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Thursday, October 22, 2009

No Excuse for Furlough Days in California State University System

As a former Chico State alum (who also attended Cal State Fullerton), I wasn't pleased to read an article this morning about the mandatory three day furlough that Cal State Fullerton and other state universities held recently.

What a bargain these students get for their tuition! Hike up fees but don't allow students to actually attend class. Wow, that's brilliant! These students pay for an education they don't receive. There is something seriously wrong with the state of California when they furlough our education system. What's going to happen next? They plan to furlough elementary, middle and high schools? Sorry kids, go home - you aren't allowed to learn today because we just don't have enough money for you to attend school.

I complained about fee hikes when I attended college in the early to mid-90s (and those were mere pennies compared to the outrageous fees students pay today). Not only are students ripped off with their education, but furlough days put university professors in a tough spot. I read that one professor apologized to his chemistry class about having to learn book chapters/complex chemistry formulas on their own. That's always fun.

However, once again the "power of the people" took over the Fullerton campus and their students made the best out of a bad situation. They rallied together and created protest videos in"vent tents" and held their own fun make-shift classes on campus (how to make your own record label, etc.) It was also nice to see that Fullerton allowed the students to rally on the campus grounds (even though classes were officially closed for three days).

To our fearless California leader - The Governator: pull your head out and actually DO something about our education system. What's going to happen next? Furloughs for ALL schools across the state of California? To all California university students, professors and staff - keep up the good fight! Education has never been a priority in California, but now it's loud and clear that the California state university system is on the bottom of the heap.

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