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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Professional Email Writing Etiquette 101

I received a professional email today by a banking professional and I cringed when I saw "by" used in the wrong context (he meant to write buy). I'm not perfect when I write emails but I definitely double-check my spelling when I send professional emails, and I wish professional business people would proof their emails. I just gave a marketing seminar a few weeks ago and stressed the importance of proofreading emails before sending to clients.

Here are just a few helpful hints:
  • Spell check/proofread your emails.
  • If you can't understand what you wrote in your email, neither will the person who is receiving your email.
  • Don't be cutesy or use "text speak" when you write professional emails (save that for personal emails).
  • Be careful of your tone used in business/professional emails - sometimes tone can get lost in translation and your words might be construed as sarcastic or angry.
  • Don't attach pictures of your dogs or kids along with professional emails (especially if you don't know the person) - this has actually happened to me before (and left me perplexed and wondering...WHY?) It's one thing if you send it to your co-worker but it's another to randomly attach pictures to someone you don't know.
Just a few peeves when it comes to professional email writing etiquette. Don't be lazy - check your emails before you press "send."

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