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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Death Penalty Hearing Delayed Until May 15: Convicted Murderess Jodi Arias Pulls a Fast One

The hearing for convicted murderer Jodi Arias was scheduled for 1 pm PDT today but was unexpectedly canceled. Court is now closed for the day. The jurors, Martinez, and the Alexander Family must be fuming! If I was the jury, I would give her the death penalty, out of spite, just for wasting so much time, money, and delaying vital court proceedings - again!!! There was also a bomb threat earlier and two weirdos tweeted that there was a bomb in the courthouse (a man and his girlfriend were arrested for acts of terrorism) - probably pro-Crybaby crazies and Kool-Aid drinkers. I really like the guy's crazy hair in his mug shot - talk about one hot mess. 

Crybaby Held in Psych Ward Lock Down - Fake Suicide Watch 

Word on the street is that Crybaby may be out for the week due to a suicide watch - obviously, that never happened in the past (she threatened suicide but she never went through with it after she killed Travis) and no way will Crazy Eyes commit suicide now. Can you say publicity stunt? 

This suicide facilitation watch is absolute BS. I know it's common for convicted criminals, after they receive their verdict, to be put on suicide watch but she is using the suicide watch to her advantage and to delay the inevitable - tick tock. She's going to piss off the jurors in a huge way with this delay. 

This translates to: Crybaby Crazy Eyes might lose her fo-schizzle and fake a psychotic break. Once again, the Sociopathic Jodi Arais Show continues and she spewed more delusional lies on camera yesterday (and continued to slander Travis' name - really? After all your lies that were exposed, you are gonna keep riding the Crazy Train?) Not to mention, forensics evidence DOES NOT LIE!!!! 

Attention Whore Fake Cries During Interview - Interview Will Seal Her Death Penalty Fate

Crazy Eyes planned her little stunt interview a week in advance unbeknownst to her defense team. Isn't it convenient that she gave an exclusive interview to Fox News after her Murder 1 guilty verdict was handed down on Wednesday afternoon? 

It was textbook Crazy Train behavior: she told the reporter that death is the ultimate freedom - she would prefer getting the death penalty rather than life in prison. I'm sure that can be arranged...very soon!

But now that she's on suicide watch - oh yes, folks, she's hanging out in a psych ward at the Buckeye Jail- no more interviews for the Publicity Whore Murderess. Everyone is "worried" that she might kill herself based on what she said in the interview. 

Nice try on the reverse psychology, Crazy Eyes, and guess what? The jury isn't allowed to watch TV - so what was the point? Another manipulative victim card played -  and failed - by the Convicted Murderess. 

The Blame Game Continues & She Trashes Travis' Name

I guess she missed the media training memo and probably went against the advice of her defense team NOT to give interviews post-verdict. She also accused Juan Martinez of "shady" evidence collection. Wow, that was totally believable - NOT! That's why he won and she LOST! 

She disrespected him and called him by his first name and then she had the nerve to call him shady. Not a smart publicity move for Scarias. Oh yes, and she had to play the St. Jodi Martyr role to the hilt. Didn't you know that she was persecuted by Martinez and the public? Poor thing. I really need to send her a dictionary so she can  understand that she was PROSECUTED (by the best damn prosecutor in the state of Arizona) and NOT persecuted. 

And the most disgusting statement from her interview (that will bite her in the ass during her death penalty hearing): that she didn't want to look at the Alexander Family because his brother and sisters look too much like Travis and they all remind her of her "abuser." Even though the self-defense charge was laughable and she was convicted of premeditation she still claims Travis abused her....and the lies (in her crazy brain) still spewed from her venomous lips. Wow

Remember When You Were Convicted of Murder 1? 

Crybaby is a little late to the verdict party - hey remember, Crazy Eyes, when you were convicted  of 1st degree murder on Wednesday afternoon, and the jury found premeditation and felony murder, or did the fog start to roll in at that precises moment? Maybe Lie of Attraction kept you from fully grasping the REAL verdict?

It's not her dog and pony show anymore - she may have led the three ring circus with her defense team before, but now Juan is front and center in this rodeo. The next big show will be the death penalty hearing and I'm more than confident that the jurors are going to slap her with the death penalty. But hey it's still not her fault - she doesn't know why the jury gave her premeditation. During her interview, she showed NO remorse. She didn't apologize and only gave a lame statement that she hoped the Alexander Family would have peace now. No, they will NEVER have peace -- they might find some consolation though when the needle is finally pushed. 

Did Crybaby Fire Her Crappy Defense Lawyers?

There was a heated smack down between Crybaby and her lawyers yesterday and there is a rumor swirling that she might fire her defense team. Ohhhhh wah, it's her lawyers' fault! Wahhhhh!!!  I'm guessing Nurmi and Willmott weren't happy with the interview she gave yesterday after her verdict. Dumb, dumb move as the interview can be played back in court and can be shown to the jury as part of evidence in the death penalty hearing. For someone who has such a high IQ, she is an idiot!

This is how I saw it all going down yesterday - thanks to my overactive imagination!:

Crybaby and Jenny on the block get in a smackdown in chambers and she tries to strangle Crazy Eyes with her  greasy locks. Jenny is heard screaming: I will pull your hair out strand by strand, you ungrateful bitch!! 

Nurmi sits slumped in chair and watches the spectacle and shakes his noggin while picking his nose. The Lipless Twins (Crybaby's mom and aunt) are heard snickering outside...hee heee Hodi is getting beat on by Wilma teeheeeee. 

Martinez gloats and basks in his win -  sipping champagne while laughing at Crybaby and her fake BS suicide watch excuse.

The media doesn't know why court was abruptly canceled. I bet Crybaby is faking a migraine or is pretending to act crazy now - she may LOOK and act crazy but she is not legally insane. She knew and knows exactly WHAT she is doing. She is the master manipulator and is so full of herself that she thinks she can wave her Crazy Wand and people will continue to fall at her feet - even though she is a convicted murderer now. 

Crybaby Doesn't Want to Face the Alexander Family in Court 

Convicted Crazy Eyes is also trying to weasel out of listening to the Alexander family's victim statements and requested that their statements are videotaped so she doesn't have to be "live" in the courtroom as they are read. OH HECK NO!!! Her lying, murdering ass needs to sit in her seat AND she should be forced to look at the family, one by one, as they read their statements to her. No hiding behind her hair or her fake glasses. 

She needs to see and hear their pain and face her punishment. She needs to SEE the consequences of her murderous actions. She needs to see how she ruined a family and how they will never, ever get their brother back thanks to HER! She is disgusting and can't believe her gall!! Sorry psycho, it's time to face the consequences of your horrific brutality. Murder in the 1st degree -  premeditation and felony murder. 

Mark my will get the death penalty (you don't need to ask for it anymore). After pulling this stunt today - if in fact she did fake a psychotic break or migraine episode - Miss Murderer isn't winning any points when it comes to the jury. 

Let's Talk Son of Sam Law: No More Stealing Copyrighted Ads & No More Moola

"The Son of Sam Law is any American law designed to keep criminals from profiting from the publicity of their crimes, often by selling their stories to publishers. However, this is not in the same manner of asset forfeiture, which is intended to seize assets acquired directly as a result of criminal activity. Where asset forfeiture looks to remove the profitability of crimes by taking away money and assets gained from the crime, Son of Sam laws are designed so that criminals are unable to take advantage of the notoriety of their crimes. Such laws often authorize the state to seize money earned from deals such as book/movie biographies and paid interviews and use it to compensate the criminal's victims." (Source:

Based on the Son of Sam law, she can't sell her artwork (aka crappy traced doodles) and profit from it, and she can say bye-bye to her Manifesto of Lies. No books. No movie deals. No moola. She is now a convicted felon. 

If you want to get a glimpse into what a crazy freak she really is (and how she doesn't know how to use words in their correct context - she writes like she speaks), check out this to letter she wrote to Ryans Burns in 2009 while she was in jail. She was trying to convince him that he wasn't on her hit list! 

Get ready for Death Row! Justice has been served for Travis!! 

Stay tuned on Wednesday, May 15th for the aggravation phase of the death penalty hearing. The jury will decide whether Crazy Train used "extreme cruelty" or if Travis' murder was "especially cruel" (UHMM no brainer - YES!)

UPDATE: Medical examiner Dr. Horn has a conflict in his schedule so he is unable to testify on Monday or Tuesday so that's the reason why court won't resume until Wednesday. 

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  1. Well you know, she did say she was going to beg for the death penalty, of course stating that Travis even knows she is innocent... So maybe she is begging for the death penalty HAHAHAHA... Maybe Wurmi & Mr. Martinez and the judge will grant her wishes and send her to the zapper on Sunday, Mothers day! Really I would love to win a trip for this spectacle of history! Believe me this trial has been a circus and Hodi definitely has made it her own circus! She is a deranged psychopath and would be doing not only Travis and his family and friends justice, but everyone by her removal from this planet, so for me the sooner the better! Please! I am begging too! (but you better believe she doesnt want to die, she is lying again for her show of all shows) Thanks for your blog today & everyday Therese <3 you are the bomb (and no, not like that and no pun intended hahhhahaa)