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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Jury For the Crybaby: Judge Stephens Aims for Late September Death Penalty Retrial Date

CRYBABY we freakin' go again!!!

In their usual "we can't get our shit together" fashion, the defense whined to Judge Stephens and she is giving the attorneys additional time to file motions. This morning's hearing lasted less than an hour. No cameras were allowed--too bad because I wanted to see Crybaby in her lovely prison stripes sporting her shackles! I'm guessing that she had heavily armed guards by her side in case someone tried to take her out. Now that wouldn't be a big shocker.

"Arias was escorted into the courtroom, wearing shackles and dressed in striped jail clothes, by three heavily armed deputies, one carrying a shotgun." (Source: CBS News)

So here's the scoop on this morning's hearing: 

Judge Stephens gave the whiner defense team (Willmot and Nurmi) until August 5 to file their motions to support their arguments. I'd like to know WHAT arguments--that Crybaby doesn't deserve the death penalty because she feels remorse? Like that's ever going to happen!!! Crazy Eyes has never showed one iota of remorse for the brutal murder of Travis Alexander! She set another conference status for August 26.

Of course, Judge Stephens is going the wussy route and won't set a "firm retrial date" for the death penalty because too many factors are involved. Uhmmm you mean, like Crybaby has already been convicted of pre-meditated murder 1 and deserves the death penalty?

Who knows what's going to play out in September? Juan Martinez is still going after the death penalty but the State also made this statement:

"Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery has said the state is still preparing to seek the death penalty again for Arias, but would consider resolving the case without another trial after consultation with the victim's family and defense lawyers, among other things." (CBS News)

Either way, Jodi Arias is looking at a long time behind bars in her prison stripes in her small jail cell where she resides 23 hours a day. 

Justice for Travis--my heart is with to the Alexander Family. Enough is enough! 

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