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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Fog Starts to Lift: Jurors Ask Detailed Questions to Jodi Arias

Despite on and off recesses due to technical difficulty, today made up for the past two days of Nurmi's snooze-fest redirect. Judge Sherry Stephens read excellent, detailed questions from the jury. Unfortunately, Arias had plenty of time this morning to rehearse her lies, I mean answers, with Nurmi. The defense reviewed the questions first and then Martinez was able to review the questions. Then Nurmi and Martinez met with Judge Stephens to object to the juror questions.

Jurors Channel Their Inner Martinez
The trial heated up when Stephens started asking the juror questions. I was really impressed with their questions and it shows that they have been paying close attention and are taking notes. Based on their questions, they aren't buying Arias' victim defense.

Scrambled Brain Syndrome: Arias Can't Keep Her Stories Straight
During the redirect, Arias mentions that when she reached for the gun it was in a holster but while answering the jury's question about the gun's holster her story changes...again. When answering questions about the gun this afternoon, she mentions that she remembers seeing the gun in a holster in Travis' closet but not when she went to grab for it on June 4. Can you say inconsistency with her story?

The questions were very detailed and specific and made Arias have to really think about her stories (in order to keep them straight). She clearly was rehearsed and looked directly at the jury, smiling at them and trying to win them over but I don't think the jury is buying any of her lies. She was all over the place with her answers, despite going over the questions with Nurmi.

Here are a smattering of  the juror questions. According to InSession's Beth Karas, she counted 117 juror questions asked today - more questions to be asked on Thursday. 

This question was my favorite because of her nonsensical ramblings about Law of Attraction --more like Law of Fatal Attraction:

Do the laws of attraction also apply to recording phone sex conversations? 

Arias rambled on and on that yes, the law of attraction applied to the recorded phone sex audio but honestly, I didn't even understand what she was talking about because it sounded like babbling to me! She contradicted herself once again. In past testimony, she mentions that Travis wasn't aware he was being recorded and then she said he did know he was being recorded (another lie). She also mentioned that she recorded other phone sex conversations - so what happened to those recordings? Not that I want to listen to her drone on and on about her love of kinky sex! The last time I checked, a phone sex recording has nothing to do with The Secret's Law of Attraction!!! 

If you believe Travis' family deserved the truth, why didn't you confess?

She tried to look sad when she answered this question and said she didn't want them to know because she didn't want people to think bad of her. It's too late now!!!

Were you paid for your 48 Hour Interview and Inside Edition Interview?

She said she did not receive compensation for her interviews, but I highly doubt that. Obviously, 48 Hours and Inside Edition could confirm or deny this, but I don't believe her.

Did you ever take pictures of yourself after Travis hit you? This question shows that the jury doesn't buy her BS story about abuse. Arias answers no. Of course not, she doesn't have proof of being hit - zero, zilch. 

Another good question...why did you continue to sleep with Travis after you learned of his child porn issues? According to Arias, she didn't want to "de-edify" him to his friends and family and was protecting him. De-edify was her favorite big word she used today on the stand...and it got old fast. Another inconsistency in her story - she said she went home, after she allegedly caught Travis with the child photos, and threw up a "few times." In her previous testimony, she went home and only threw up once. So many lies, so many versions to keep track of inside her scrambled, foggy brain!

The Fog Rolls In...Again

These are the BEST questions asked about her FOGGY memory:

  • Did you ever seek medical help for your mental condition?
  • Did you take medication for your memory issues? 
  • Did you ever tell anyone about your condition?

Arias answers that she always felt like she had a good memory (aka selective amnesia) and she didn't think she needed professional medical attention for it. Oh, but she self-diagnosed herself on the stand with ADD because she knows all about psychiatric issues (uhmm, no!) Some of her answers were laughable. She was clearly rehearsed and sounded like a broken record with her same crazy lies. However, she was caught in many inconsistencies - it started to feel like she was unraveling and couldn't keep the details straight. I don't think the jury bought any of her answers though. They are smart and asked questions that are meant to drill holes into her lies and inconsistencies, especially her claim of self-defense. 

Today's score: Jury 100, Arias 0 - in-depth, probing questions by the jurors!

The trial continues tomorrow with more juror questions!

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