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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Welcome to LADY JUSTICE: An Online Blog Dedicated to Victims of Violent Crime & Missing Persons Cases

I thought this would be a good time to change the name of my blog- welcome to LADY JUSTICE. I have spent the past four months discussing the Arias trial and fighting justice for Travis Alexander and his family.

If there is a cold case or trial you want me to discuss and/or research, please message me in the Comments Section. I also welcome guest blog contributors - if there is a case or trial you'd like to write about. However, I will screen all requests carefully and will use editorial discretion to pick and choose what cases/information I post on my blog. 

I appreciate everyone who has read and followed my blog over the past four months. I dedicate this new revised blog, LADY JUSTICE, to Travis Victor Alexander - may his soul rest in peace and may justice be served for Travis and his family. I also dedicate this blog to my friend, Angela Callonea, who was murdered by her husband. 

Let this blog be the voice for ALL victims and for their families! 

Thanks so much for your continued support!

Therese Pope