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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spam, Spam - Go Away, Please Come Back Another Day

Today's rant centers around spammers. It's been dissected by fellow friends (well, one friend in particular who likes to concoct 10 page "male enhancement" spam analyses) that these spam messages are run through a translation program. If that's the case, then they need some serious help editing these poorly translated spam e-mails. As a marketing girl, I also suggest that they target their audience better. The last time I checked I didn't have erectile dysfunction.

I think there could be an entire niche market on spam. I don't want the job but there might be a grammarian or marketing expert who would like to tackle the spam world.

Have you noticed that spam messages just don't make sense? My favorite spams are the "adult" related e-mails (which are bounced right into my spam box). I must admit that some of these messages are quite amusing. As a marketing girl, I like how the marketing message becomes lost and it turns into this guessing game of sorts - Name the Message Behind the Message Behind the Actual Spam. What exactly was Mr. Spammer's targeted message? Is he/she trying to make you feel inadequate in bed? Will you become so insecure that you will click on their ad and stock up on a year's worth of herbal supplements that leave you with a bad case of gas?

Are spammers returning to subliminal messaging with euphemistic sayings such as "Point thy rod to Heaven?" Perhaps they are trying out some snappy Biblical references. Oh Spam Spam, wherefore art thou have been lost in doublespeak.

For the spammers out there, if you really want to target your audience I highly suggest you learn how to spell and edit your translated spams. In the meantime, you will remain where you belong - in my "please delete in the next 10 days" spam box.

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