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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jurors Ask: Hey Jodi Arias, Why Should We Believe You Now?

Ding, ding, ding - today's score: Jurors & Juan Martinez win by a landslide...Nurmi & Arias: 0! 

Jurors asks MORE questions today (64 total) and Juan Martinez dons his legal boxing gloves and gets in the ring with the lying lioness, Arias.

Jury Bombards With More Pointed Questions While Arias Pretends to Look Sad

The jury continued to question-bomb Arias on the stand today and I give major props to this jury. They aren't messing around with this psychotic liar. They want answers and they want them now - minus the bull ca-ca she keeps shoveling at them. 

By the questions asked today, it's obvious that the jurors are frustrated with her and her convoluted lies. They threw down some hostile and semi-sarcastic questions today. The looks on Arias' face today were priceless...she went from smiling actress to sad to boring her spawned-from-Satan, devilish eyes into Juan Martinez. Arias looked almost stressed and she didn't look all that comfy when Nurmi dragged on and on with MORE sex questions (seriously, we've heard enough about the anal sex and KY jelly, Nurmi!) She did squeeze a few tears for dramatic wouldn't be Arias on the stand without a few fake boo-hoos! 

But when Martinez unleashed on her, he put on his gloves and he threw down this afternoon with hard-hitting questions...and if Arias' looks could kill...woah. Arias was fidgety and twitchy and she did NOT like being on the Martinez hot seat.

Jury Asks Arias Point-Blank: After All The Lies You Have Told, Why Should We Believe You Now? 

Oh snap, no they didn't...oh YES, they did. This was the BEST question I heard out of all the questions that were thrown at Arias today. Wait for it...Arias literally gulps and takes a deep breath...and answers:

"Like I said before, I lied a lot. Each of those lies tied back to two things: protecting his ego, no, his reputation, and my own, and second, relating to any involvement in his death," she said.
Arias then paused dramatically.
"I understand that there will always be questions, but all I can do, at this point, is say what happened to the best of my recollection. If I'm convicted, that's because of my own bad choices," she said as prosecutor Juan Martinez objected loudly." (Source: ABC News) 
Other doozies: 

Why were you afraid of the consequences if you killed Travis in self defense?

Jodi answers that she believed it wasn't okay in any circumstances to take soemone's life, even if she was defending her own life. She didn't stop to consider how society would view her if she defended herself. She felt like she had done something wrong and she was afraid of the consequences.

Oh you mean, like getting arrested and going to jail? Whoops, too late, Arias!

Would you have told the truth if you had never been arrested?

I honestly don't know the answer to that. (Uhmm, NO she wouldn't tell the truth...EVER!)

Arias Pulled an Unloaded Fake Gun on Travis - How Does That Work? 

The gun story is beyond ridiculous and she can't keep her stories straight - the story is almost laughable now. She claims that Travis' grandfather gave Travis the gun, but Travis never kept the gun loaded. There was no evidence of ammunition found in his home, NO holster, and in the state of Arizona, a criminal background check must be done for anyone who purchases a gun (that could be easily cross-checked). Not to mention, Dave Hall, Travis' friend, said he doesn't own a gun (and I'm sure his roommates would KNOW if he owned a gun or not due to home protection). So how does that work? Also, if Travis knew that his gun wasn't loaded when Arias allegedly pulled the gun on him, he wouldn't have been scared. Another HUGE hole in her lie!

Oh wait, that doesn't sound right...she loaded the gun with imaginary ammo (and she said she NEVER fired a gun but had slight knowledge of guns?) and then took it out of the holster AFTER she reached up to get the gun in the closet...all in a split second. Like I said before, I think she stole the gun from her grandparents' house and she obviously knew how to use a gun - lies and more lies! 

Nurmi Slow Talks Away the Afternoon & Wastes Precious Time 

I am surprised the jury didn't throw spitballs at Nurmi. He purposely dragged out his questions so Martinez wouldn't have a lot of time in his redirect this afternoon. Nurmi wasted time by dredging up the kinky sex details AGAIN (I personally think he relishes in the sexy details of this trial - eck!) and brought up her supposed journal entries. Honestly, I think her journal is a big fake and I think she created her "fantasy" diary after the fact (including the BS suicide story she writes about in her journal entries) and her argument with Travis on November 5, 2007. 

I question the legitimacy of this supposed diary, especially when she claims she ripped out certain pages because of the Law of Attraction. She wasn't supposed to say bad things about other people so she ripped out all the alleged scathing entries about all the bad things Travis did to her. Yeah, right! 

When Travis Passed Away...What??!!! 
Really, Jodi Arias??!! When he "passed away?" His death was NOT accidental - she minimized the brutality of what she did. Talk about insulting and disgusting to Travis' family and friends. She killed him - stabbed him 29 times, slit his throat, AND shot him. Is that part of her foggy memory loss? This was horrible to hear and I am sure the jury was disgusted was as well. 

Round 2: Juan Martinez Shreds Arias' Lies With Good Ole-Fashioned Logic

Martinez Knocks Arias Down with Gas Can Story to Show Pre-Meditation 

There was a method to Martinez's strategy today and Arias went down in flames when he brought up the receipts and gas cans. She also can't do simple math or figure out logic. Martinez trips her up with her answer to the juror question about the gas cans. Arias claims she returned the third gas can to Wal-Mart in Salinas, Calif., where she received a refund. Are you sure, Ma'am? 

Martinez asks: Would it surprise you, Ma'am, that there was never a record that you returned the gas can to Wal-Mart?

Arias looks shocked and said yes, it would, and I paid cash for the gas can and I got the refund in cash (Uhmmm hello, Wal-mart would still give her a receipt!)

It's Called Math & Logic - Get to Know It, Jodi Arias

The best "math and logic" moment, that totally obliterates the "Wal-mart gas can refund"  story, is when Martinez goes through the receipts from the gas station in Salt Lake City. The receipts show (and are cross-referenced with her Washington Mutual business credit card statement) that she filled up THREE times at the same gas pump 2 at the SAME Tesoro gas station in Salt Lake City. If you have logic in your brain, you should be following this fun equation quite easily...Arias not so much (she looked very confused while Martinez spelled out the math for her).  
Arias' credit card statement: notice three separate puraches from  Tesoro  in Salt Lake City, UT  (Martinez cross-checked with her actual gas receipts from Tesoro)
The purchases at Tesoro were broken down as follows:

- 1st purchase was 9.583 gallons ($36.98)
 - 2nd purchase was 10.672 gallons ($41.18) 
 - 3rd purchase showed $19.65 divided by $3.895/per gallon equals...wait for it...5.09 gallons of GAS!

AND the gas can she bought from Wal-Mart was 5 gallons. Funny how that works!

That blows her third gas can story out of the water. This shows pre-meditation. She did NOT want anyone to know that she was in Arizona so that's why she filled up three gas cans...count them, Jodi Arias, 1, 2, 3!!

Oh, That Pesky Finger - More Lies About Arias' Poor Lil Finger 

Let's back up to the original story that Arias told Ryan Burns when she stayed with him the day after she killed Travis. Arias told Burns that she broke her finger (on her right hand) on a margarita class at the fake restaurant, Margitaville, she worked at. 

Then she changes her story and tells the jury and Martinez that she jammed her finger on metal at Casa Ramos (her real place of employment). When Martinez questions about the cut finger, she reminds him that was a different time when she broke her finger on a glass at Travis' house (Oh okay!!!)

Jodi Doesn't Tell Manager About Her Injured Finger...Because It Never Happened!

Martinez rails into her and wants to know why she didn't tell the manager about her injury at work. Here comes the foggy memory: "I don't remember what was said." When Martinez continues to ask her if she reported the injury to her manager or asked her about the injury, she tells him that she assumed he knew since she told him she needed a band-aid because she was bleeding but it was too busy so she just put a band-aid on it because she had a "bazillion margaritas to make" that night. 

Martinez was trying to prove that the injury didn't happen that night since there was no proof. She took a picture of her finger but her manager didn't know what happened because it NEVER happened that night. In California restaurants, they have to claim a workman's comp or at least a form would have been filled out if she had been injured that night (she gave a lame excuse that it was a privately-owned business and they only had 4 to 5 restaurants). So ridiculous - ALL restaurants, big or small, have to file a workman's comp claim. 

Another lie exposed!

It was a crazy afternoon filled with rapid-fire questions from Juan Martinez and Arias looked pissed off most of the afternoon. She is losing control and she knows it. And she's stressed (note festering cold sore on her face). The jurors aren't buying her crap testimony and Juan exposed all the inconsistencies in the juror questions she answered in the past few days

...and Martinez has only JUST begun!! 

The trial is on recess until next Wednesday! I need a break after these past few weeks. Beth Karas from InSession announced that MORE jury questions will be asked next far, the jury has asked over 200 questions!

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