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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Arias Found Guilty of Extreme Cruelty: Next Stop for Crazy Train - Death Penalty Phase Begins on Thursday

Woot woot!! The Crazy Train is finally losing her wack job steam!! It only took the jurors 1.5 hours to reach their verdict that Crybaby (and she was pulling the fake waterworks today!!) did use extreme cruelty and was found guilty. I got really choked up as Juan Martinez set the scene of how Travis must have felt as he was stabbed and the horrible pain he suffered.

Today was a tough day during for the Travis Alexander family, but it was a necessary and very important part of the trial - the aggravation phase. The most emotional part of Martinez's arguments today was when he took two minutes of silence - so people could see how long it took Travis to die--two minutes and then his slit was throat :(. That left a huge lump in my throat--it was very difficult to listen to Martinez's words today but he did an excellent job of showing the brutality of Travis' murder. I was confident that they would find Crybaby guilty of extreme cruelty. It also didn't hurt that Dr. "Hottie" Horn was on the stand and testified, once again, to the severity of Travis' killing -  his sliced throat, how his vena cava was severed, 29 stab wounds, how he tried to fight back, etc.

The Scariest Evil Eyes Ever
When the jurors gave their resounding "yes" - when they were asked by the clerk if that was their final decision - Crybaby's looks could kill (literally!)  Her eyes were pure dark evil and she also shook her head and pulled the fake tears and looked away when the autopsy photos were shown. No remorse. No guilt. She only feels sorry for herself because she knows her days are now numbered! Tick tock!!

Tomorrow is the last step - the death penalty phase. I strongly believe with my all my heart that Crazy Eyes will get the death penalty. I can't wait to hear the Alexander Family speak during the victim statements. I want her to be forced to look at the family and NOT look way. I don't care about her family's statements - they are a bunch of disrespectful, rude heartless people. Who laughs when autopsy photos are shown in a murder trial AND it was their crazy daughter and niece who brutally murdered an innocent young man!!!

Justice WILL prevail tomorrow for Travis and Jodi Arias, spawn of Satan, WILL get the death penalty--mark my words, Crybaby.

Justice for Travis...and in honor of our buddy, T-Dogg, here is a poem that I know Travis would like! We will NOT give up, Travis!!! 

Keep Going 

"Is the goal distant, and troubled the road, 
     And the way long? 
     And heavy your load? 
Then gird up your courage, and say 'I am strong,' 
     And keep going. 

Is the work weary, and endless the grind 
     And petty the pay? 
     Then brace up your mind 
And say 'Something better is coming my way,' 
     And keep doing. 

Is the drink bitter life pours in your cup - 
     Is the taste gall? 
     Then smile and look up 
And say 'God is with me whatever befall,' 
     And keep trusting. 

Is the heart heavy with hope long deferred, 
     And with prayers that seem vain? 
     Keep saying the word - 
And that which you strive for you yet shall attain. 
     Keep praying."

       - by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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  1. Well said Therese! Yes and did you notice Wilma? Questioning Horn, "so if he was dead he cannot feel it?" I knew Wilma was in the wrong profession, you know the bald spot on her head is actually a soft spot! I think she should apply for Rocket Scientist really!! She is so freaking brilliant a roving genius, smarter then Einstein himself! Seriously you put Hodi and Wilma together and you would be lucky to get yourself a quarter of a full brain! Then add the boogers of Wurmi Booger and you got yourself a functioning head! Thats about it... Ty for your blog today lady!