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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Travis' Brother and Sister, Steven & Samantha Alexander, Share Emotional, Heartwrenching Pain & Sorrow During Victim Statements

Today was an emotional, heartbreaking day in court. I was sobbing when Steven and Samantha read their personal statements today in court. Their words left me in an emotional state and I couldn't stop crying - even after their statements were concluded there were tears in my eyes and a heaviness in my heart. I kept thinking - no family member should ever have to deal with this living hell. No one should EVER have to hear those words: your brother is dead. I am from a big family and I can't even imagine if this happened to one of my siblings.

They were very brave and strong to stand up in court and share their very deep and personal pain. They shared stories of how Steven's marriage was ruined and how he had horrible nightmares about Travis' death and nightmares that he and his wife and daughter were stabbed, and how he can't sleep alone in the dark anymore. Their family has been ripped apart and how the Alexander family members have all suffered physically and mentally as a result of Travis' murder. It was heart wrenching to hear about Travis' Grandma and how her health suffered and she eventually passed away due to the pain of losing Travis. They ALL have suffered and now it's time for this murdering psychopath to suffer and pay for her crime of murder in the first degree--premeditation.

These words from Steven are what really got to me:

"How much did he suffer? How much did he scream? What was the last thing he saw before his eyes closed? What was the final thought in his head?"

My heart broke for Samantha when she described how her brother's throat was slit ear to ear and how her sister, Tanisha, screamed on the phone to her that Travis was dead.

Crybaby's waterworks were an utter joke and FAKE FAKE FAKE! She was only fake crying for herself  and why is she turning on the dramatic act now? I don't believe that this monster has one iota of genuine remorse or feelings of guilt in her cold-blooded body. The jurors didn't shed tears (not sure how they could keep it together--I would have been bawling) but the male jurors couldn't make eye contact with Steven as he talked--I think Steven's words really got to them.

I was really pissed off when I found out that Steven's and Samantha's statements had to be "approved" by the defense, yet Crybaby's family and friends can plead and beg for Crybaby's life? But the Alexander family can't yell and scream at her for the horrific brutality that she caused, and all the pain and suffering she caused for Travis family. But Samantha gave major dagger eyes to Crybaby as she passed by the defense table and she also glared at Kool-Aid drinker Donovan.

BOMBSHELL: Nurmi & Willmott Beg the Judge to Get Them Out NOW

The dumfense begged Judge Stephens to let them off the case - sorry, they are stuck with Hodi until the death penalty verdict is read (and I am confident she will get the death penalty). I also heard today that Crybaby was planning a press junket until Judge Stephens squashed all TV interviews until the death penalty hearing is completed. I guess she is more concerned about TV interviews rather than trying to save her life - woot woot, Crazy Train -- alllll aboard!!!!

Two witnesses, ex-boyfriend Darryl Brewer and Crybaby's trashy friend, Patty, sporting her nasty Daisy Dukes gave their statements today. They didn't want to be on camera so their statements were given behind closed doors this afternoon. What would you say about a cold-blooded killer? "I really like her forged crappy doodles and she has greasy bangs!"

I want to leave you with Steven's gut-wrenching words about what Satan's Spawn did to his brother:

"I don't want these nightmares anymore. I don't want to see my brother's murderer anymore." 

"He was brutally ripped out of this world...hopefully, some day I can make him proud."

JUSTICE FOR TRAVIS - mark my words, Jodi Arias, YOU WILL get the death penalty! 

Court resumes next Monday at 10 AM / MT

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