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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Michael Jordan...seriously?

My rant of the weekend: Michael Jordan and his public intoxication on a SF golf course (thank you to my bro for posting that tidbit on his Facebook). Wasn't it bad enough that San Francisco was ticked off at him for polluting the air by puffing on a big stogie on a SF golf course? His Royal Highness of Basketball should have been fined AND for a lot of money - he can afford it.

Now he thinks he's "too cool for school" because of all his bling and billions that he think it's cool to get hammered in public while playing golf - wow, I see he's really keeping up with his "positive" role model image for kids. Fail. He could take a few lessons from Tiger (and more than just his golf game).

Athletes (and retired athletes) with too much money - give some of your moola away to much-needed charities and stop acting like drunken, stogie-smokin' tools.

The new Nike slogan should be changed to: "I don't like Mike." Idiot.

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