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Monday, March 11, 2013

Justice for Travis: Arias Trial Takes Recess Until Wednesday

The trial won't resume until Wednesday, March 13. I watched the CNN special that was televised this weekend and it irks me that the media continues to paint Travis as the cold, calculating abuser - they should spend more time on all the good he did in his life as opposed to painting a negative picture of the victim AND Travis cannot defend himself!

I will continue to blog and update as best as I can as the trial continues this week. These posts are dedicated to Travis and his family. I can only hope that after last week's questions from the jurors that Arias is sunk as her lies were completely unraveled - thanks to the jury and Martinez's hard-hitting questions - like bringing up the gas cans!!

In my Facebook group, we have discussed the following possibilities/scenarios: that somehow Matt McCartney is more involved than he's letting on (with the actual murder) and that Arias has more sketchy skeletons in her crazy closet (perhaps she was aiming for a career in porn?) These are theories and speculation, of course.

Also, what's up with the media calling her a model/photographer? She was NEVER a model -- other than a one-time modeling gig. A man, who was interviewed on HLN, said he hired Arias for a one-time modeling gig but said she was lazy and didn't do what she was supposed to do - so that tells you something right there!

Only time will tell as the clock ticks. What other lies will be exposed? I can't wait for Martinez's closing. We still have yet to hear from the "experts" this week, and who knows what picture they will paint of Arias as the victim. This disgusts me because she mocks real domestic violence victims by all the lies she spews from her lying mouth. Juan Martinez will be able to have his experts weigh in as well and I know Martinez has something big planned - just a feeling and Martinez does not disappoint.

Check out this petition I started last week to ask eBay to stop selling Aria's artwork on their site. The petition has received over 1,500 signatures and is still growing strong. Huge thanks to those who have signed and support the petition. 

For all the haters who tweeted negative and disgusting comments about my petition, you can sit there in your ivory towers but I don't see you doing anything to actually fight for justice for victims of crime. If you want something done, then get out there and DO something productive - that's my motto! While I understand that eBay may not take down the artwork until there is a verdict, I'm proving a point with this petition. eBay is taking blood money and she should not be allowed to profit from killing Travis. She said point-blank on the stand that she YES, she shot, stabbed, and slit his throat. How is that "innocent" testimony?

I'll return to my regular trial updates on Wednesday...until then, let's remember what this trial is really all about - seeing justice served for Travis Alexander!!

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