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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I was in tears as the clerk read the verdict this afternoon. Justice has been served for Travis and his family. I hope Crybaby's words are haunting her: "Mark my words, no jury will convict me!" WRONG, you psychotic murdering lunatic! The U.S. legal system and the people of Arizona have spoken and Lady Justice has finally arrived on Arias' lying, manipulative Crazy Train doorstep!!

I watched as the verdict was read and loved listening to the jurors when they were asked: is this your true verdict? I loved Juror #6's resounding YESSSSSSSSS!!

VERDICT - Count 1 first degree murder - GUILTY - 7 jurors found both premeditated and felony murder

Even though this sentence won't bring Travis Alexander back, justice has been served and the jury came through for the family. A HUGE shout-out and thanks to Mr. Juan Martinez and Detective Flores. Thank you for being the voice of Travis!!! This is why Juan Martinez wins death penalty cases!!!!! It really touched my heart when I watched the family's faces as the verdict was read. JUSTICE has now been served for their brother and friend.

The guilty verdict is such a HUGE relief for the Alexander family and my heart goes out to them and am SO happy for them. I knew in my heart that justice would be served and had a strong feeling that the jury would come through with a Murder 1 verdict.

Tomorrow the death penalty hearing begins and now the jury must decide if aggravation comes into play related to the murder. The next step: will Crybaby get the death penalty or life without parole?  Fingers crossed that she gets the death penalty!

The Alexander Family has also filed a civil wrongful death suit against Arias!

Crybaby's words will haunt her for the rest of her life. "If I killed Travis, I would beg for the death penalty."Will she beg for the death penalty now that she's been FOUND guilty? Shes' going to be begging to spare her life. Her fate is REALLY in the jurors' hands now!

After five years, karma finally caught up with Jodi Arias and his name IS Juan Martinez!!!! Travis' murder has been avenged - now let's get the death  penalty for Crybaby!

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