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Thursday, March 28, 2013

If Travis Alexander Had His Day in Court - What Would He Say to Jodi Arias?

I decided to give Travis a REAL voice in my blog today. I'm fed up - beyond fed up - with the stunts pulled by Arias and her whiny defense! Nurmi whined about Martinez's "misconduct" because he posed for pictures with his fans. They even put HLN reporter Jean Cesarez on the stand about a bogus statement she made about a juror - so ridiculous and another sad attempt by Nurmi to diss on Martinez. He's just jealous that Martinez is a rock star and the defense needs security escorts when they leave court - enough said! 

Martinez would be the LAST person to do anything to put the trial in jeopardy. I'm also tired of the same BS that was brought up by domestic violence expert, LaViolette - more sex details, more lies about Arias being the victim, and the last straw was watching Arias' mom and aunt wearing purple domestic violence ribbons. What a mockery and they SHOULD not be allowed to wear those ribbons, especially since Travis' supporters was asked NOT to wear the blue ribbons.

I'm SO tired of her whining about only getting 2600 calories per day and her complaints about her fake migraine. Cry me a freakin' river! 

So that's it!!! I'm fed up today! It's time to give Travis Alexander a voice - I'm tired of the media and Arias slandering his name!

...Trial resumes next Tuesday. I need the break.

So's his turn - what would he say? I dedicate the following to Travis - the real victim!!! 

I never abused Jodi Arias. 

She was a willing party in our sex life. I was a normal, healthy 30 year old man. Yes, maybe our fantasies were a bit unusual and not the norm, and I'm sorry that I didn't make the best decisions but I realize the errors of my ways. I'm not perfect and I did my best to lead a good life. 

I never ever abused Jodi Arias nor any of my past girlfriends. I did not sexually, emotionally, verbally or physically abuse Jodi Arias. I never choked her, threw her down, nor did I break her finger. She was the abuser, not me. She was a willing participant when it came to sex. She was very sexually manipulative and used her sexuality to get her way--and she used men long before our contact. She's the one who introduced me to all these sexual exploits and she initiated many of our calls and texts. 

This was my first experience with sexual fantasies and maybe I got carried away, but that does NOT mean I abused her in any way. It was very consensual between us! I also never gave her permission to tape our phone sex conversation - I had no idea she taped it!

She wrecked my BMW twice but did you see me get angry? No. I loaned her money and never asked for it back. I was going to sell her my car. She slashed my tires but I didn't press charges. How is that abusive? I did nothing but help her - I don't know why I did but I was brought up to help those less fortunate! 

Also, where were the photos of her abuse? There weren't any photos because she lied about everything!

Jodi Arias stalked me. 

She slashed the tires on my BMW twice and slashed the tires of my girlfriend. I told her, in no uncertain terms, to stay out of my life and to leave my girlfriend alone. She couldn't take NO for an answer. 

She crawled through my doggie door, spied on me through my windows, and watched me - in MY HOME - when I was with another woman. I told her to leave and told her she was not welcome yet she slept under the Christmas tree. My friends told her to leave their home but she continued to stay even when she was told to get out of my friend's home. How is that sane behavior? She was a psychotic stalker and that's why I ended my contact with her. 

Why did she drive thousands of miles to see me? We were broken up and I had moved on but she continued to just show up at my door in the middle of the night - unannounced. That's not normal, sane behavior. She was most definitely a stalker!

Jodi Arias was selfish, a narcissist, and only cares about herself. 

I realized, after the fact, that she only converted to Mormonism for her own selfish purposes - she wanted to snag me as a husband but I saw the light. That's why I broke off the relationship - and honestly, it wasn't a relationship. She wasn't my girlfriend and I never told her this was a serious relationship. She took it way more seriously and I never told her I wanted to get married. I may have joked about it but was NEVER serious! She's delusional. 

I wanted a decent woman in my life who would be a faithful and loving partner. Arias possessed none of those qualities. I tried to live my life in the best way possible and I may not have made the best choices by going out with her (which I regret now!), she was psychotic and her behavior was unstable, immature and freaky! My friends hated her and warned me about her and that's why I got away from that psycho stalker! 

I meant what I said when I told her that I was nothing more than a dildo with a heartbeat to her. She was cold-blooded and she didn't care about me. The only person she ever cared about or loved was Jodi Arias!

I am NOT a pedophile!

She created those lies to use as blackmail against me and to ruin my reputation because she was jealous and wanted to ruin my life and my rep with the LDS Church. As you can see per my computers that were searched by the police, I never had ANY porn related to children on my computer nor did I have any pictures of naked women.

She is a liar -  everything out of her mouth is a BIG LIE!!!

To Travis - you may not be physically with us but your spirit lives within all of us who are fighting for justice for you! And we'll continue to fight! Your life was NOT lived in vain! 


  1. Thank you for speaking out for Travis. This gave me chills and tears.

  2. I could picture him saying that too. Thank you for being his voice and God Bless his family.