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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Court Cancelled Today: Arias Manipulates Judge Once Again With Bogus Migraine Stunt

This is BEYOND ridiculous and if I was an Arizona taxpayer, I would be picketing outside the Maricopa County courts right now. The word on the street is that Arias has a migraine (and she refuses to take her medication) so court is cancelled until Thursday 9:30 am/12:30 pm EDT.

Judge Stephens - Take Control of Your Courtroom!

Judge Stephens needs to stop this circus once and for all and get Arias back in court. Who knows if she really does have a migraine or if she is purposely holding up court? It could be another one of her manipulative tricks. Maybe she's scared that Martinez is going to blow the domestic violence testimony out of the water. If I was Arias, I would be scared too - it's going to be lights out of her very soon and Martinez has more tricks up his sleeve! As long as the jurors are rational and think logically (we can only hope that they see through her psychotic lies).

Domestic Violence & Abuse Are Not a Joke...But It is Irrelevant in Arias Trial

Alyce LaViolette isn't a dummy and she wins hands-down compared to the incompetency of Dick Samuels. I came across information that LaViolette is not allowed to speak directly about Travis Alexander, BUT she still implies that Travis could have been an abuser because he came from a tumultuous household with addict parents.

While LaViolette is definitely an expert when it comes to domestic violence, the examples she gave in court yesterday have NOTHING to do with this case and does NOT apply to Travis. If anything, Arias is the abuser NOT the abused! She shows stalking and violent tendencies and obviously, her biggest violent streak of all was the day she murdered Travis.

Not Every Bad Childhood With Druggie Parents Equals Abuser 

LaViolette doesn't know anything about Travis and his childhood yet she spoke "generally" about his drug addict parents. She inferred (not fact but mere speculation) that yes, a child who was exposed to drug addicted parents could turn out to be an abuser, but one only has to look at Travis' accomplishments and success in his life to know this is a weak attempt to show Travis as an alleged abuser.

#1 He owned his own home and was financially secure (owned a BMW, etc.)
#2 He was a motivational speaker and proved to be very successful in PPL.
#3 He was active and very well-respected in the LDS Church. He and his siblings were raised by a Mormon grandmother. 
#4 He loaned Arias money many times and let her use his car (which she wrecked!) - he was very generous.
#5 He traveled a lot and took vacations (you need money to do that!) 

...and the list goes on and on!! Did he smoke? Nope! Did he drink? Nope. Did he take drugs? Nope! I don't even think he drank caffeine. He led an upstanding life and did not fall into drugs. He escaped that life and proved to be very successful in his 30 years.

 Abuser? Nope! He was the victim NOT Arias.

I think today's cancellation was another attempt for Arias to gain the upper hand. But she's dealing with a limited deck these days as the days get shorter with this trial. Let's just hope the jury does their job - justice for Travis!


  1. It seemed like a bit of a stunt when her attorney made sure to tell the officer to make sure that she take her meds.

  2. Everything the defense team does is a stunt, they don't have any real defense for her actions. I for one am finding myself getting angrier and angrier with the defense and Jodi especially every time they bring up Travis looking at the little boy picture. It is the biggest bunch of be I have ever heard and I imagine the jurors feel the same as me