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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Welcome to Therese-A-Saurus' Tirades - A Communal Vent Fest for Writers

Welcome to my communal vent fest for writers. I would like to thank my friend, Dennis, for providing the inspiration behind the name of my blog. He originally deemed me "Theresaurus" (a clever combination of my given name, Therese, and "thesaurus"). He's quite the clever one. Thus, the nickname stuck and here I am with a blog solely dedicated to rants and editorial spewings.

I created this blog as a venue for writers to vent and share their tirades about the freelance writing world (or non-freelance writing world). I invite copywriters, journalists, grammarians, fiction writers, non-fiction writers, bourgeois poets and recreational writers to join my ranting crusade. If your rant is non-writing related, I may still consider it for publication.

Whether you pen for money or fun, I welcome you to submit well-crafted rants for publication (comments will be moderated - sorry, my blog won't read like Facebook's littered wall-jackings). If you have any examples of your recreational writing (analyses of male enhancement spam advertorials, movie reviews or celebrity sitings), please feel free to submit them. If I feel you are demented enough to contribute to my blog, I will add you to my delirious ramblings.

Each month I will give an award for the "Most Righteous Rant" related to a writing-specific tirade. Alas, the award will not be money or a trip to Vegas, but it will involve a well-crafted ditty created by a celebrity guest (and I use that word "celebrity" loosely).

So who is the woman behind the writer behind the woman behind this blog? I'm a coffee-swilling, wine-guzzling, sardonical, ironical, and vocab-addicted freelance writer and marketing consultant. I come from the Land of Non-Profit Fundraising...a land far, far away that was once filled with crazy hours and little pay (somewhat like freelance writing). I have a thing for magazine boyfriends and big girl Slurpees. If you don't understand my code words, that's a good thing. It's slang I learned in the Witness Protection Program.

My writing career began at age five when I wrote a Thanksgiving play where I forced my family to recite monosyllabic "can't we just all get along?" lines.

I still wake up in cold sweats thinking about the Herman Melville classic, Moby Dick (that was a dark period in my life). I fell deeply in literary love once and his name was F. Scott Fitzgerald. I also wanted to be an actress but my hopes were shattered when I was told I would make a great soap opera actress. I cried copious tears and did what every shattered thespian does - pay someone to give me a journalism degree. I moonlight as an editorialist during my off hours and am known to incense the tempers and crush the inflated egos of male business owners. "Hell hath no fury like a Therese-A-Saurus scorned."

Alas, I will not bore you further with my ramblings. I leave you now to peruse Therese-A-Saurus' Tirades.

Verbally Yours,
Therese-A-Saurus (aka Therese )

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