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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

62 Second Time Frame: Juan Martinez Tells Arias That Her Story is Impossible

Trial resumed today after five days in recess (day 18 of Arias on the stand). Today was a doozy! Between MORE technical glitches in court, and a two hour recess that held up court, the trial felt a bit disjointed today - thanks to Nurmi, who was was annoying as ever, who objected to almost every question that Martinez asked. Far too many sidebars this afternoon!

Arias returned to her usual smug attitude and argued semantics with Martinez: Wahhh, you didn't ask the question "correctly." Wahhh Wahhh!!! She was argumentative and questioned every single word that Martinez uttered to her. Once again, Arias thinks she's the prosecuting attorney.

Arias was all fangs and smirks today - add her fake sad, whiny voice and I was so over listening to her on the stand. Many times throughout the day, her faced turned red. She got pissed off because she didn't have any control as Martinez questioned her and backed her into a corner...all her lies came a-tumblin' down today.

Martinez Breaks Down Arias' Fictitious Story - It's Impossible for Killing to Happen In That Manner
Martinez was on fire again! He tells Arias that there is NO WAY that the killing could have happened as she described it.

The last picture of Travis Alexander alive was 5:31:14 pm. Martinez relays Arias' sequence of events that evening Travis was killed on June 4, 2008:
"You drop the camera ... you are body-slammed, you get away, you go down the hallway, you go in the closet, you get the gun, you go into the bathroom ... You shoot him, he goes down ... and then, after you're able to get away, you go get the knife and you end up at the end of the hallway? All of this in 62 seconds?" Martinez snapped. (Source: CBS News) 
The next photo (the fuzzy photo of Travis that shows Arias' leg) was taken at 5:32:16 pm - 62 seconds. Martinez tells Arias that it was impossible for her scenario to actually happen in just 62 seconds. Once again, Martinez shows that Arias' story makes absolutely no logical sense. Her entire story fell completely just 62 seconds!!!

What Happened to the Knife? I Don't Remember...Wahhhh...I Don't Know
Arias knows but then she doesn't know the answer...but then she forgets...and then she vaguely remembers. Ridiculous!

"You didn't have the knife in your hand when you shot him," he said. "So that means, if you didn't have the knife in your hand, you had to go get it from somewhere, right?" 
"I don't know," Arias replied.  (Source: CBS News) 
The answer that blew me away was her vague recollection of the knife (well, not really - she's a sociopath so everything that comes out of her lying mouth doesn't make logical sense!). She remembers the knife hitting the floor in the bathroom but then the fog rolls in again. Her stories are beyond illogical and lack common sense!

She tells Martinez that she can't remember if she put the knife in the dishwasher that night or maybe it was another time when she was at Travis' house "doing dishes." Are you kidding me?! How can she NOT remember not putting a bloody knife/murder weapon in the dishwasher versus washing a kitchen knife used for cooking purposes? There goes that fog rolling in again!!

Arias' Foggy Memory: Martinez Becomes Frustrated With Her "Frozen Computer" Answers

Martinez was frustrated with Arias as he unraveled every thread of her bogus story. I don't blame Martinez for getting testy with Arias today. Her answers were vague and aggressive. She deflected every question Martinez threw her way. Martinez asked her follow-up questions about the jury questions - questions she already answered!!! Is she just dumb as a box of rocks or did she actually think her stupid mind game was going to work with Martinez? She's wrangling with the wrong cowboy! She refused to give Martinez a straight answer and Martinez even addressed the judge that she wasn't answering his questions.

My favorite zingers from Martinez's cross-exam today:

"Do you have problems with memory of answers you JUST gave a few days ago?" 

When Arias pulls her "I guess..." answers, Martinez fires back with:

"No! No! No! There is no guessing here now!!!" (Oh SNAP!) 

The Smoking Gun: Oh, But Travis Loaded the Gun in December
She originally told the jury that this alleged gun owned by Travis was UNLOADED.

Martinez read my mind about the unloaded gun - if the gun was unloaded, what threat did an unloaded gun pose to Travis? He asks Arias:

"What did you plan to do? Throw it (the gun) at him!" 

...That's what I'm saying, Martinez!

But then her story suddenly changes AGAIN. She tells Martinez that Travis loaded the gun in December - can you say big, fat lie? This was news to Juan Martinez and to the jury. So what is it? A loaded or unloaded gun?

That Darn Gun Holster!
Then Martinez questions her about the holster - first she says there was a holster and then there wasn't a holster when she pulled it off the closet shelf with just ONE hand...maybe there was a holster, maybe there wasn't, according to Arias. There goes the fog! If she grabbed this alleged gun with only one hand, she would remember a holster because the holster would go along with the gun. Once again, there is no way she could have pulled the gun (with holster) off the shelf in that short period of time.

The Closet Photo: Can You Say Another Lie?
If you look at the closet photo,  it was completely undisturbed - the clothes and shoes were in neat order and nothing looks out of place. There is NO way that she could have run into the closet without messing up the clothes or knocking down a shelf. Martinez blew the closet scenario out of the water as well. Based on the shelving units, they don't look sturdy and wouldn't be able to hold Arias' weight if she leaned on the shelf and reached for a gun (which was allegedly placed on a high shelf).

Nurmi is Desperate & Asks MORE Sex-Related Questions
Nurmi annoyed me with his constant objections today, but I tuned out when Nurmi questioned Arias again. I am not even going to spend a lot of time on his lame questions - more questions about her being a bad/good Mormon, her chastity, sex details blah blah blah.

More Jury Questions
The trial ended with final jury questions - great questions today. My favorite (and a question that's been on my mind as well):
If you still felt  threatened after shooting Travis, why didn't you just shoot him again rather than stab him? 
Exactly...of course, it's all a blur and she blacked out and doesn't remember picking up the knife but she does remember shooting him!

Another lame answer: when asked why she didn't take pictures of her neck to verify proof of abuse, she gave another stupid Law of Attraction excuse again. She said if she actually took pictures, that means the abuse was real. Well, obviously it's NOT real if Arias has zero photos documenting her BS story of abuse!

I hope I have the patience to get through Thursday's testimony...Arias grated on my last nerve with her evasiveness and her rudeness. It's simple - just answer the question either YES or NO! 

Next up..."expert" witnesses will be called to the stand by Nurmi and Martinez. The trial resumes on Thursday at 10:30 AM/1:30 PM EDT. 

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