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Thursday, June 27, 2013

More Craziness in Jodi Arias Trial: Dumb and Dumber, Nurmi & Willmott, Want to Throw Out "Extreme Cruelty" Ruling

Why am I NOT surprised? Crazy Eyes is probably throwing tantrums in her cell and demanding that Nurmi and Wilmott try every last trick in the book to get the extreme cruelty ruling thrown out. Because you know, she thinks she's a lawyer and knows more than her defense team.

In case you missed the memo, here is the latest, straight from the Dum-fense:

"Given the apparent difficulties that judges faced (prior to the ruling) in applying the statute in a uniform, consistent manner, juries are understandably even less equipped to do so," defense attorney Kirk Nurmi wrote in the motion filed late last week." (Source:

Bring on the Train Wreck & Her Three-Ring Circus Defense...Here We Go Again!

You have got to be kidding me!! Isn't that the point of a JURY - that's THEIR job to decide whether extreme cruelty was used. Guess what,  Nurmi, it was already decided!! This is utter nonsense. The last jury ruled extreme cruelty--there are no "do-overs." DUHHH!!! What do they think? That everyone, including the judge, will be totally clueless and not listen or pay attention to the evidence. You know, like the forensics evidence of the grisly murder scene. Yeah let's just ignore the "extreme cruelty" facts: she stabbed Travis 29 times, slit his throat from ear to ear, and shot him. Actually, that is BEYOND extreme cruelty--that is pure heinous brutality spawned from She-Devil herself. 

"Oh well, as jurors we'll let you slide on the "extreme cruelty" part," said no jury EVER to Jodi Scarias. This isn't a matter of splitting hairs based on semantics in a statute. There is NO doubt or question that extreme cruelty was used -- forensics evidence does not lie. And it hasn't lied throughout the entire trial--unlike Jodi Scarias--queen of all pathological liars. 

Yes, I know it's Nurmi's "job" to defend her. I use the word "job" loosely when it comes to her defense because he obviously didn't care about her throughout the trial when he sat slouched in his chair digging for gold and looking bored. 

But once again, this is ANOTHER lame, last-ditch attempt to try and save her from the death penalty before her July 18 hearing. Although, I thought he and Whiner Wilmott planned to ditch Train Wreck - guess they are singin' a different dum-fense tune now. Or she's stamping her feet and threatening to pull a crazy again if they don't do what she says. Not to mention, she's probably pissed off because she can't give anymore TV interviews so she can spew more lies about the trial and Travis -- wahh wahhh, cry me a freakin' river! 

We don't want her stalling or pulling any of her manipulative tricks. Although, I wouldn't put it past her to pull a fast one on July 17 to get her out of the hearing. Maricopa County, just keep her in her stinky jail cell for 23 hours where she can rot and fester until next month. Have fun wearing those prison stripes--I bet a nice cold Starbucks frapp would taste really good right now, Cry baby...awwww too bad you can't have one. 

Hey Nurmi and Wilmott, I have ONE word for you and your ludicrous BS motion:  DENIED!!! 

Justice for Travis!!!!! Juan is not going to take this lightly! 

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