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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial: Worst Defense Ever - Arias Changes Stories...Again

Day #15 - The Worst Day...The Worst Defense 

After watching this debacle of a redirect (more like a lame re-hash) examination by Nurmi today, I came to the conclusion that this is the WORST defense I've witnessed during a criminal trial. Not only is it a slap in the face to Travis' family and friends, but Arias and Nurmi continue to make a mockery out of real domestic violence victims and I'm fed up with her ridiculous, insane lies...and I'm hoping the jurors feel the same way.

Not only is Nurmi's redirect boring and puts me to sleep, but the soap opera "I'm the victim" act is old and no one believes her. Her self-defense sham is crumbling at her feet. Does she honestly think that people actually believe these lies? I think the only one who believes her these days is naive Bryan Carr who swears Mormon intruders killed Travis as a part of a blood atonement ritual. Carr and his scary ilk need to stop drinking the Jodi Arias Kool-Aid and join reality!

Gas Cans...ZZZZZZZzzzz

Why did Nurmi continue to bring up the gas cans? Talk about a snooze-fest. I'm sure the jury caught a quick cat nap while Arias and Nurmi droned on and on about the gas cans. The cell phone records and gas receipts completely contradict Arias' story. To quote Nancy Grace, "She's a big fat liar!" 

New Lie Revealed: The Gun Was In a Holster - Oh, Hello! 
Here's a doozy: Arias claims that the gun was actually in a holster. Say what? Another lie to add to her long list. There is zero logic whatsoever in her gun story. From the pictures of the closet alone, there is no way she could grab Travis' alleged gun off a high shelf, take it out of a holster and then shoot Travis. The last time I checked, Arias wasn't a firearms expert - how could she quickly pull out the gun from a holster? She claims it all happened in a 'split-second' and if that's the case, there is no way she could have done all that and shot Travis in a short amount of time.

Nurmi Thinks He's a Psychiatrist Now
What a huge joke! Nurmi acted like he was a psychiatrist and questioned Jodi about her "condition" regarding her memory issues. It's called acting, Nurmi. Arias remembers every single detail (including every kinky sex position) but conveniently forgets the details of Travis' murder.

Oh boo-hoo, she wants to remember, Nurmi:
"Do you want to remember the events of June 4, 2008?" 
"I feel like I'm the person to sit with those memories I don't have. Because they were my actions and my responsibility." 
The Suicide Story...Again
That was Arias' fake teary-eyed response to Nurmi's questions about her "memory loss." She also had to talk about her biggest broken-record lie of all - how she wanted to kill herself. So why didn't she attempt suicide then? If she was truly sorrowful, hated herself, and didn't want to face her crime, she would have attempted suicide. Another LIE!

Arias Remains Stony-Faced While Detailing Travis' Murder
A victim of REAL domestic abuse would be sobbing and shaking on the stand, but Arias remained stony-faced and showed no emotion as she spewed the same BS story about her alleged abuse. She squeezed out a few tears for dramatic effect near the end of the testimony but it was in her usual fake fashion.

Enough with the Sex, Nurmi 
I've had it with Nurmi going over the sex details again and again AND again! Enough already with the KY discussion. Worst line by Nurmi in the redirect: "He had an all access pass to your body." Gag. She admitted that she liked the kinky sex and she was never forced to have sex by Travis.  End of story - there was no sexual abuse or force!

Whattt!??? Travis Was Planning to Propose Marriage? I Don't Think So!! 
I don't know what planet she was living on but I highly doubt that Travis EVER seriously proposed marriage to her. Talk about delusional! She even admits that he jokingly proposed to her on the phone - another huge lie! Where was the mention in her journal? Uhmmm, another lie to add to her long laundry list of disgusting lies!

Arias Called Out as Hostile Witness
Arias is delusional and pathetic...and oh yeah, she's a sociopathic killer. Arias' defense is shot and filled with huge holes, and Nurmi is grasping at straws. The funniest thing is that even the legal analysts are calling her a "hostile" and ineffective witness - ya think?

Jurors Ask 100 Questions
But my ears perked up when Judge Stephens announced at the end of the day that the jurors have 100 questions to ask...yup, 100, folks! Nurmi and Martinez will review the questions before the trial resumes tomorrow afternoon and will have a chance to object to the questions. I'm sure Nurmi will coach Arias on her answers and Martinez plans to review the questions with Travis' family. I have a strong feeling that the jurors asked excellent questions.

Trial resumes on Wednesday at noon PDT/ 3 pm EDT

Justice for Travis Alexander! Please click on the link at the top of the page and sign my petition! Thanks!

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