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Sunday, February 8, 2009

No, this blog isn't about dinosaurs even though I feel decrepit.

No, this blog isn't about dinosaurs. It's about a lone woman's writing crusade (please refer to earlier posts to become acquainted with Therese-A-Saurus).

Today's rant involves a certain New York madam who attempted to pass herself off as a consultant to cover up her prostitution ring. Ok, this isn't really about a writing rant per se, but it's about consulting. For those legitimate consultants out there, we all know it's a competitive world. We don't need Madams taking over our "consulting" territory (even if she wasn't really a legitimate consultant). Madam Stupid deserved to be arrested. Did she think her supposed "clients" would be able to write off THAT much computer consulting work on a daily basis?

Here's the entire story. Today's lesson: don't cover up your prostitution ring by trying to pass yourself off as a legitimate "consultant." Escort consultants don't count. I hope she enjoys her new soon-to-be home and striped the slammer!

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