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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Arias Trial Turns Into a Three Ring Circus: Martinez vs. Samuels vs. Wilmot

Before I start my rip-fest into the horrible defense "expert witness" and the three-ring circus defense today, I want to thank all the awesome people in my Facebook group who want justice for Travis Alexander. We have a lively and supportive discussion every day concerning the trial. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my blog (and all my Twitter followers who read my blog - thanks so much!)

On a more serious note, I want to point out that I write these blogs to honor Travis Alexander's memory and in the fight for justice for Travis and his family. I believe in the U.S. court system and I hope that the jury sees through the lies of Jodi Arias.

Martinez continued his cross-exam of the bumbling fool, paper-shuffling Samuels. It was all about the boobs and butt again. Martinez continued to show that Samuels did NOT do the job he was hired to do. Martinez continued to prove his incompetency and that he's NOT a credible expert witness.

Fun fact about the trial: Samuels was paid $250/hour for this sham of an "expert" defense testimony. If I were an Arizona taxpayer I'd want my money back. I wouldn't pay this joker two cents an hour for his worthless testimony. 

The T & A Testimony

First, The Boobs
Martinez questioned Samuels about the story (aka LIE) that Arias told him about finding "many" breast photos on Travis' computer. Yeah, right! Samuels claimed he didn't follow up on her story because he didn't find it relevant. Martinez slammed him about the naked pictures. And big surprise! The authorities did NOT FIND breast photos on Travis' computer.

When asked why he didn't follow up about the photos to corroborate her "story" (aka LIE), Samuels replied,"I saw it irrelevant to the case." Oh, okay! Samuels pretty much made it clear that her lies were totally irrelevant in his psych eval of Arias. He just overlooked those minor "inconsistencies" because they were simply irrelevant. Yeah, no big deal, it's not like this is a murder trial or anything.

Second, The Butt

Martinez also picks apart what Arias tells Samuels about her experience with anal sex- that Travis was the only person she had anal sex with. On the stand, she told a different story - that she had anal sex with other boyfriends before Travis. More inconsistencies and lies!

Third, Arias' Sex Life Was Ruined
We also learned from Samuels that Arias blamed Travis for ruining her sex life--technically, it was the trauma surrounding murdering Travis. I gagged when I heard that. Yup, can you say psychotic narcissist?

Oh, The Irony of #69
Another inconsistency that Martinez exposed (that caused Dr. Doofus to get red-faced and testy) was the fact that Arias scored 69 on the PTSD scale (I couldn't make that up even if I tried!). According to the base rate score for PTSD, 69 is far below the 75 to 85 range for the PTSD diagnosis so basically, like we all suspected...she has Pretend Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Arias Wore a Sweater...Huh?!
Another fun fact we learned today: Arias told Samuels that when she got away and was running down the hall that Travis grabbed her sweater. Huh, WHAT sweater?! This is the first time we heard about Arias wearing a sweater. Wonder how that works? I tend not to wear sweaters in the sweltering heat, especially in the Arizona desert. It was June and in the high 90s in Mesa on June 4th. She was wearing a sweater? I don't think so!

My Psych Eval of Samuels: Anger Management Issues...With a Side of Amnesia

Martinez continued to chew Samuels up and spit him out on the stand today. Samuels became really belligerent and combative to the point that Martinez repeatedly told Judge Stephens that he was unresponsive and wouldn't answer his questions.  And he was having foggy memory issues. It was definitely a three ring circus today!

The best zinger from Martinez - when Samuels attempted to turn the tables on him and ask Martinez questions:

"I ask the questions! Do you understand that?" 

Ohhhh no he didn't...oh YES, he did! Stick that in your incompetent, paper-pushing pipe and smoke it, Samuels!

Arias Was Not Assertive and Displayed Only 'Mild' Anger

Samuels was adamant that Arias was NOT assertive per her journal entry about Travis. Samuels says that a person can't be assertive just from a statement made in a journal so based on his assessment, he "speculated" that she wasn't an assertive person in real life. Wrong!! She was very assertive when she killed Travis AND had the gall to tell Martinez that he didn't ask questions "correctly." Narcissists are definitely assertive -  they want to be in control at all times.

Based on his shoddy, skewed test results, Samuels concluded that Arias exhibited "mild anger." I guess she was only "mildly" angry when she stabbed Travis 29 times, slit his throat and shot him!

Lots of Speculating Going on Today!

Samuels did a LOT of speculating and "hypothesizing" know those things that are not based on FACTS! Martinez nailed him over and over again on his "speculations."

Martinez: So you speculated? So that means you made it up then?
Samuels (smoke blowing out of his ears and red-faced): NO! CLINICAL JUDGEMENT SIR!

Then a few minutes later: Okay, maybe...yes, I did speculate.

Wilmot Continues Her Whine Fest Today - Wahhh, No More Speaking Objections, Martinez

I lost interest in Wilmot's redirect today because she kept asking the SAME questions over and over...and over and over AGAIN! The afternoon consisted of far too many side bars, Wilmot's whiny objections...blah blah blah...more of Samuels' lame testimony...blah blah. She continued to grate on my nerves and I tuned her out.

Samuels attempted to make a lame excuse as to why he sent her a self-esteem book (why would you send a book to a killer who doesn't suffer from low self-esteem? Duh!!) Either way you cut it, it is INAPPROPRIATE to send a criminal a gift in jail! Enough said!

Wilmot's favorite thing to say today...and it wasn't about raindrops and roses either.

Wilmot to Martinez: That's a speaking objection. Wah. Wah.

I really hope the judge completely throws out Samuels' testimony because he is fraud and a complete joke, and he's wasted a lot of taxpayer's time AND money!! He makes forensics psychologists look BAD.

On Wednesday, Court doesn't start until 1 pm MST/ 4 pm EST. They are always running late so they probably won't get started until 1:30 pm MST / 4:30 pm EST. 


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