And the way long? 
     And heavy your load? 
Then gird up your courage, and say 'I am strong,' 
     And keep going. 

Is the work weary, and endless the grind 
     And petty the pay? 
     Then brace up your mind 
And say 'Something better is coming my way,' 
     And keep doing. 

Is the drink bitter life pours in your cup - 
     Is the taste gall? 
     Then smile and look up 
And say 'God is with me whatever befall,' 
     And keep trusting. 

Is the heart heavy with hope long deferred, 
     And with prayers that seem vain? 
     Keep saying the word - 
And that which you strive for you yet shall attain. 
     Keep praying."

       - by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Death Penalty Hearing Delayed Until May 15: Convicted Murderess Jodi Arias Pulls a Fast One

The hearing for convicted murderer Jodi Arias was scheduled for 1 pm PDT today but was unexpectedly canceled. Court is now closed for the day. The jurors, Martinez, and the Alexander Family must be fuming! If I was the jury, I would give her the death penalty, out of spite, just for wasting so much time, money, and delaying vital court proceedings - again!!! There was also a bomb threat earlier and two weirdos tweeted that there was a bomb in the courthouse (a man and his girlfriend were arrested for acts of terrorism) - probably pro-Crybaby crazies and Kool-Aid drinkers. I really like the guy's crazy hair in his mug shot - talk about one hot mess. 

Crybaby Held in Psych Ward Lock Down - Fake Suicide Watch 

Word on the street is that Crybaby may be out for the week due to a suicide watch - obviously, that never happened in the past (she threatened suicide but she never went through with it after she killed Travis) and no way will Crazy Eyes commit suicide now. Can you say publicity stunt? 

This suicide facilitation watch is absolute BS. I know it's common for convicted criminals, after they receive their verdict, to be put on suicide watch but she is using the suicide watch to her advantage and to delay the inevitable - tick tock. She's going to piss off the jurors in a huge way with this delay. 

This translates to: Crybaby Crazy Eyes might lose her fo-schizzle and fake a psychotic break. Once again, the Sociopathic Jodi Arais Show continues and she spewed more delusional lies on camera yesterday (and continued to slander Travis' name - really? After all your lies that were exposed, you are gonna keep riding the Crazy Train?) Not to mention, forensics evidence DOES NOT LIE!!!! 

Attention Whore Fake Cries During Interview - Interview Will Seal Her Death Penalty Fate

Crazy Eyes planned her little stunt interview a week in advance unbeknownst to her defense team. Isn't it convenient that she gave an exclusive interview to Fox News after her Murder 1 guilty verdict was handed down on Wednesday afternoon? 

It was textbook Crazy Train behavior: she told the reporter that death is the ultimate freedom - she would prefer getting the death penalty rather than life in prison. I'm sure that can be arranged...very soon!

But now that she's on suicide watch - oh yes, folks, she's hanging out in a psych ward at the Buckeye Jail- no more interviews for the Publicity Whore Murderess. Everyone is "worried" that she might kill herself based on what she said in the interview. 

Nice try on the reverse psychology, Crazy Eyes, and guess what? The jury isn't allowed to watch TV - so what was the point? Another manipulative victim card played -  and failed - by the Convicted Murderess. 

The Blame Game Continues & She Trashes Travis' Name

I guess she missed the media training memo and probably went against the advice of her defense team NOT to give interviews post-verdict. She also accused Juan Martinez of "shady" evidence collection. Wow, that was totally believable - NOT! That's why he won and she LOST! 

She disrespected him and called him by his first name and then she had the nerve to call him shady. Not a smart publicity move for Scarias. Oh yes, and she had to play the St. Jodi Martyr role to the hilt. Didn't you know that she was persecuted by Martinez and the public? Poor thing. I really need to send her a dictionary so she can  understand that she was PROSECUTED (by the best damn prosecutor in the state of Arizona) and NOT persecuted. 

And the most disgusting statement from her interview (that will bite her in the ass during her death penalty hearing): that she didn't want to look at the Alexander Family because his brother and sisters look too much like Travis and they all remind her of her "abuser." Even though the self-defense charge was laughable and she was convicted of premeditation she still claims Travis abused her....and the lies (in her crazy brain) still spewed from her venomous lips. Wow

Remember When You Were Convicted of Murder 1? 

Crybaby is a little late to the verdict party - hey remember, Crazy Eyes, when you were convicted  of 1st degree murder on Wednesday afternoon, and the jury found premeditation and felony murder, or did the fog start to roll in at that precises moment? Maybe Lie of Attraction kept you from fully grasping the REAL verdict?

It's not her dog and pony show anymore - she may have led the three ring circus with her defense team before, but now Juan is front and center in this rodeo. The next big show will be the death penalty hearing and I'm more than confident that the jurors are going to slap her with the death penalty. But hey it's still not her fault - she doesn't know why the jury gave her premeditation. During her interview, she showed NO remorse. She didn't apologize and only gave a lame statement that she hoped the Alexander Family would have peace now. No, they will NEVER have peace -- they might find some consolation though when the needle is finally pushed. 

Did Crybaby Fire Her Crappy Defense Lawyers?

There was a heated smack down between Crybaby and her lawyers yesterday and there is a rumor swirling that she might fire her defense team. Ohhhhh wah, it's her lawyers' fault! Wahhhhh!!!  I'm guessing Nurmi and Willmott weren't happy with the interview she gave yesterday after her verdict. Dumb, dumb move as the interview can be played back in court and can be shown to the jury as part of evidence in the death penalty hearing. For someone who has such a high IQ, she is an idiot!

This is how I saw it all going down yesterday - thanks to my overactive imagination!:

Crybaby and Jenny on the block get in a smackdown in chambers and she tries to strangle Crazy Eyes with her  greasy locks. Jenny is heard screaming: I will pull your hair out strand by strand, you ungrateful bitch!! 

Nurmi sits slumped in chair and watches the spectacle and shakes his noggin while picking his nose. The Lipless Twins (Crybaby's mom and aunt) are heard snickering outside...hee heee Hodi is getting beat on by Wilma teeheeeee. 

Martinez gloats and basks in his win -  sipping champagne while laughing at Crybaby and her fake BS suicide watch excuse.

The media doesn't know why court was abruptly canceled. I bet Crybaby is faking a migraine or is pretending to act crazy now - she may LOOK and act crazy but she is not legally insane. She knew and knows exactly WHAT she is doing. She is the master manipulator and is so full of herself that she thinks she can wave her Crazy Wand and people will continue to fall at her feet - even though she is a convicted murderer now. 

Crybaby Doesn't Want to Face the Alexander Family in Court 

Convicted Crazy Eyes is also trying to weasel out of listening to the Alexander family's victim statements and requested that their statements are videotaped so she doesn't have to be "live" in the courtroom as they are read. OH HECK NO!!! Her lying, murdering ass needs to sit in her seat AND she should be forced to look at the family, one by one, as they read their statements to her. No hiding behind her hair or her fake glasses. 

She needs to see and hear their pain and face her punishment. She needs to SEE the consequences of her murderous actions. She needs to see how she ruined a family and how they will never, ever get their brother back thanks to HER! She is disgusting and can't believe her gall!! Sorry psycho, it's time to face the consequences of your horrific brutality. Murder in the 1st degree -  premeditation and felony murder. 

Mark my will get the death penalty (you don't need to ask for it anymore). After pulling this stunt today - if in fact she did fake a psychotic break or migraine episode - Miss Murderer isn't winning any points when it comes to the jury. 

Let's Talk Son of Sam Law: No More Stealing Copyrighted Ads & No More Moola

"The Son of Sam Law is any American law designed to keep criminals from profiting from the publicity of their crimes, often by selling their stories to publishers. However, this is not in the same manner of asset forfeiture, which is intended to seize assets acquired directly as a result of criminal activity. Where asset forfeiture looks to remove the profitability of crimes by taking away money and assets gained from the crime, Son of Sam laws are designed so that criminals are unable to take advantage of the notoriety of their crimes. Such laws often authorize the state to seize money earned from deals such as book/movie biographies and paid interviews and use it to compensate the criminal's victims." (Source:

Based on the Son of Sam law, she can't sell her artwork (aka crappy traced doodles) and profit from it, and she can say bye-bye to her Manifesto of Lies. No books. No movie deals. No moola. She is now a convicted felon. 

If you want to get a glimpse into what a crazy freak she really is (and how she doesn't know how to use words in their correct context - she writes like she speaks), check out this to letter she wrote to Ryans Burns in 2009 while she was in jail. She was trying to convince him that he wasn't on her hit list! 

Get ready for Death Row! Justice has been served for Travis!! 

Stay tuned on Wednesday, May 15th for the aggravation phase of the death penalty hearing. The jury will decide whether Crazy Train used "extreme cruelty" or if Travis' murder was "especially cruel" (UHMM no brainer - YES!)

UPDATE: Medical examiner Dr. Horn has a conflict in his schedule so he is unable to testify on Monday or Tuesday so that's the reason why court won't resume until Wednesday. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I was in tears as the clerk read the verdict this afternoon. Justice has been served for Travis and his family. I hope Crybaby's words are haunting her: "Mark my words, no jury will convict me!" WRONG, you psychotic murdering lunatic! The U.S. legal system and the people of Arizona have spoken and Lady Justice has finally arrived on Arias' lying, manipulative Crazy Train doorstep!!

I watched as the verdict was read and loved listening to the jurors when they were asked: is this your true verdict? I loved Juror #6's resounding YESSSSSSSSS!!

VERDICT - Count 1 first degree murder - GUILTY - 7 jurors found both premeditated and felony murder

Even though this sentence won't bring Travis Alexander back, justice has been served and the jury came through for the family. A HUGE shout-out and thanks to Mr. Juan Martinez and Detective Flores. Thank you for being the voice of Travis!!! This is why Juan Martinez wins death penalty cases!!!!! It really touched my heart when I watched the family's faces as the verdict was read. JUSTICE has now been served for their brother and friend.

The guilty verdict is such a HUGE relief for the Alexander family and my heart goes out to them and am SO happy for them. I knew in my heart that justice would be served and had a strong feeling that the jury would come through with a Murder 1 verdict.

Tomorrow the death penalty hearing begins and now the jury must decide if aggravation comes into play related to the murder. The next step: will Crybaby get the death penalty or life without parole?  Fingers crossed that she gets the death penalty!

The Alexander Family has also filed a civil wrongful death suit against Arias!

Crybaby's words will haunt her for the rest of her life. "If I killed Travis, I would beg for the death penalty."Will she beg for the death penalty now that she's been FOUND guilty? Shes' going to be begging to spare her life. Her fate is REALLY in the jurors' hands now!

After five years, karma finally caught up with Jodi Arias and his name IS Juan Martinez!!!! Travis' murder has been avenged - now let's get the death  penalty for Crybaby!

Welcome to LADY JUSTICE: An Online Blog Dedicated to Victims of Violent Crime & Missing Persons Cases

I thought this would be a good time to change the name of my blog- welcome to LADY JUSTICE. I have spent the past four months discussing the Arias trial and fighting justice for Travis Alexander and his family.

If there is a cold case or trial you want me to discuss and/or research, please message me in the Comments Section. I also welcome guest blog contributors - if there is a case or trial you'd like to write about. However, I will screen all requests carefully and will use editorial discretion to pick and choose what cases/information I post on my blog. 

I appreciate everyone who has read and followed my blog over the past four months. I dedicate this new revised blog, LADY JUSTICE, to Travis Victor Alexander - may his soul rest in peace and may justice be served for Travis and his family. I also dedicate this blog to my friend, Angela Callonea, who was murdered by her husband. 

Let this blog be the voice for ALL victims and for their families! 

Thanks so much for your continued support!

Therese Pope

Monday, May 6, 2013

My Jodi Arias Jury Analysis: Who Are These 12 Jurors & What Verdict Could They Decide?

Please note: this is NOT based on scientific or market research but just my opinion and speculations. As a marketer and copywriter, I spend a lot of time diving inside people's heads (yes, I know - that can be a scary task!) and I have to figure out what people like, dislike, who they are, their habits, etc. 

Arizona is a Conservative State When It Comes to Criminals
Arizona is a conservative state and they are tough on their criminals. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is one of the toughest out there and he is notorious to running a tight ship in Maricopa County. 

Here's a brief look at some basic demographics of Maricopa County and Arizona residents:

From Maricopa County, Quick Facts Census

Bachelor's degree or higher, percent of persons age 25+   

  • 29.1% Maricopa County
  • 26.45%  Arizona

Veterans, 2007-2011                                                                       

  •  280,092 Maricopa County
  •  536,449 Arizona

Based on the age ranges, the majority of the jury are seniors and could be retired so their jury duty might not be considered such a hardship. But I wonder about the younger jurors with jobs and families, and how are they surviving? $12/per day for jury duty is peanuts and if they are the breadwinners/earners for themselves and/or family, jury duty (for this length of time) would be a financial hardship. Also, the average person who has a bachelor's degree or higher is fairly low (well below 50%)--not that it means that people with a high school diploma can't make an informed decision but that's something else to consider. How well do they know and understand Arizona state law and the U.S. legal system? Even with the detailed jury instructions, that's a lot of information to understand! 

There are over 500,000 vets in Arizona and almost 300,000 vets in Maricopa County alone. A military vet is probably going to be more tough on crime--especially a brutal murder -- so if there are any vets on the jury (there might be one possible military vet), that could be another deciding factor as to whether they will be more harsh or lenient.

Political Party Affiliations - Arizona (Source:

  • Democrat 1,090,136
  • Republican 1,229,340
  • Independent 1,204,056

There are more Republicans and Independents in Arizona compared to Democrats and Arizona has proven to be a conservative voting state. Based on the age range of these jurors,  this jury could swing towards the more conservative end, especially if they are tough love when it comes to crime and the legal system.

Of course, this is ALL a guessing game on my part but it's interesting to speculate. 
See my profiles/analysis below the  juror descriptions from HLN: 

Juror 1
White Female, in her 60s
Short dark hair, wears glasses
Sat closest to the witness stand
Did not look at Arias during her testimony
Yawned during an emotional part of Arias’ testimony

It's interesting to note that even though she sat closest to the witness stand that she yawned during an emotional part of her testimony (was she bored or just not buying it?)  She also didn't look at Crybaby. I'm guessing that she didn't want to appear biased because she was so close to the witness stand and didn't want to make direct eye contact with the witnesses. She wears glasses so we know she can see properly ha!! 

Based on her age, she could be retired and/or a homemaker/mother/grandmother. Because of her age, she could lean on the more conservative side. It seems based on the general public opinion that women generally do not like Crybaby, BUT if this woman has any feelings of empathy for her, she may not be more lenient. I call this juror an "iffy" juror. If I was that close to the witness stand I would want to watch Crybaby's move when she was testifying. By not looking at Arias, this could mean disinterest or boredom (or she was just tired of listening to her lies!)

Juror 2
White Male, in his 50s
Salt and pepper hair
Took a few notes
Cupped his head in his hand as he listened to testimony

He obviously is interested in the trial if he took notes and based on his body language, he is intent on listening (or he supported his head so he wouldn't nod off to sleep). Based on his age (and dependent upon his career, if he's retired, a homeowner/ taxpayer, etc.), he MIGHT lean towards the conservative side of the law. However, if he has fallen under the Black Widow's spell and has any inkling of empathy, he could also be more lenient in his decision. Of course, this is all a guessing game. Heads--he's a conservative Arizona Republican who believes in the death penalty and is tough on criminals or tails--he believes her BS and feels sorry for her. He is male and she is manipulative so it could go either way. The fact that he is taking notes shows he is interested and paying attention though (and hopefully, he also submitted questions). 

Juror 3
White Female, in her 40s
Brunette with bangs
Took a lot of notes
Watched the prosecutor as he moves about the courtroom
Observed submitting questions

Based on her age, she could be a stay-at-home mom or works full-time, or is both mom and breadwinner OR could be a single career woman. The fact that she took copious notes and looked at Juan Martinez a lot are a good sign. She watched his every move. The fact that submitted questions is another good sign. She wanted answers  and clarification, and obviously was paying attention to the trial and witnesses' testimoy. I wish HLN gave more detail about her reaction when she watched Juan: did she smile? did she frown? did she cross her arms? Her specific body language could give more clues as to how receptive she was to Martinez as he spoke.

She is female, and the fact that she does pay attention to Juan COULD mean she isn't buying Crybaby's lies (especially if she submitted questions and we all know how many questions LaViolette and Dick Samuels received!) I think this juror could lean more towards the pro-death penalty decision. IF she's a mom, that could even push her even closer to the death penalty side. A mom would speculate more - what if this had been my son or daughter who was murdered? Or that's my guess! Also, if she's a career woman (based on her job), she might do analytical work and could have a really sharp mind - why she took a lot of notes and asked the witnesses' questions. I think this juror might be one of the sharper jurors - she doesn't want to miss anything! 

Juror 4
White Male, in his 60s
Took a few notes

It's hard to say with this man. He's probably retired and wishes he was on the golf course instead of being stuck in a court room listening to a crazy murderess spew her lies! Not a lot to go on with him -- other than he's bald and  takes few notes. It's a good sign that he takes some notes so there is some interest on his part. As mentioned above, there are more Republicans than Democrats in Arizona and he's probably an Arizona taxpayer. He could be pissed off that Crybaby is wasting so much of his time and money. He might not be taking a lot of notes because his mind is already made up or he is not that interested. This one is up in the air for me since I don't have a lot to go on with him.  

Juror 6
White female, in her 60s
Hair is cut short brown with blonde streaks
Was a prolific note taker

Taking lots of notes is a good sign! Based on her age, she falls into the possible retirement bunch. However, I don't know her occupation so it's anyone's guess. She could be retired from a career and/or raised children, is a grandmother, or all of the above. The fact that she took a lot of notes means she's paying attention and she probably isn't buying Crybaby's lies and probably asked juror questions as well. Going back to public opinion: if she does NOT like Arias and doesn't believe her lies, then we could have a 1st degree murder vote with this juror. It all depends on how she feels about Arias. If she is PRO Crybaby and feels sorry for her, then she would obviously vote for a lesser charge. However, based on her note-taking I think this juror might be a hopeful candidate since she took a lot of notes. 

Juror 7
White male, in his 30s
Dark brown hair
Took some notes
He is a nail biter 

I think I'm more scared for this guy, because I bet Crybaby had her eye on him the entire time. Yikes!! He was probably biting his nails because she was giving him the crazy eyes!!

Nail biting shows nervousness or boredom. This juror is on the younger side so he probably works full-time. He is married so he might have kids as well. Based on his age though, it could go either way with his decision --especially since he's male. Even though he's married, he could still fall under her spell OR it could go the other way, and he might think, whew, am I lucky, and poor Travis, wow, this chick is a psycho-- he might feel a lot of empathy for Travis because of the age range similarity. However, if he drinks any of the Crazy Eyes Crybaby Kool-Aid, there is a slight chance that he could go with a more lenient charge. I'm guessing, based on the age range and that he takes a LOT of notes, that he is probably leaning toward death penalty and would be more sympathetic to Travis. Or we can only hope!

Juror 9
White male, in his 60’s
Long white hair is worn in a ponytail
Wore denim most days
Sat at the end of the jury box furthest from the witness
Sat closest to the first row of the gallery where Alexander’s family sits

The long white ponytail means he is probably less conservative (hippie type, maybe?) and probably doesn't have a traditional job and/or is retired from a non-traditional job. The denim comment is interesting. Is or was he a manual laborer like a mechanic, an artist, etc.? Let's hope he's NOT an artist or he might side with crazy doodler! Because he sat so close to the Alexander family, he saw first-hand their emotional reactions during the trial. This could actually be a good thing, especially if he is a father and/or grandfather, and might make him more sympathetic to Travis because he can visually see the reactions of the family. I think his close proximity to the Alexander family must have tugged at his heart strings - I know it would really affect me if I sat that close to his family. However, he sat far away from the witness stand so he might not have caught everything that was said or spaced out during her testimony. I'm guessing if he's the non-traditional, less conservative type, he will go with a lesser charge and is probably not pro death penalty. 

Juror 12
White Male, in his 40’s
Receding brown hair
Favors polo shirts and khakis
Occasionally took notes

Polo shirts and khakis are conservative attire, and this man might have a conservative job based on his age and appearance. He took some notes so that's a good sign that he was paying attention but he is also in the age range that Black Widow likes. I bet she was making crazy eyes with him as well throughout her testimony. However, based on his more conservative appearance, he could be more conservative-minded and lean toward a harsher sentence. It all depends on the fact if he bought Crybaby's lies or not. 

Juror 13
White Male, is late 20s to early 30s
Appears to be the youngest member of the jury
Took only a few notes
Smiled when Martinez asked Arias if she could predict the future

The fact that he smiled when Martinez asked Arias if she could predict the future is a hopeful sign. It means he has a sense of humor and likes Martinez's zingers he hit the witnesses with during the trial. Based on his age and the fact that he likes Martinez (if he continued to smile and look at Martinez throughout the trial and closing arguements), he could be pro-prosecution and might not buy Crybaby's lies - this trial might be really scary for him too. Like whew, I am so glad I NEVER date a crazy because that could have been me. That scare alone might push him into the 1st degree murder long as he bought the prosecution's closing and thought the defense was full of hot air. He took some notes so it shows he's also listening and paying attention.  

Juror 14
White Male, in his early 60s
Balding, and wears glasses
He swiveled in his chair often
Smokes cigarettes
Did not appear to be take notes

That's good that he swiveled his chair often because it means he was watching and paying attention. Even though he didn't take notes, his chair swiveling means he didn't want to miss the action. Again, he could be retired and could lean towards the conservative side based on Arizona demographics and his age range. But once again, it all comes down to the fact that he's male - does he buy Crybaby's act or not and was she able to manipulate him into believing her BS lies? The non-note taking could mean: he doesn't need to take notes because he has already made up his mind or he has a photographic memory (or he was too lazy to take notes ha!) 

Juror 16
White female, in her 40’s
Dark reddish brown hair with bangs
Wears glasses
Took notes
Swiveled in her chair in direction of Arias during her testimony

Let's just hope her bangs look a LOT better than Crybaby's!  She looked straight at Crybaby - now that is VERY interesting. She is in her 40s, could be married and have kids, and/or be a career woman, etc. The fact that she takes a lot of notes means she probably asked a lot of juror questions too. The fact that she wanted to look at Arias during her testimony means she doesn't have fear and it was like she wasn't afraid to confront her and her crime, in a sense. She probably hung onto every word, and wanted to see all her facial expressions and hand gestures (or checking to see if her finger was really broken). This could be another hot juror and I think this one could lean towards 1st degree murder. Her demographics and the way she reacted toward Crybaby's testimony is EXACTLY what I would do - I would look directly at her while I listened and take tons of notes!!

Juror 18
White Male, in his 70s
Possibly former military
Has a tattoo on right arm above the wrist
Only took a few notes

When a man in his 70s has a tattoo on his right arm that means one thing - military - and I'm guessing he's probably a vet (possibly served in a war). Based on his age and if he's been a long-time Arizona resident (or even if he's a transplant to Arizona and retired there), he's probably conservative and will be pro-death penalty. He's 70 years old and doesn't need to take notes because I bet he has his mind made up already. He is married and might have kids and grandkids so add that to the mix and that would only make him more hardcore when it comes to crime, especially if he's former military. I bet he would be the first one to complain about how much Arizona has wasted hard-earned taxpayer's money on Crybaby and her defense. I bet he hasn't bought one word that's come out of her mouth. It'll be interesting to see if I profiled this particular juror correctly. 

The alternates - a good range/mix with the alternates as well: 

Juror 10
White female, in her 40s
Sat in the second row next to a column
Occasionally took notes
Her Gaze wandered over the gallery during sidebar

That fact that she took notes and her gaze wandered over the gallery shows she's curious and interested. Based on her age, she could be married, with kids, has a career and/or single woman career woman. Once again, it all depends on the fact if she buys Crybaby's lies or not. The fact that she took notes though is good because she's paying attention. 

Juror 15
White male, in his late 60’s/early 70’s
Wears audio-enhancing headsets provided by the court
Took notes
Observed submitting questions

I remember this guy because he couldn't hear during Crybaby's testimony! He probably took notes because he knew he had to really pay attention to overcompensate for his hearing. That's a good sign that he took notes and submitted questions. He is probably not buying what Crybaby said on the stand. 

Juror 17
White Female, in her 30s
Prolific note taker
Appears to suffer from a cold or allergies
Sat in one of the most distant seats from the witness stand
Did not gaze at Arias during her testimony and tended to look straight ahead or down at her notes
Observed submitting questions

Hmmm, she could be a wild card, even with all her note-taking. She's in the same age range as Crybaby but she never looked at her, so she might be disgusted with her or she doesn't want to be seen as biased. Or she could be the non-confrontational type. She is married and might have kids.The fact that she takes a lot of notes is another good sign BUT once again, if she feels any empathy towards her (especially since they are in the same age range and she is female) that would make her lean away from 1st degree murder. But if she submitted a lot of juror questions and is taking notes, she probably has doubts so that's a good sign. Another interesting juror. The fact that she doesn't look at Arias says a lot. Why didn't she want to look at her? Does she make her ill and couldn't stomach looking at a cold-blooded killer? Interesting to ponder! I bet she was allergic to Jodi Arias' defense team - why she was sneezing and sniffling so much ha!! 

It all comes down to the juror's age, life experiences, political viewpoints, religious/spiritual beliefs  -  do they believe another human being should be killed and punished for a violent crime? How do they personally feel about the death penalty, and their views about criminals and the legal system? Are they married? Do they have children or grandchildren? Can they put themselves in the shoes of the Alexander family and feel empathy for Travis and his family?

 Do they have ANY doubts in their minds that Jodi Arias is a cold-blooded murderer? 
For both the male and female jurors: it comes down to WHO do they believe? Do they buy Crybaby's BS that she was abused by Travis and killed in self-defense/heat of passion OR do they believe that she lied and manipulated Travis and that Travis was the REAL victim? 

Forensic evidence doesn't lie so we can only hope that jury takes their time to  pour through the evidence, take their civic duty seriously, and NOT believe her crazy lies. The verdict could happen anytime now, but my prediction is that they will take at least a week to deliberate. WE can only hope that the hammer falls on her and she gets the death penalty but it's anyone's guess at this point!! 

Justice for Travis!!!