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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Arias Trial Continues With Incompetent Testimony by Samuels

I wasn't the only who was SICK of Samuels testimony! One of the court spectators vomited in the gallery and court was recessed early this afternoon. I would vomit too if I was subjected to three days of listening to Samuels' crap testimony--enough to turn anyone's stomach. 

The jury questions (word on the street is that the jury has over 100 questions for Samuels) are delayed until Thursday and court will resume tomorrow at 10:30 AM MST/ 1:30 EST. 

Lies aka Test Answers...Rehashed Over & Over Again!

Samuels and Wilmot rehashed the same irrelevant, incompetent testimony...AGAIN. I don't know what else can be said about this unorganized paper-pusher's testimony. Let me break it down in simple layperson's terms:

1. Samuels administered psych tests to Arias.
2. Arias skewed "trauma" questions based on her lie about intruders' story. 
4. Arias LIED on psych tests. 
5. My Conclusion: PSYCH EVAL IS BOGUS! Samuels' testimony should be discredited - THROW out evaluation! 

But it was okay because shed finally confessed that she was lying...she was "relieved" because a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulder. What weight is that, Arias? Your lie or the fact that you murdered Travis in cold-blood? Was she remorseful, sad, wracked with guilt, horrified, etc.? Nope, just relieved. She is disgusting! 

What makes Samuels an unethical, incompetent psychologist?
He did NOT readminister the test when he realized, after the fact, that she had lied about the intruder story. Any GOOD, ethical psychologist would have thrown out this test. It was a psych eval based on ALL LIES! PSTD? Amnesia? No and NO!

Arias Held at Knife Point During Teen Years - Fact or Fiction?

Hmmm, she lied that the ninja intruders caused her "trauma" so I'm guessing her other knife story that she told Samuels is another figment of her crazy imagination. Allegedly, she was held up at knife point by a crazed maniac when she was 13. Another lie!

More Sex Talk & The Rope...And She Lies Again

I'm with Dr. Drew when he mentioned last night on his show that Samuels should have never believed Arias - his first mistake. He obviously isn't a good psychologist if he can't figure out a truth versus a lie. Maybe he was speculating again? Even a two year old child can tell she's a big liar!

Here's what Samuels tells Wilmot on the stand: Arias told Samuels that she felt "uncomfortable" the first time she had oral sex with Travis because it was "too soon." Oh, really? Too SOON? Was it too soon when she drove to Utah less than 24 hours AFTER killing Travis and was grinding all over Ryan Burns? Yeah, she felt really uncomfortable when she was making out and hanging all over him - AND Burns called her sexually aggressive. And she LIES again! 

The Rope Hurt Me - Wahhhh!

The comment that really galled me is when Samuels reveals that Arias didn't like being tied up with "twine" rope because it hurt and burned her wrists. Oh boohoo! I wonder how Travis FELT when she was stabbing him 29 times, slit his throat and shot him. Of course, Arias tells Samuels about the "imaginary rope" that she was supposedly tied up with on the day Travis was killed

Oh No!! Jail Noises Wake Up Arias

Samuels also shares that Arias suffered from insomnia and was no longer a heavy sleeper.She could not sleep in jail because of all the noise. Oh poor baby! It's called JAIL - it's not a five-star luxury hotel. That was completely laughable. There is a simple solution to her noise problem - put her in solitary lock-down and she can have all the quiet times she wants! 

The Mysterious Pill-Popping & Crazy Hair-Flinging Behavior 

The craziest highlight from today was Arias slugging down a pill IN the court room. Prisoners aren't allowed to have ANY medication on their person so what was up with the sly pill-popping? She has been looking a bit out of it lately so maybe she's sedated and is going for that space cadet, victim look - oh wait, she doesn't need pills for that! 

New video was released today from her interrogation with Flores. Yup, toot toot, climb on board the crazy train! More psycho behavior ahead!  While handcuffed, she sits on the floor and then proceeds to FLIP HER HAIR. 

That's exactly the FIRST thing I would do if I am in an interrogation room and was just arrested. She wanted to fluff up her hair before she got her mug shot taken. 

Was she sitting there crying and sobbing because she felt bad about killing Travis? Nope, she was being her usual narcissistic self and was more concerned about her hair and make-up than stabbing Travis 29 times. Gosh, Jodi you could have at least done your make-up...Arias whispers to herself in the video. Oh hello, voices in her head!

It might change my memory...the lyrics of the song she sings in the interrogation room. Was she referring to her foggy memory and fake selective amnesia? Arias is ALL kinds of crazy!

Justice for Travis Alexander

Over the past few days, Martinez has proven - once again - that Arias is a LIAR. She lied on the stand, she lied on her psych evaluations, she lied in interviews with Samuels...she makes a mockery of Travis Alexander's good name and in exposing her lies, we fight for justice for Travis Alexander and for his family. The defense team was a joke and Samuels turned the trial into a three ring circus - sad and pathetic. If the jury has 100 questions for Samuels, I'm taking a guess that they don't believe his crap either.

I wrap up my update tonight with this compelling, heart-felt comment from fellow Facebook group member, Ken. Thanks Ken! I appreciate everyone's support in my Facebook group and like Ken, I want justice served. I couldn't have said it better myself!

"As for Jodi Arias... we all know that she is a liar. A cold-hearted ruthless killer. A sociopathic delinquent of the human race. Nothing more than a M U R D E R E R! I will not make excuses for her, her defense team, or their actions. The whole lot is sickening and they all bring shame to the justice system, this country, the world, the human race. I cry for Travis Alexander (R.I.P.). My heart weeps for his family. My soul longs for his justice and peace. Yes, I know I am long winded but you know what... Travis (R.I.P.) needs even MORE voices to cry out for HIM and I will continue to do so even long after this joke of a trial has ended."


  1. Awesome job, I love your determination and devotion with this trial & case! :) Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Thanks for the update, I totally missed today. And I will miss tomorrow too, so I'll look forward to your post. :)