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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Clang, Clang, Clang: Arias Shackled & Cuffed in Court Room Last Week

Hi Lady Justice Fighters!
I've been battling a bad cold (maybe the aftermath of all the bad ju-ju post-Crybaby's trial?) but wanted to share a brief update about what's going on with Crazy Eye Crybaby, Jodi Scarias!

How many of us were happy to see Ms. Brawler (yup, she got busted for attacking someone in jail- wow, what a shocker!) to see Crybaby in her prison stripes with shackles and handcuffed? No more circa-90s outfits for the Crazy-Eyed Crybaby. I know I was quite happy to see her in prison stripes--it's about damn time!

Unfortunately, everyone is due back in court - of course, another delay as the Crybaby and her defense team tries to buy time - on July 18 to determine if Crazy Eyes will face a new jury in the retrial of the death penalty phase.

Why I Refused to Watch the Lifetime Movie
I know many of you tuned into the Jodi Arias movie, but I personally thought it was a big slap in the face to the Alexander family so I boycotted and refused to watch it. Even if they didn't paint Travis in a bad light, I am tired of this convicted murderer getting MORE publicity and air time.

Her crazy ass is behind bars and whether she does get convicted of the death penalty or not, she is not going anywhere. She will rot behind bars no matter what due to the fact that she is guilty, guilty, guilty (are you listening Kool-Aid drinkers? the guilt factor isn't going away!)

I hope she enjoys her luxurious stay (not!) in the Maricopa County jail locked in a tiny cell, 23 hours a day, by herself. She can keep herself entertained with bad renditions of Christmas carols and Dido songs.

No More Interviews...Wah Wah
The media spotlight faded fast and all eyes are turned to the Trayvon Martin trial on HLN (another very sad case!) and wahhhh, no more interviews for the Crybaby--not anymore (that privilege was yanked when she was thrown in her jail cell for 23 hours a day!) Although, it goes back to what I mentioned above about the Jodi Arias movie. Why give her added publicity she doesn't deserve? She's a cold-blooded murderer. This isn't a soap opera--this is about a young man's life that was brutally taken by a psychotic demon-ess. Lifetime needs to write a big fat check to the Alexander family and stop profiting off Travis' murder. The story is NOT about Jodi Arias--the story is about Travis Alexander and that's the story that needs to be told. I didn't watch it but I heard that they didn't paint Train Wreck in a positive light--duhh, obviously not, but still...why continue to support "her" story and give her added exposure? No thanks, I'll pass on that.

So now it's just a waiting game...stay tuned! We have another month to go to see if there will be a retrial for her death penalty phase. Justice continues to be served for Travis and Juan won't go down without a big fight!!!  My thoughts are with the Alexander Family right now--they continue to relive this nightmare every day (and that dumb movie didn't help either!). I hope they can find some peace in their hearts.

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