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Monday, March 18, 2013

Juan Martinez Blows Samuels' Credibility Out of the Water

It was a boring "rehash" testimony by Samuels this morning as Wilmot asked the SAME long-winded questions (which grated on my last nerve and put me to sleep). Another news flash: Samuels told Wilmot that Arias also suffers from...wait for it...disassociative amnesia. Another fake amnesia diagnosis to add to her PTSD - Pretend Traumatic Stress Disorder. According to WebMD: "dissociative amnesia occurs when a person blocks out certain information, usually associated with a stressful or traumatic event, leaving him or her unable to remember important personal information."

My diagnosis? The only amnesia Arias has is selective amnesia - she chooses NOT to remember and lies about what really happened when she killed Travis Alexander. The only part of the diagnosis I agreed with was her "acute state of denial" -- she is living in The Land-of-De-Nial and in her delusional world, she actually thinks she's going to be acquitted. 

Wahhhh...BooHoo...Arias Suffers From Low Self-Esteem

According to Samuels, Arias also suffers from "low self-esteem." So low self-esteem is a defense for murder now? She may have suffered from self-worth issues (as seen in her hopping from man to man) but her snide comments, narcissistic demeanor, and "I am better than you" 'tude with Martinez hardly makes Arias a candidate for Miss Low Self-Esteem of the Year. 

Martinez Tears Apart Samuels' Credibility & Breach of Ethics - Buying Presents for Criminals is a No-No!

The trial finally started to rock and roll this afternoon when Juan Martinez cross-examined Samuels. He set the precedent that Samuels was trying to actively "counsel" and provide therapy. Samuels' job was merely to evaluate her and give her psych tests - and he still couldn't even get that right (see skewed test results below). Martinez did exactly what I thought he was going to do - completely tear apart Samuels' credibility.

It was quite the turning of tables by Martinez as Samuels got red in the face. He started to take on a 'tude and was obviously flustered when Martinez backed him into a corner. He put Samuels on the hot seat when he challenged his credibility and ethics. 

Let's break it down: Samuels sent Arias a gift - can you say "unethical?" He bought her a self-help book on Amazon and mailed it to her. The last time I checked it is NOT appropriate for the psychologist who is supposed to be evaluating a criminal to send said prisoner a GIFT!  

Martinez also slammed him on his license indiscretion for bartering of dental services - I knew that was coming. Martinez hit home run after home run this afternoon to prove that Samuels is a quack psychologist (can you say paid expert?) 

Martinez aimed another one of his infamous zingers at Samuels when he started to get testy with him, couldn't remember "facts", and would not give Martinez a "yes" or "no" answer.  

Martinez: Do you have memory problems? ...Oh, snap!!

Skewed, DishonestTest Results Anyone?

Samuels was a train wreck on the stand as he bumbled and fumbled through his stack of messy paperwork. Martinez even called him out on his poor organizational skills - classic! Pooorrr "expert" witness...he honestly looked like he was going to keel over and have a heart attack! 

He couldn't even remember the name of the PSD test he administered to Arias. Then it got really funny when Martinez unraveled Samuels' method of "professional" psych test taking (yes, he used a pencil and filled in her answers). Lo and behold, Arias' test was skewed and not exactly honest (oh, big shocker!). Samuels even admitted on the stand that he should have re-administered the test to her. 

Martinez also posed the question to Samuels: if a person continues to lie OVER and OVER again, wouldn't it be a good idea to actually corroborate their story? 

The words outta Samuels mouth: "I would discontinue testing if someone was lying consistently." Really, Samuels? So the ninja intruder lies were all just part of her fake sex-induced amnesia and PTSD?

Then Martinez questions him if he looked at Arias' photos -  wouldn't it have been helpful to look at the photos to corroborate what Arias told him (aka HER LIES!)

Samuels answers yes, that would have been helpful for him to corrobate and to look at the pictures - ya think, dooofus? Martinez barely got started with Samuels this afternoon --thanks to whiny Wilmot stamping her feet and objecting to Martinez--wahhh, don't yell at her witness!

Stay tuned! The fireworks continue on Tuesday at 10 AM MST / 1 PM EST with Martinez's cross-exam! 


  1. Though I do not always vocalize my appreciation and support that you give for Travis and his family, I love your daily blog(s)with regards to this trial. Keep up the excellent work. Awesome blog! Dead on facts! You ROCK!!!


  2. Thanks Ken. Thanks to you and Laura for your support in our Facebook group. I write these blogs to fight for justice for Travis and his family. I want justice served so thanks for reading and supporting my blog.