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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hey, Jodi Arias, Tweet This Manifesto: Why You Will Get the Death Penalty & Will Never See the Light of Day

My Manifesto to Crazy Train Murderer:

Your Sh**show will be ending soon. Lights out for you!!

Mark my words. Your disgusting  interviews. Your fake tears. Your endless lies on the stand. Your mud-slinging of Travis Alexander's good character which have been a dagger in the hearts of the Alexander Family. Your narcissistic, disgusting statement in court today. They don't mean anything. Your words are nothing but filth-laden syllables with some big words thrown in and used out of context.

Today you stated that you made the "worst mistake of your life" by killing Travis Alexander. It wasn't a mistake because you knew exactly what you were doing.

YOU, Crybaby Crazy Eyes, drove to Mesa and KILLED an innocent human being in the most gruesome, heartless way possible and a jury believed you planned every step and detail of Travis' murder. It's called a guilty Murder 1 verdict -- get to know it, Spawn of Satan. 

So you're sad that you will miss your sister's wedding and you won't be able to be a mother and have children? Guess what? You should have thought of that before you picked up that knife and gun...before you slashed Travis 29 times, slit his throat until you almost decapitated him, AND shot him! Travis will never get to hold his nieces or nephews ever again. He will never get to sing karoake with Steven again. He will never be able to get married. He will NEVER have a lot of "firsts" in his life because you brutally took it all away from him!!!

Remember that little commandment...Thou Shall Not Kill? 

YOU WILL be punished - karma has come for you - and your hours are limited. While your Kool-Aid drinking followers think you won't get the death penalty, I'm more than confident that the jurors will give you the death penalty verdict.

Why do I think you deserve the death penalty? Because I don't like murderers who have never shown remorse for brutally killing an innocent human being. Wait, I don't like murderers period. And HOW dare you talk about Travis Alexander's grandmother. You are a disrespectful, vile, and inhumane monster!

No guilt. No sorrow.No emotions. No apologies to the Alexander Family. The only person you care about is YOU - Crybaby Crazy Eyes of the Fake Migraines and Pretend Traumatic Stress Disorder. You don't count. You  aren't even human and you don't even HAVE ANY FRIENDS who would even testify on your behalf (and heroin addicts don't count!).

Your song and dance from this morning means NOTHING! No one believes your smoke and mirror  "Let's Play the Victim" Powerpoint! Your lies can't hurt Travis and his family and friends anymore because. Let's count ALL the REASONS why you won't be a prison entrepreneur  or a recycling philanthropist. 

1. The same jury, who is sitting there deliberating your life, gave you a guilty verdict because guess what, Crazy Eyes? You have already been FOUND guilty of premeditated first degree murder. Why would they believe you now?

2. The jurors can't watch your lame ass interview filled with pathological lies.

3. You aren't a philanthropist - like anyone would believe that Fable of the Century? Like that would instantly erase your guilty verdict. Guess again!!

4. You aren't a domestic violence victim and have never been a victim. Domestic violence organizations DO not want anything to do with your sorry ass, because you make a mockery of real victims.

5. You are going to be sued in a wrongful death civil lawsuit by the Alexander Family. Get ready to hand over all the money from your forged crappy doodles. I hope more lawsuits follow from all the companies' ads you ripped off!!

6. You begged for the death penalty - a few times - remember your interrogation tapes? Remember your little interview stunt after your verdict was handed down? You asked for it - so here it comes!!

Juan Martinez has spoken and has been the voice for Travis Alexander. You know - that guy you don't like because he showed what a big fat crazy liar you are?

But today I speak loud and clear for Travis Alexander! And I'm talking to YOU - the most disgusting, vile person who needs to get on her hands and knees and BEG for mercy from Travis' family. But since that won't ever happen and you only care about your disgusting's MY MANIFESTO TO YOU!!!

You deserve NO mercy. You don't deserve your life when you brutally took the life of an innocent man. 

JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL FOR TRAVIS ALEXANDER. Travis' life meant everything - everything!!! - and YOUR life means nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

...SO Tweet that, Crazy Train! 

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  1. This, by far, is your best ever blog Therese! Thank you!! I love how you wrote this one!!