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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Juan Martinez Shines Light of Truth on Arias' Huge Laundry List of Lies - Can You Say Buh-Bye, Maniacal Murderess??

I dedicate this post tonight to Travis and his family - may justice prevail! :)

Juan Martinez made courtroom history in his closing argument today and he pulled NO punches. Whiny Willmott looked like death warmed over and Arias looked sedated (can you say Valium?) as her head bobbed and she gave her usual lame boo-hoo fake tears performance. She also threw her crazy dagger eyes at Martinez throughout the day. Not to mention her inappropriate laughing and head shaking today. I agree with Dr. Drew--I think she was on some heavy meds (so she didn't lose her sh** in court today!)

So kick back and relax...this might take you awhile to read - today was a BIG day and I want to do Juan Martinez's closing argument justice!! 

Hey CryBaby Crazy Eyes Jodi Arias, you faced YOUR KARMA today and his name is Juan Martinez. My heart goes out to the Alexander family, and it was emotional to watch them sob as Martinez wove his story of the lying murderess, the day of the murder, and detailed every single lie that Crybaby has ever uttered in this case.

I'm still in awe of Juan Martinez's rock star performance! I have NEVER witnessed such a brilliant, eloquent closing argument by a criminal prosecuting attorney. I plan to write a letter to Martinez after the trial is over because I want to thank him for standing up for ALL victims of violent crimes. He WAS the voice of Travis Alexander and Travis' family and friends in the courtroom today.

And if you weren't convinced of Martinez's kick-ass legal smarts before today, today should have indefinitely changed your mind. And if any jurors are on the fence, his closing argument sealed Jodi Arias' fate...hopefully, her fate comes in the form of LETHAL INJECTION.

Zingers & Highlights of Martinez's Rock Star Court Performance

I was riveted as I watched and listened to Martinez today, and took copious notes for my blog tonight. I can't possibly write about EVERYTHING that Martinez said today but here are the highlights and zingers that stood out. I can understand why Martinez has won death penalty cases. He is a phenomenal prosecutor, and showed NO mercy.  He was calm, organized, and logical. There were many times I snickered because Martinez infused his argument with lots of sarcastic zingers against Crazy Eyes Crybaby and her ludicrous, nonsensical lies.

The Many Faces of The Attention Whore
He started off with a bang by telling the jury that Crybaby has been an attention whore from the very beginning, including writing a Manifesto because she "thinks" she's going to be famous (yeah, another one of her MANY delusions!) She craved the limelight and brings up her TV interviews when she lied about the ninja intruders and how "no jury would ever convict her!" because she claimed innocence. How's that working for you, Crybaby?

He talked about shining the "light of truth" (I LOVED that analogy) on her and exposing her BS lies. He pointed out how she manipulates and lies to everyone, including the jury!

How Do I Love Thee, Let me Count the Lies!!!

I absolutely loved Martinez's sarcastic "spin" on Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poem: "How do I love thee? Let me count the lies!" 

Oh snap!! Let's count all the lies that Martinez brought up today and there were PLENTY. Martinez did an AMAZING job of weaving all her lies into a twisted, sordid tale that eerily sounded like the worst horror film you have ever watched. She is HORRIFIC! She is spawned from Satan and Martinez painted a very accurate picture of her lying, manipulative, narcissistic ways today in court as he recapped every single lie that she spewed from the stand.

And yeah, like I just kept pressing backspace on Bobby's computer...

It was NOT Crybaby's fault that computers haven't improved since the 90s and that she kept hitting the backspace button (gosh, I hate it when that happens!) and no, it wasn't her fault that she read her ex-boyfriend's Bobby Juarez's emails.

Sidebar: Martinez's got in his sarcastic jabs when he repeatedly said: "It's NOT HER FAULT!!" And it wasn't her fault that she lived with Juarez and never admitted that the REAL reason she lived with Juarez was so she could skip school (I bet she blames Juarez for the fact that she was a high-school drop out...because you know, it's everyone else's fault and NOT HER FAULT). Crybaby loves the blame game and likes to play the victim, according to Martinez.

BooHoo She Only Cries For Herself

Martinez also called her on the carpet with her fake Crybaby tears and said she is a manipulative liar who shows no remorse and she only cries for herself on the stand - oh SNAPPPPP!! She is crying because her days are numbered!!!

Here's a recap of Crazy Eyes' Big Ass List of LIES

Feb. 14, 2007 -- Violent Tendencies Day aka Valentine's Day
Here comes the fake "unholy" know, the ones that never existed. Martinez dimed her out and said she NEVER received a Valentine's Day package with chocolates and the underwear from Travis because a) the package never existed and it was b) NEVER delivered! The package could never be verified. Funny how she "threw away" the  underwear but how ironic that she took pictures of the underwear for proof.

Fast forward...if she and Travis were SO happy together, then why did she have backspace button trigger happy disease and went into Travis' computer. Then she freaks because she finds out he actually spent New Year's Eve with OTHER people...ohhh no, how dare he be happy and how dare he have social contact with both men and women and communicate with them via email!!! And she also just happened to find his phone and go through his text messages and invades his privacy. Sure, no big deal!! Everyone does that...uh huhhh.

Another zinger from Juan Martinez  that I loved, loved, LOVED! "Take your pick with her stories." Exactly - jurors, it's like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story (remember those from the 80s?) Take your pick with all her elaborate, ornate lies that are filled with crazy, chaotic details!!

Can You Say STALKER...?
I was literally cheering out loud when Martinez brought up her crazy stalker behavior.

Hey jurors, here's a date you don't want to forget:

August 2007- Peeping Tom Incident
Martinez details how Crybaby goes to his house...and remember they are NOT dating anymore at this point...and in the light of the TV (he uses his light of truth analogy again - oh so perfect!!), she spies on him through the window. The LIGHT OF TRUTH is that Crybaby showed stalking behavior despite what Ms. Apologist LaViolette said on the stand. Because ya know, jurors, that's just what people do, according to LaViolette. So she spots Travis kissing another woman---GASP!!---and I love what Martinez says next:

SO WHAT???!!

Exactly...who cares? Crybaby and Travis weren't together anymore. He was IN HIS HOUSE, in the privacy of his own home, and was having a romantic evening with another woman. She stood by the door and watched him for about 35 seconds. Juan must have read my mind when he said: 


Oh SNAP!!! Exactly! Crybaby's whiny response to that incident....but but but, he unhooked her bra WAH!! And boohoo, we were still 'courting' (uhmmm Crazy Eyes, that's NOT what you were doing!) and still having sex.

Martinez asks: was she his Mormon conscience and why did SHE care? 


But you know it was NOT her fault, said Martinez sarcastically. She wanted an "explanation." Because you know, she deserved it. Yeah Crazy Eyes, what POSSIBLE explanation could you want or deserve if you and Travis were NOT dating anymore? Stalker Bunny Boiler!!!

Martinez Turns the Tables on The Law aka LIE of Attraction 
I'm a positive person and I think that what you put out into the Universe is what you'll get back in return, however, this craziness with the Law aka Lie of Attraction throughout the trial is just ludicrous.

So Martinez points out, according to Crybaby, because she was following the Law of Attraction she couldn't write anything bad in her journal. Basically, she was lying about everything that happened in her journal because she couldn't tell the truth based on the Law of Attraction - because if she writes down bad things, bad things will happen to her. Yup, she was making everything up in her journal.

For example, she never wrote about the 911 call that supposedly happened with Juarez, no documentation of medical reports or her abuse. So guess what folks? It NEVER happened!

March 2008 - In her journal entry she never mentions that Travis hit her--on the same day she moves back to California. Instead, she wrote: "He kissed me tenderly and gave me three kisses." Here comes the snark again from Martinez (loved it!) - there goes the abuse theory!

Is that what she means by domestic violence? Because she was kissed so tenderly and lovingly? 

But, that apologist LaViolette said look behind the words of her diary because her words don't mean that--don't you know she was abused??? It says so! Cuz she's following that darn Law/Lie of Attraction!

Then there was her Jan. 22nd claim that Travis hit her yet she writes that "nothing happened" in her Jan. 23rd journal entry - yup, no corrobation of abuse. LIE EXPOSED!!

She couldn't even keep her stories straight - she goes from 20 incidents of "domestic violence" to only four. According to Martinez, she was building her case for PSTD...oh SNAP...again!

Oh, No, Those Pesky Gas Cans - Crybaby's #100 Lie Exposed

Well, maybe it wasn't her 100th lie but close enough. I won't go through the gas can BS lies again but Martinez talked about the receipts and how Crybaby never returned the gas cans to Walmart (and how there was proof per Amanda Webb), and how Arias lied about the Priceline rental car based on her Washington Mutual bank statement.

Another zinger by Martinez: I guess Washington Mutual made it up and subscribes to the Law of Attraction!!! 

And the Lies Keep A-Rolling Along...

May 10, 2008 -  Infamous recorded phone sex conversation - but wahhhh, Travis knew he was being recorded. "He told me to record it!" OH HECK NO!!  Check - Juan nails her on that one too. Travis NEVER knew his private conversation was being recorded! KABOOM!

May 26, 2008 - The day they break up! Martinez brings up a VERY important conversation on the 19th between Travis and his friend, Reagan. He tells her that he was "extremely" afraid because of Crybaby's stalking behavior.

Let's break down the conversation - we know they broke up that and some bad crap went down. I have my own theories (I think she tried to blackmail him with the pregnancy/miscarriage BS lie but I'll save that for another time).

Martinez even points that Travis is even derogatory about himself and his anger is a result of the fact that he is afraid of her crazy stalking behavior...but these are the MOST dramatic words that come directly from Travis during that online conversation.

This is when Martinez drives it home:

Travis tells Crybaby: "I was nothing more than a dildo with a heartbeat to you." Translation: Crybaby was manipulative and that whenever she wanted him, she manipulated him through sex. Uhmmm, very true words!

And you could hear a pin drop when Martinez read Travis' reply to Crybaby...and repeated it a few times so the jury didn't miss it:

You are the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

Martinez says, "No one can dispute that those are the truest words spoken by Mr. Alexander." I agree! Travis goes on to call her a sociopath and a litany of other VERY truthful statements about her psychotic behavior--compared her to Hitler, etc. Whatever Crazy Train did to Travis he was finished with her lying ass and didn't want to see her again- she was Bad News Bears and then some.

The Hoard of Skaters in Pasadena

Martinez weaves a perfectly linear story of pre-meditation - how she planned her trip to Mesa, how she knew that she couldn't be noticed or seen by anyone and told Rental Car Dude she was taking the rental wheels out for a spin around town. Say what? More planning: borrowed gas cans from her ex-boyfriend, Darryl Brewer, rents car in Redding, and even changes her blonde hair and dyes it dark brown.

But the BEST(and snarkiest) part of the story was the ludicrous tale of the skateboarders in Pasadena - as told by Martinez. How can we forget that a hoard of scary-looking skateboarding punks, with screwdrivers, who must have messed around with her license plate? Because you know skateboarders go around stealing license plates all the time and carry screwdrivers with them. And yeah, Crybaby just happened to pick up a license plate off the ground near her car and throw it in the back of her
The only reason she comes up with that crock-o-crap story is that she gets pulled over by Utah cops because she didn't have a front license plate. Oh wow, look, she didn't even know that was her license plate (because she couldn't see it because she wasn't wearing glasses at the time) and voila, it magically is the SAME rental car license plate. Lie, lie, lie!!

The Ornate Lies of Crazy Eyes

There was a laundry list of lies that Martinez ticked off as the day progressed...the many stories of the broken finger...was it Margaritaville? Was it Casa Ramos? Oh wait, it was that time she was at Travis' house and cut her finger on a broken glass. As Martinez said to the jury - folks, take your pick of stories!

And of course EVERYONE but Crybaby is full of crap...including her Utah paramour, Ryan Burns. Why would this dude lie about what they did in Utah? Unlike Arias, he actually took his oath seriously and told the truth and nothing but the truth so help him God.

I loved that Martinez called her an ORNATE, sophisticated liar (I think she is a dumb ass liar but that's just me) - but it was a perfect description of all the crazy lies she has told -- with fanciful, melodramatic details thrown in for the full Technicolor effect. There was the "I hope our kids play together" lie...that was a crazy one that she told after she killed Travis. She talks to Travis' bishop AFTER she murders Travis. She has to put that extra Crazy Train spin on every piece of crap that spews from her she-devilish mouth.

The Fog Rolls In
Another favorite of the day is when Martinez talks about Crybaby's "incredible memory." The quality of her memory is incredible unless it hurts her AND that's when the fog conveniently rolls in i.e the PTSD BS. Oh, yeah, and the fog rolls in when someone raises their voice at her - you know like, Travis or Juan Martinez.

And Juan asks the jury a very serious question: "How can you know that ANYTHING that she says is the truth?" based on her web of lies that she has spun. He tells the jury that they have been manipulated by her - as she sat there on the stand smirking and snapping!

The Road to Death Row: 1st Degree Murder & Pre-Meditation
Martinez went through the jury instructions - step-by-step - explaining why Crybaby should be convicted of 1st degree murder: No doubt she is guilty of killing Travis but what about pre-meditation and intent? Martinez said that she had intention and acted with pre-meditation (along with all her careful planning for her Mesa trip).

She Made Sure Travis Was Dead
Martinez also pointed out that a pre-meditated crime/murder does not need to be planned out months, weeks, or even days in advance. It could take place in mere minutes. She had time to reflect on the decision to kill him and that's what she did. And she did it three times. Did she just shoot him and run out of the house? Nope, after she stabbed him in the shower, she chased him down the hallway, and then went for his throat. And to make sure he was really dead, she shot him. She killed him three different times/different ways: she slit his throat, stabbed him in the heart (along with the other 28 stab wounds) and shot him in the face. That's NOT self-defense.

And riddle me this...Martinez also points out her bizarre behavior when she is interrogated after her arrest: WHY did she want to see the photos of the crime scene, and literally begged Detective Flores to show her Travis' autopsy photos? "I have a morbid curiosity!" Remember that eerie statement? Can you say PRE-MEDITATION? 

The Gun Burglar
Even if she DID use Travis' alleged  gun (which Martinez pointed out that she stole the gun from her grandparents' house and it wasn't Travis' gun she used to shoot him)...this was brilliant...but then it's still pre-meditation. She committed a burglary because she stole Travis' gun from his house. Another "oh snap!" moment.

The Heat of Passion/Manslaughter Charge Goes Down in Flames
Martinez pointed out based on the crime scene photos: did Travis look like he was ready to fight? (as he is crouched down in the shower). Why was Crybaby clothed? Why is the gun with her? So why did the shooting occur in the closet when she said she shot him while he was in the shower? The stories don't even match up! She even told LaViolette that Arias told her she shot him in the closet and LaViolette confirmed that during her testimony. There goes the Heat of Passion bogus charge along with self-defense!

The Grand Finale That Sealed the Deal

Martinez used the symbolism of the gas cans to drive his point home that Jodi Arias is guilty of first degree murder and asked the jury to do what's right, according to the law, and NOT to believe her sociopathic, manipulative lies!

"She wants you to carry those gas cans for her...Do NOT leave the courtroom with the stench of gasoline on your hands. It is your duty to follow the law and apply the facts." 

Bravo, Juan Martinez!!! I have to prepare myself for tomorrow when Nurmi spews his BS and slander Travis Alexander's reputation to try and save Crybaby's life. Good luck with that one, Nurmi, because Juan Martinez is a tough act to follow and the defense team is SO out of their league after Martinez's shining performance today!

Stay tuned - court resumes at 9 am on Friday! 

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