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Monday, March 4, 2013

Nurmi Say What? Jodi Arias Testimony Falls Flat With Law of Attraction & The Same Fabricated Lies

I couldn't stomach Jodi Arias on the stand today so my blog update will be short but sweet. Nurmi sounded like a broken record. Hey, Nurmi, Ground's Hog Day was LAST month! Same ole, same ole. As Nurmi questioned her today, Arias repeated the SAME lies, and the phone sex tape audio was played again (and the SAME sex details dragged out). She also lied AGAIN about her broken finger, and mentioned she cut it on a glass that morning she murdered Travis. Seriously?!! Enough, already with the fake broken finger! Arias rambled on and on about some nonsense concerning the Universe and Law of Attraction and torn out journal entries.

Arias Finds Her Memory Again
Oh but newsflash, Arias found her memory again while on the stand and remembered details - it's a freakin' Christmas miracle, I tell ya! Martinez got a few digs in and the look on Arias' face was priceless when he railed on her about her journal entries. She looked at Nurmi for help - whoops, she didn't see that coming!

Honestly, the testimony was so boring (or was that Nurmi's voice?) that I wanted to poke my eyes out with a hot fork. Instead, I turned to my fellow Facebook group members who kept me going with their running commentary throughout the day.

The Cosmos Knows Best
When I asked for a wrap-up from Arias' snooze-fest testimony today, snarky group member Ken replied with the following:

Therese Pope I tried to think of something without the cuss words but the 

context of your request left me in a fog and is not documented in my journal. I 

will have to contact the cosmic waves to determine how to process your 


Ken, your comment SAYS it all - I couldn't have summed up Arias' testimony any better! 

Nancy Grace was correct though. Nurmi is grasping at straws and it was the worst decision to put Arias on the stand. Juan Martinez, winning...and Nurmi, not so much!

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