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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Making a Mockery of the Legal System: Top 10 Reasons Why Arias' Defense is Worst Ever

I couldn't stomach watching Samuels' answer the jury's questions today, and most of them were redundant anyway. I wish they had asked questions about her stalking behavior and slashing Travis' and his girlfriend's tires! Aw, but we did find out today that Arias was taking tranquilizers for her "depression" (I called it on the meds!)

The highlight of the afternoon was Martinez slamming Samuels again on his incompetency and continued to discredit the bogus tests he administered to Arias. My summary of the past week: Samuels is going to need a therapist after Martinez gets done with him. I find it amusing that he becomes hot and bothered when Martinez questions him - you would think, as a professional shrink, he could actually keep his cool long enough to answer Martinez  - it's called the hot seat, dude.

Sociopathic Behavior Shines Through - Arias Flips The Bird During Trial 

Guess Ol' Jodi didn't like what her shrink witness said on the stand today. She was caught on tape slyly flipping Samuels the bird from her seat. Oh, but that's totally NORMAL behavior--she's not a sociopath - NOT at all!

Death Threat Against Arias Made in Court
Things also got a bit outta control today in court when two female audience members, who were seated behind Arias' mom and aunt, were thrown out of court because they said, "I wish Jodi Arias was dead." Woahhhhh!!

Samuels Drinks Her Crazy Kool-Aid

After listening to Samuels this week, I am completely disgusted with the defense team and I don't understand why the judge allowed Samuels to continue his sham of a testimony - all his crap should be inadmissible and should be thrown out. Obviously, he's a paid witness but like I said, Arizona taxpayers should ask for their money back like yesterday! This trial, thanks to the defense, has made a mockery of the legal/court system. Beyond disgusting.

I like what this guy had to say about Samuels and his incompetent diagnosis - oh snap! 

"Saying Jodi Arias has dissociative amnesia is like saying Casey Anthony would make a great babysitter," said Dr. Steven Pitt, referring to the Florida woman who was acquitted of murdering her daughter after claiming that the girl had been stolen by a babysitter.
"This guy, he got bamboozled by Jodi Arias," said Pitt, a forensic psychiatrist from the Phoenix area who has testified and consulted on several high profile cases across the nation. "He drank her Kool-Aid and now he is finding out that it is a toxic mix of 'BS.'" (Source: ABC News)

On that are my Top 10 Reasons Why This Defense is the WORST Defense Team I've Seen in a Murder Trial:

#10 Too many sidebars and whiny objections by Defense equals big waste of time and HUGE waste of taxpayer's money. Fun fact: the State of Arizona has spent close to $1 million on this trial already.

#9 Nurmi pretends he cares about Arias and her defense. Uhmmm, I don't think so! He's already tried to weasel out of defending Arias and doesn't want to be part of her defense team (he's been denied twice by Judge Stephens). He also likes to pick his nose a lot - you would think a defense attorney would have better court room etiquette (and manners!) Disgusting!

#8 I'm trying to be nice to Wilmot because she had a death in her family this week and am sorry for her. From a defense perspective, her tantrums and foot stamping got old this week and she acted like a bratty teenager when she didn't get her way. Wahhh that's a talking objection wahhh! 

#7 The matchy-match outfits of Wilmot and Arias were beyond creepy. What is this? Junior high court? I don't know whose very wrong idea it was but their color coordinated outfits don't fool anyone - especially not the jury!

#6 Did I mention that the defense has made a mockery out of Travis' good name and has slandered a murder victim who cannot defend himself? The defense protested that Travis' family and audience supporters should "not be allowed" to wear blue ribbons in honor of Travis. When I found that out, it made me want to jump on a plane, join the audience, and wear blue ribbons from head-to-toe. It disgusts me that the Defense had the gall to complain about the blue ribbons. But it's okay for Arias to profit off the murder of Travis by selling her crappy doodles on eBay? 

#5 Nurmi wasted precious court time thanks to his slow-talking, snail defense. The judge needed to step in throughout the trial and tell Nurmi to get a move on with his testimony. He purposely wasted time on his redirects to drag out his long-winded "sex details". I felt like I was watching a scene from the movie, "Groundhog Day." It was the same boring, irrelevant questioning about the sex details and Arias' rigged journals (I still think she wrote those journals after the fact!)

#4 Worst strategy ever: let's rehash the same pointless crap and ask the SAME exact questions that have already been asked until the jury falls asleep! Between Nurmi and Wilmot, their circular questioning was pointless and it got old fast, especially concerning the phone sex tape and rehashing her kinky sex life over and over again. It didn't work - it only proved that Arias lied and that she was NEVER abused!

#3 Nurmi's ties are weird-looking...ok, moving on...

#2 The WORST & MOST incompetent defense "expert witness" ever on a murder trial - Dr. Richard "Dick" Samuels. Samuels made a big mistake when he didn't re-administer the PSD test AFTER he found out she lied about the ninja intruder story. PTSD? Transient Global/Disassociative Amnesia? Intrusive thoughts? Acute Stress Disorder? Low self-esteem and not assertive? All bogus "psych" diagnoses that are based on a skewed psych eval! Martinez exposed Samuels' unethical behavior when he called him out about the book: a legitimate, ethical psychologist does NOT send a gift to a criminal they are evaluating for a murder trial. Martinez proved that Samuels is biased this week and I don't understand why his testimony hasn't been thrown out by now! Not to mention, Samuels needs to seriously learn organizational skills - he looked like a bumbling fool on the stand as he shuffled through his messy paperwork - it's called an expandable folder - buy one, Samuels!! And that brown suit today was NOT a good about a fitting color for all the crap that Samuels spewed this week!

#1 The defense actually put Arias on the stand to testify - that was their biggest mistake! (I agree with Nancy Grace!) Martinez broke her down and exposed every single lie and went toe-to-toe with her fake, lying, sociopathic smug testimony. Her fake boo-hoo'ing and tears didn't sway Martinez and he shot her down every time. It was a great move for the prosecution but it was beyond stupid to put Arias on the stand. We only have to look at Martinez's cross-examinations and the 600 questions that the jurors asked Arias.

One word to sum up Arias: LIAR! 

Court is recessed until Monday morning!! Until then...Justice for Travis!!! 

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  1. Dear Thérèse... I agree with you your comments about putting the succubus Arias, on the stand. However, I believe it was Jodi who insisted, I can almost guarantee that, based on my opinion that her clearly narcissistic arrogant behaviour patterns, she just couldn't help herself! I would have asked Dr. Dick, why, in his 'professiona'l opinion he didn't run the DSM IV test for narcissistic personality disorder. Everything I've observed about her behaviour, in police interviews, in the courtroom, and in videos and from testimony of Travis' friends, confirms this for me. Most psycho/socio-psyhopathic serial killers exhibit the symptoms of this disorder.