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Friday, October 25, 2013

12 Page Whiny Motion from Jodi Arias: Wah Wah, I Want to Fire Kirk Nurmi

Hi Lady Justice Readers, Long time, no blog!! I took a breather from my blog but things are heating up with the Stabby Queen First Degree Murderess. I had to step away from Crybaby's drama (and am now knee-deep in following the Martin McNeil scum-of-the earth trial on HLN).

I laughed as I read the Crybaby's 12 page rant against Wurmi. It's not a big newsflash that the Wurm-ster didn't like Crybaby Crazy Eyes and tried repeatedly to get taken off the case but Judge Stephens denied him and Will-not. I quote directly from Wurmi's closing arguments:

"9 days out of 10 I don't like Jodi Arias." That says it all, folks! Even her defense lawyer couldn't stand to look at her guilty face all day! 

The Alexander Family is adamant about NO DEAL when it comes to the Crybaby pleading to take the death penalty off the table. Not gonna happen so her next sneaky move is trying to kick Nurmi off her defense team. Yeah, good luck with that since Stephens has repeatedly denied Nurmi and Wilmot being taken off the case.

I thought maybe this motion was just another spewing of her usual BS lies but it's funny to read. Pure comedy. Of course, she makes herself out to be the victim--everyone is out to get her and Nurmi hates her--wah wah. I don't blame Nurmi one bit (even though I think he's a lazy worthless slug of a defense lawyer). I wouldn't want to deal with Miss Crazy Train's antics on a daily basis. She only likes Will-not because she is obsessed with her and thinks she's her Mini-Scary-Me. Muahhhhhhhh!!! Weirdo Twins Unite!

Oh yes! We can't forgot how Crybaby likes to use big words in the wrong context. Sorry, using big words won't make you sound like a brain surgeon, Miss Scari-as!!

After she has a full-blown "emotional" meltdown when she finds out the court is going to play her nasty sex tape, she freaks out and Wurmi responds to her--just because she has a temper tantrum, she's not going to get her way HAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Arias then whines in the motion (in her usual Crybaby fashion) and accuses Wurmi of "his utter poverty of people skills." Hellloo, dumb ass, incorrect English grammar usage--AGAIN! Hilarious.

Her sociopathic delusions can be seen threaded throughout her long-winded sentences. You don't have to be a shrink to notice that the Crazy Train is on board the track again. Poor 'wil Hodi! Nurmi was being spiteful and mean on purpose..yadda yadda...and hates her. It's ALL about Hodi Scari-as!! Nothing has changed.
The ironic part is that THE FORENSICS EVIDENCE DOESN'T LIE!! Not to mention, she has already been found guilty of first degree murder. No backsies, Hodi. You are guilty, guilty AND guilty! 

So she gets a new defense attorney and then what happens? I'm sure she thinks she can manipulate and make crazy googly-eyes with a new lawyer. Everyone knows about this trial and even when her case goes to re-trial, a new defense lawyer is not going to save her from the death penalty. So she needs to hush up and stop with the ridiculous motions. I'm sure Nurmi is laughing at her lame motion as he's wanted off this case for months now so this isn't anything new. Just another stupid stunt to waste everyone's time-- Crybaby being all melodramatic and making it all about HER and her awful defense team. Wahhh, no one is helping the Crazy Murderer!! Wahhh!! Yet Crybaby pleaded to GIVE her death!! And the crazy dance goes on and on...

Also, word on the street is that Crybaby is still waiting to hear whether the death penalty is still on the table. The Alexanders aren't going down without a fight and have said they will fight for NO DEAL!! I'm with them all the way!

"Arias was in court Thursday for a settlement conference before retired Superior Court Judge James Keppel. A court representative relayed the message that no agreement had been reached and that Keppel was referring the case back to Stephens." (Source:

Here is the link to the entire 12 page motion if you want a good laugh. 12 pages of her usual long-winded crappy big words and dumb ass-ery!

Have a great weekend and thanks for supporting my blog. Justice for Travis and his family!!! 

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